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this page,  Pets -  behaviour and relationship, rules)

 The good gentle perfect dog which loves children can suddenly show his teeth, devouring his master or anyone ariving in or passing there. Why? should we really ask ourselves when the good friendly and polite neighbor, appreciated by everyone, suddenly pulls out a gun and shot his family or someone he can no longer stand! no one knows what may happen with a dog like ourselves. The dog is not a fellow who understands us. It is not part of the family, but live in a group of animals (us), and knows more or less what some rules he has to follow to live with. But it can occur that, from his point, these rules are not respected.

This dog is seemingly joking, but doesn't play more than the circus sea lion who does his job to eat and sleep. This does not means he never plays a little, but perhaps much to measure or test us. A scientist has integrated a group of dolphins in the purpose to studying them. After some time, intrigued by their behavior, he realized that it was the dolphins who made him do things to test him !

Animals go through life as ourselves: they know jealousy, dominance, submission, revenge, neglect, depression of up to the disease (skin often, but glands). Left "child care" during our vacation, our cat did not want to see us for two days. Probably not for the reasons we imagine!
"The dog does not play when it reported a stick when snorting drugs, when he produced circus or when he saves someone an earthquake. He wants to show he has worked and should be rewarded. All issues of dressage are based on this principle - a principle that we pretend to ignore - and even reward the reward of simply going to do. The cat rubs all around front of the fridge does not expect the food, it marks its territory. The cat that makes you mouth because you left it alone for your getaway, do you want because it was free at home and your return brings him your constraints. " An auditor was talking about her cat brought it in mice. A lot of mice and could do no more. the cat wanted to say "look, I'm a good hunter."
The cat meowing all night or during a journey is anxious because he is no longer in a familiar environment and no smell comes reassurance. There seems necklaces diffusers smell (pheromones) that can reassure him. It is easier to have near him
fabrics or clothing or shoes that have taken the ambient odors of the environment, family and himself. See below.

Some measures to prevent them too much stress
A veterinarian suggested leaving them with something that moves, ball, or make mobile search, and finally any object likely to react in their action, and it also suggests ribbons placed in an air stream. but the top, it is the dog of dogs, cats cat, that is another pet: we say that a turtle can be used. It is true that it does not jump or noise .. only bored but also a tortoise. Some chew the shoes of their master. Animals like the familiar smells and instead let them eat your beautiful shoes, it is better to leave them old, and a garment they will also leave the reassuring presence .. of the smell.

Provide a little exercise for cats. Since there is little room in an apartment, it is suggested to design courses that will allow the vertical rise and cat down without damage. For example, they promote access to the top of the cabinet or furniture by providing intermediate stages on which they will build (hot seat, stool, small wall shelf ..). I was so determined to make our board a cat can get out through the window by jumping first on a sink. It can change their life (and ours too). See also below "Travel"

Communication between animals. It is sometimes complex and each species has its own techniques. Those who are blind communicate by sounds (moles galleries clap up to point), squid, who are deaf, produce light variations almost psychedelic electronic, others emit ultrasonic (all marine mammals, thirty listed). Well, almost all animals have a language of gestures, attitudes, body movements, facial expressions). You may not be a squid at home and only domestic animals that are the favorite dogs and cats will be affected here.

We do not understand animals. In other words, so far everything is normal since we do not we already understand ourselves and still less between opposite sex (the word is doubly appropriate). Many of us, especially those who dedicate their worship excessive, consider a bit like themselves. We suffer with them and losing them is a test on a par with a loved one. It is said to prefer them to humans because they have no voice and are faithful. In fact, we need all living things on earth to live well ourselves: nature, sky, rocks, vegetation, plants. Yes, but it is mostly on the lookout for animals. Finally, not all (much less insects ..). What we have fun with the kids? plush animal that large to adopt or look with envy. With what do we care of children in difficult circumstances? animals. What with the Japanese they had improved the atmosphere in a business? a dog that "times out" in the office. The greatest tragedy is to have transformed the animal toys, to make fun of in cartoons, to force them to play the clown. Want to have an animal that no one he will get rid of quickly. The creator of Flipper the dolphin came back and now campaigns against the dolphins marineland the world after seeing his own death and especially after seeing how they are fished. The gain amounts at the end of the string to a million dollars / year by trained dolphins. A movie like Nemo has dramatically increased the "taking" of these fish, turning the massacre throughout the chain, acquired included. But the clown fish is unfortunately not alone.

had goldfish raised in captivity and in principle conditioned to their condition, it has always ended badly. we were able to study all the behaviors, characteristics, strong the weak, the depressed, the settling of scores, the gluttony of animals that have nothing else to do. I tried a little of everything, even to put a mirror in front of which the last spent hours swimming in front of the mirror that the intruder could not touch. He had learned to drive off the water with his mouth to call my attention every time he knew I was going to turn the corner of the wall. A fish has the same benign intelligence than other animals. They are capable of touching, rubbing with complex movements.

Animals do not share our socialization that we tend to take for granted by the mere fact they are domesticated. So the subject, our problem is not to understand our friends the animals that provide them - very young - a social life together that will allow a compatible, if not in harmony. According to veterinarians and breeders, instead of an animal in the family and home (location) must be clearly defined and respected. We do not caress an animal when he eats and "the corner" should not be invaded. He has his home, including meals. The reverse is true when you eat, its presence is not desirable. The training and socialization if you prefer to switch reprimand (to put it out or locked) and reward (treat, but gently on sugar, very bad). If major problems, consult a veterinarian or a breeder.

What are the most common problems? - People think they must treat the puppy or dog as if it were a human child.
Dogs that have been abused or neglected do not understand that life can be less frightening than they believe.

Dogs bear even less than cats to be abandoned for hours and there are many manifestations of discontent, if not damage and endless barking. If you were locked up alone (e) all day without being certain (e) that someone will come back, you would understand better than the dog barks all day.

Pets left alone: a veterinarian suggested leaving them with something that moves, ball, or make mobile search, and finally any object likely to react in their action, it also suggests ribbons placed in an air stream. but the top, it is the dog of dogs, cats cat, that is another pet:

we say that a turtle can agree, and it is less delicate. It is true that it does not jump or noise .. chew some shoes of their masters / mistresses ..

They do not like being disturbed at an inconvenient time, such a meal, let alone where they feel they are at home. For the quip "I live with my dog" or my cat, is a harsh reality. Another is that interest and in particular the room and board, just like us. And if they seem grateful is all about and why they do what it takes for counting. Otherwise, they go very badly, like us. They - like us - the deeply rooted concept of territory, they mark it and defend it consistently. They recognize, however, the legal ownership as we have organized! going to say a fly that you are at home, you paid for it with a notary and does not enter. For animals, nature is free and everyone must make its way on its own possibilities (for subsistence). Admit that we are also like this because if we like to have, we are equally frustrated not being able to move around freely and not be able to access at all in some places, the most interesting addition. They do not tolerate being alone and abandoned, locked up without seeing anything for days.

I can not reproduce what veterinarians or trainers have said in the media of all kinds, but I invite you to listen to them and the people who ask questions. I give just a brief extract, significant enough of a book "I talk to animals"; Frederic Chesneau "

quote "They are full of awkward love, that the vitality of their animals to intimidate, or for other reasons, I often see homeowners overwhelmed by their animals. They do not want to do well, but the rabbit midget bites, the snake's attack, the sulking cat, the dog pushes the bed ... It is fortunately rare that the situation turns tragic, but this discomfort every day is not easy to live so far .. " . "Problems often arise, paradoxically, of too great respect. As we feel guilty of depriving an animal of what is believed to be the wild or found too cruel to impose a poodle a five pound toy is left to do, and the situation degenerates. Or it is believed, wrongly, that because he provides food and shelter and that he spends all his whims, the animal recognizes applies itself to comply with our rules of human ... So it will simply conclude that he is the master of the house and the situation since it obeys him! However, to gain respect (not understand), the same conclusion applies to all these specialists: no violence (hitting, screaming) the animal may include, but firmly. When it hurts (for us) out! in constantly renewed until it was closer to him, did not end.

Repentance or submission? here's a classic true story. I quote "The dog devours everything when he is left alone (shoes, sofa ..) even if it is with another animal. On the way back, furious, I see that he understands, because it takes a look guilty and sheepishly. " Laetitia B, veterinarian, RMC said: "No, he does not know why because there is no reconciliation.

He sees only that you are angry and take a submissive attitude. And he understands even less than, accepting this submission to you, your dissatisfaction does not stop.

>Turn on more or insulate the outside until it can make the connection, or punish it on the fact (not type). In the worst misunderstandings, some dogs can attack and even kill the master.

Do not pamper before you leave or return. Ignore as you add to your stress by recognizing it. As for repentance, it has no meaning for him. It should only learn what they can do or not do to live in harmony. Reciprocity is also expected. We act the same, but that's another debate.
Laetitia B, vet, tells the story of a dog that, when there were guests, went to get stones and swallowed. His master then entered on games, taking away. But it also annoyed the guests, not to mention the risk of bowel obstruction in the dog. This is a variation of typical cases: the animal is seeking to regain its importance temporarily lost.
What to do? what they say: the only solution is a temporary isolation.

Respect for "the corner", especially with meals. No meals together, each in his corner, preferably before we and other animals during this time. No animal in the kitchen when preparing meals. Possible isolation of the animal when it receives or progressive admission he admits to the newcomers of the pack. The animal is not the master of the house and when he believes he attacked the postman or anyone who comes along. It can just as easily attack sharply after several years. It's all about circumstance as for ourselves, there is a time when enough is enough for them too, the problem is they do not speak. A man has been attacked by his own well-trained dog, on his way home! the problems of children is particularly crucial, as we know. They must be recognized too.
Source. Listen to broadcasts on RMC on Sunday morning (Laetitia B..) Books, magazines and personal considerations ..

See also below "Travel"

Picking up crops.

Here is a model designed by Christian: a plastic bottle cut out. I cut myself a bottle of milk to achieve his own description.
Simple but clever.
I would only add that we can keep the cutout part - the bottom of the bottle - to help pushing the dirt in the bottle. The whole can be placed in a paper/plastic bag until it can get rid of.

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