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27/29 07 2001
achievement for the page "recipe for "do-it-yourself" (partial )
achievement for the page "daily science", amusing, agravating. (in progress)

14 10 01

the coin made of aluminium that keep floating on the water

work on daily physic : static electricity : the odd scotch tape

energy : reaction engines ; atomic reaction ; Mass and inertia : the bottle in balance on a coin. TRICK !! Let us start with the empty bottle, usually of sparkling champagne..; the cosmonaut who swivels and the cat which always falls down on its feet.

Centrifugal force : satellites, gyroscope, pendular train ; Force ; direction, composition of the forces : the hypermarket caddy, the plane in the wind, the boat in the stream ; the wheelbarrow. Forces balance FUNNY : lean on the wall putting your right side against it (shoulder, hip, leg and foot try to raise your external leg.
Cold ; refrigerator and bicycle pump. Champagne !
liquids, dampener, not dampener ; liquid of rinsing (dish washing machine). AGGRAVATING , the midge in the glass : it is this phenomenon which irritates you when you want to catch a midge in your glass..

10 02 2002

Mass and energy : montruous éléphant and Jupiter rocket (see physics (mass and energia)

18 02 02

films, caution and and camera settings. Do-it-yourself, photo

24 04 02

 réfrigerator ; sadet stoppers

03 10 02
 Digital Video Camera : batteries, making films

 kitchen : spreading the paste (pastry)

 body care : selftan milk

 unscrew stoppers ckocked - glue new proposal for a glue (vitrificateur)

hoover, tips to choose a model, Physique vacuum (power calculation : bars, Pascals, column ou de mercure équvalentes.. )

kitchen drying a bottle or a carafe.

toilets (end of the page) and 3 (end of the page)

03 10 02
Computer, to ban opening a file.
08 11 02
 repairs : to observe, dismount; dry hair, taps...
08 11 02
house : to collect the liquids with a shovel or a spatula. Optical illusion, the painting frame which tilt. To manufacture pair of tongs (for electric toasters...). Odd usage of a crédit card (hooks,threads cord and many other things)..

brique>New heading ; Do-it-yourself ; house, robbery : to limit the risks and the damages ; safety, to dissimulate, protect themselves.

Photo-video : a sunshade on the screen of the video camera (one can nothing see in full sun).

17 11 02

brique>New heading ; car : to start its car : guiding principles to know; battery, ignition.

brique>New heading : travel, hotel : to pack the bags (to fold, arrange) - hotel, to dissimulate money and cards, make the bags more safe.

Computer ; saving certain files, scheduled works..
11 01 2003
computer ; something you can use to start Windows if it is messy ; save back your files, mails and addresses.. speed up Windows (starting menu, exchange files, memory access, virtual memory ; free room on the hard disc and the RAM memory, etc.)
Computer : shake off useless Windows functions (ex, CR auto starting or Win crazy messages - for XP but also for pevious WIN), getting back your own deleted files or opposite, deleting for good certain files (wich are not in fact until you write again on them).
8 04 03
Computer : designing its own icons.

8 04 03

machines vacuum 

house  Electric heating ; worms and termites wood attack, soundproofing. 

Travel : cat in a car and at hotel

 home : odour of fish in the kitchen, an effectice solution, definitely. 

 repair ; following the item "broken elementà, about : garden chair legs rotten or broken, renovation of spoiled or damaged objects. 

Decoration : at the bas : piece of ancient furniture shopping (some points to be checked)
20 08 03 new looking for English-French "Veronica's notepad", la vie en Anglais (35000 words and sentences)
4 10 04 decoration : small cupboard coated with wine tags ; delapidated armchair wrapped  with a material.
  glues Pattex, glue "ultra power" : not for anything but very useful, most often for unexpected usage.

15 01 2005

re-organisation, modification of pages and links, specially to the email.

8 06 05

painting (see paint 3) ; sealing the can and preventing the paint from drying (skin of paint)

25 06 05

update cells and batteries; the scoop of the camcorder (reserved to skill handymen).
25 08 05 Electricity  Lighting - Electrical current understanding - electric ower  -   measures -   electric dangers  -  (in progress) nature of the electrical current  -  static electricity - 

4 02 2006

To immoblize, bond ; Nodes and bindings. Do it 2b

23 06 06

kitchen To unscrew lids and stoppers ; kitchen ; easy handworking for all (sort of a cap). Very effective, don't spoil the lid.

23 03 06

Preservation of adhesives like "cyano"  (those which stick the skin), these tubes are always stopped. I found a solution Do it 2 (glue).
29 01 07 glue  perforating ;  1 injecting wood glue ; to seal wood, regluing inside outside coatings.
  locks jamed, doors thar squeak, take your own old graphite pencil !
  Best identification for the hibiscustour pages, clarification for both the top and bottom pages. Best acces to my e-mail.
10 04 07 Best identification for the hibiscustour pages, clarification for both the top and bottom pages. Best acces to my e-mail.
20 04 07 toilets, to sharpen ; toilets, to ore a tiny hole, put a plug, screw.
  toilets. stinging for regluing ; to oil ;
  cars (peint, scratches)

14 05 08

The wine, corkscrews, broken, depressed corks.
  toilets,  uses of a cork
 The wine : uncork a depressed or spoiled cork.

25 05 08

drill punching what you can't punch ! as a eraser, a thick plate of silicon, neoprene, etc, or a ping pong ball !
   Outside paints on iron. The best coating for fighting the rust

13 06 08

The wine  Are Wine's Pleasures All in Your Head ?  Culture's objects of ridicule.
28 08 08 Garden : basil will no longer be eaten by slugs and snails ; without any pesticides.
5 10 08 decoration. Fabric molding  for small items.
bicycle. replace a derailed chain. Remove the rear wheel at home.
25 08 08 glue  stick to open a shoe sole, glue a piece to sew on a button on a canvas trousers torn at this point.
22 07 09 travel secure his bunch of keys,
  travel beach sun, the sun protection factor.
  toilets; hide credit card and tickets to the beach or at home
  toilets; hold off to defend what one has on oneself.
23 07 09 toilets; restoration: mitigating the objects glued cracks
23 07 09 scanners  scan a newspaper or magazine in significantly reducing the trace back of the scanned page
07 01 2010  Supplement interesting and effective cyano glues. A fine white powder used to stronger a collage made with cyano glue.
  supplement for better preserving adhesives.
9 01 10 computer Backup all the stuff you are not even thinking to
  computer  : very useful functions never adviced never used : "Send to" "Favorites", "Start, Run"
 28 01 2012 Site reorganisation into three parts. Reclassified ages, sometimes cut out to reduce the time.
25 06 2014 At the beach, secure a parasol and your own shoulder bag with! (do-it-yourself, travel)
06 2019 Refurbishing sites with new drop down menu at the top, new style cap... Organisation of the sites with separate access for the three sites in English
02 09 2020 end of the comprehensive refurbishing


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