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habitat, City arts, architectural challenges

windows, adorned fittings..
next doors of charme
portals, wrought iron, , grids.
iron settings, , knockers..

public equipments

fountains, campaniles, sun-dials..

Local styles (hoses)

Basque and Brittany

- Normandie half-timbered facades, roofs top..
next Normandie, cliffs and flint ; frontages, churchs, mansions..

France and abroad


Arts, decorations, urban equipments  


wall paintings and various decorations..


urban furnitures

dustbins, and devastation..



buildings and original constructions..

archectural challenges

hyper towers, records, originality..

extravagance, futuristic projects, crazy dreams, underground, undersea, on open sea..

modest  minimum, refreshed, ecological, natural..

Ancient dwellings and rustics.

hibiscus and orchids. A few dedicated links followed by a brief overwiew for those which could have been fooled by the title "hibiscustour". .

arts and treasures, age-old, ancient, religious

(partial drawing of Voutch)

click HERE to reach the homme-lion sculpture, and the enlargment of females lion . There are masterpieces that never appear in works of art or collections, because they are called primitive; here are two of them, but there are indeed some others, which are largely worth some of our arts, classical, figurative and others, which are often only artificially maintained financial values. Admire the first steps of man in this matter, because art, at the beginning, was not made for commerce.

religions and sacred buildings.

religions with multiple gods (polytheistic) - temples and cults. Mexico, Egypt, Asia.
next, India

devotion( next)
Abrahamic religions. mosques (Mecca, the Black Stone, Istambul, Cairo)
Byzantine churches et style byzantin

cathedrals, churches

churchs, chapels

arts and ancient treasures.

technics and materials, giant works
Colors. meaning, forgotten colors, richness of décors,

frontages, floors, inside and outside, unexpected (age-old, religious).


technics and materials, (evolution) wood, unbaked clay, pyramids stones, roman lime (concrete).. 

cross-ribbed vaulting (Gothic cathedrals )
giant, daring ; Eiffel, subway, windmill, sea/river dams, boat lift..

next giants : bridges, drilling platforms, electric generators..

That's FUNNY, (or not)

town. monumental, curiosities, events, placards, shops

nature. trees, stones..



about feets.

feet, heads also and more..

their adornments

their animals


great Art very kitsch

original shops

    next  shops

food, tastes and colors.   What really are our food chemistry, colorants, additives, chemical flavours. Water and air.
The wine regardless oenological process.

cars, bicycles, and more..

parking, traffic private parking slots, others.
- GPS - various gears
boats and more..

not really funny, frightful ; , dangereux

6 euros la nuit ?

- next perplexité


customs, beliefs,

langages, digits, colors..

OBNI Objects unidentified, do you think being able to recognize them ?  Answers.


beloved toilets

Humor and moods for unforgettable moments..

unforgettable moments !      ecological, high-tech, historic.

naturals and pastoral.      royals, archaic, design.
rather special..

for dogs.. and humans - minimalistic.

    regulations, hygiene, moralistic.



Jurassic, Cretaceous age - cave/stone age man. science and scams.

Abrahmic religions,

Christian, Muslim (Islamic), Judaic (Jewish).

Dayly physics 1  
basis, phenomenoms. units, numbers, percentages and slopes, trigonometry (principle) - curbs.
Dayly physics 1.1b
mass and multiple effects, forces, medium force, reaction, speed, acceleration, energy, power.
Dayly physc21-b
heat and cold, pressure, liquids (tension, surface, flow, optic..), glues.
Dayly physics 3b
electromagnetric waves (radio, light..), effets, sight, hearing - space-time (reality).

The world and the Life 1  
manifestations of the life - tiny and microscopic rule the life ; cells, microbes, proteins..

The world and the Life 2  
liquid gaseous world, mineral world, vegetal world, animal world - radiating world - univers.

The world and the Life 3
univers - humanity and society - innate and a acquired (learned), behaviour..

general electricity ,
batteries, lighting, generator, direct and alternating current, tester, static electricity ..  

phenomenon observation, lines of force, terrestrial magnetism, magnetic mases, induction (permeability), magnetism and beliefs, applications  

coils and magnets, storage memories (PC hard disk, transformer, gigantism (CERN), dam generators

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