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    • Home kitchen/else; devices, tips/tricks, arrange, tidy, appliances, hygiene/life, decoration, trip
    • Home environment car, bike, dogs/cats, construction, garden..
    • DIY Painting, gluing, fix things oneself (of which electricity), usual works, to bond, dismantle, restaure..
    • Technical PC-Windows and environment, pixels - Photo - practical Electricity (understanding), electromagnetism, special electric motors..
  • global summary

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summary for "HOME-environment


bikes and cars 
voiture: Car and technique. pressure, inflate cleanly, battery, usual causes of no ignition. - paint (scratches, black plastic)   - non-slid mat - locks - tuning gasoline engines - sun - catalytic converter - anti-theft, radar, GPS - circulation rules

BIKE : chain getting out, puncture, pump, handlebar blocking, circulation rules

Pets   we can't understand them because their rules are not what their mimics or angers make us to believe - behaviors, interpretations, they aren't babies, neither humans. apartment, left alone, damages, better understand, not punishing them in a way they can't understand.

Construction   considerations on electric heating, insulation (windows or walls), wood attacks ..
Protection-security   Robbery, assault, fire. (windows, doors, some ideas malicious - visits. Prepare oneself, prevent, hide (small items, keys, credit card, money, jewellery, files paperwork, bills) - Theft and Assault Outside (some exemples and methods, in the crowd, driving, touristic or hypermarkets parking slots) Self Defence, Fire (origin, precautions, fire detector.
Garden   landscaping (garden design), watering (hollidays) - soil acidity, moss - lawn (renew)- protection from soil - hammock - sawing at 7/8m high without climbing - climbing up (hoist) - raising a large heavy pot - hide a sprinckler pipe - secure a parasol - frosty stone, broken decorative pot, light under a parasol, rope ladder..

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