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  • theme summary
    • Home kitchen/else; devices, tips/tricks, arrange, tidy, appliances, hygiene/life, decoration, trip
    • Home environment car, bike, dogs/cats, construction, garden..
    • DIY Painting, gluing, fix things oneself (of which electricity), usual works, to bond, dismantle, restaure..
    • Technical PC-Windows and environment, pixels - Photo - practical Electricity (understanding), electromagnetism, special electric motors..
  • global summary

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Index site for, "hibis Ideas-Perso"


Anything that goes wrong and bother us


Houshold, kitchen (room)
ustensiles, difficulties, ergonomics, efficaciency, lids - cleaning, tips.

food industrial perfumes and chemistry, taste and sight, water, the wine  -  next ecological production (only in French,translate with Google.

Layout, putting away, servicing frames, formwork - plates, lids, large dishes - cases, suspensions, rails - shoe horns, laces, clothes..

household appliances microwave - refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner - security (power leak , flood, lightning) - malfunctions (analysis).
Bathroom , water (save), hygiene and wc; spiders, towels, shower (curtain), smells, clean-cure, leaks, seals (bathtub, flush..) - hygiene.
Well being, health.
Body care; balance and waistband, waist, movements, yoga - do not overgrow the profiteers.

Light and serious affections.
Mild incapacity, to put on/take off shoes, compression stockings - small sores (cuts, cracks, bites..) - to strangle, suffocate - disease (cancer).


Déco ideas and more. . achievements; natural adornments - effects of paint (color, darkness, reflects) - the frame banks - period furniture and style - .

- next 1 natural and nature (painting and paper gluing), garden next 2 wrapping an armchair - poster as a view - hidding shelves - hidding things (water boiler, electricity meter, tubes..).


Travel preparation and stay. Paperwork, lists, suitcases (tidy clothes, group hangers..), car, cat - conceal at the hotel.
See also "robbery, assault, agression on the outside".

 , beach, sun
Security : keys, paperwork, parasol, sun protection, protection index ..)

Shopping : clothing sizes - the right length of pants.



Party ideas and fun decorations, dishes, tongs launching contest, children's corner.


Veronica's phrases book mainly with phrases - unusual ! nearly half the book free on the screen, without trap, chapters by chapters : More than 70,000 English/American words of which a good many half collected with their native sentences.
Although it is dedicated to French, entries are in english with their meaning in French.


bikes and cars 
voiture: Car and technique. pressure, inflate cleanly, battery, usual causes of no ignition. - paint (scratches, black plastic)   - non-slid mat - locks - tuning gasoline engines - sun - catalytic converter - anti-theft, radar, GPS - circulation rules

BIKE : chain getting out, puncture, pump, handlebar blocking, circulation rules

Pets   we can't understand them because their rules are not what their mimics or angers make us to believe - behaviors, interpretations, they aren't babies, neither humans. apartment, left alone, damages, better understand, not punishing them in a way they can't understand.

Construction   considerations on electric heating, insulation (windows or walls), wood attacks ..
Protection-security   Robbery, assault, fire. (windows, doors, some ideas malicious - visits. Prepare oneself, prevent, hide (small items, keys, credit card, money, jewellery, files paperwork, bills) - Theft and Assault Outside (some exemples and methods, in the crowd, driving, touristic or hypermarkets parking slots) Self Defence, Fire (origin, precautions, fire detector.
Garden   landscaping (garden design), watering (hollidays) - soil acidity, moss - lawn (renew)- protection from soil - hammock - sawing at 7/8m high without climbing - climbing up (hoist) - raising a large heavy pot - hide a sprinckler pipe - secure a parasol - frosty stone, broken decorative pot, light under a parasol, rope ladder..


Glues and gluings
different categories, unusual usages, epoxy glue or else block shaping, cleaning, glues tests, examples and comments.

brushes or roll,
The handle (rod)

surface preparation (cleaning, levelling) (masonery, wood, iron (rust), fabric..) - clean, coat, level (sand down)

open the can, filter.
- to paint with cleanliness, put aside for a time, clean - pot sealing - colours and effects, decoration paint.


fixing things oneself. replace a small axis (umbrella, wrist clock..) - usages of a credit card (wedge..)

to fix repair, dismantle (simple opening, observation), broken parts repair, dismantle (simple opening, broken parts), clothes zip, fuses, logement des piles - doors that squeak, wedge), joint adjusting - plumbery, faucets, wash tank - sapring water - joints - tiles.


To improve, restorate replace a broken part, filling a hole, use epoxy, plastic paste.. - Restoration of walls, wallpapers, leathers, damaged woodworks; chipped porcelain, redone the color

- broken pots, wood legs damaged.


Usual works.   position, tighten (clamp, belt, pliers, unskid mat, rubber, knots) pour collage - serre joint, pinces, tapis antidérapant, sangles, élastiques variés - nœuds)

- to nail, screw, plug, glue - drill..)


Basic both technical and tools. (to saw, file, grind (grinding stone), scrape, sand, polish - useful small tools


put aside   Put detached parts of dismantled apparatus and suffs aside. But which ones ?
Is it sensible..
Sorry, only in French, please, tranlate with Google.


Dismantle, reconstitute, replace
Opening/cracking plastic apparatus shell, broken pieces, plombing, doors, restaurate (spoiled, broken, dented/chipped/damaged objects or materials - colours to be refurbished..

furniture, wallpaper, tiles..



Troubleshooting electricity .
reloading batteries, remote control, connexion test, power cord, plugs and sockets, fuses, washing machines - tin soldering technique (soldering wires, connexionx, batteries, printed circuits)..


PC/Windows - Pixels, Camera

Personal Computor (PC)
Computer Email - viruses - Search function - Send to and Favoris (links) scheduled tasks - Memo (think at it) - Icones - Files erasing - sound card - Quickness of the PC (boost loading of Windows - to add and free of memory (RAM and virtual - Hard disks - Retrieving deleted files - Hidding or Erasing sensibles files definitely - To shift the my Document file - Suppressing unecessary services that bother. - Temp files - rudders for Flight Simulator..

Photo video sound -

Sorry it is only in French for a time; you could try tranlating some items with Google or Deepl accept more text, rather better than Google.
Pixels, captors, objectives and lengths (focals), setting and choices, Images, scanners and pixels (to understand what we see and what we do) - vidéo screens (technologies and sizes);- Sounds.
Pictures (definition, pixels, scanners)

HERE is a few in English
- Photo, take a shot, settings. Camcorder (to make a film, dealing with bad shots and sounds, various tips, transition effects)

TECHNICAL (electricity)

Batteries, reloadable or not (characteristics, usages ; danger of batteries - Light (classical bulbs, halogens, neon, low consumption - usages. Understanding of the electric current - Resistances and impedances - Nature of direct and alternating current - analysing, fixing things for simple case - measures - electric power, dangers. Static electricity - electric field.
Magnetism and electromagnetism, Special electric motors..

Troubleshooting electricity (power cord, plug, fuse).

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