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this page,   rich and extravagant nature  ; trees, stones..
  bottom French

Nature. One would imagine old corroded stakes. I saw some of them lined along some quiet river, which make think at a reinforcement of the banks.
They are in fact "air roots" of a large tree, which plunge half in water and the ground like those of the mangrove. these incredible vertical protuberances off the water/ground, air in fact the drowned part of the roots. A sort of submarine schnorkel ! This picture comes from Vaison la Romaine (France), along a small Roman gutter !! "Other roots" on the bank of a quiet pond

This artistic work is a decoration of field achieved by a farmer very gifted and very patient (USA).

Two baobab trees loved each other with a tender love. Madagascar the island cut apart from Africa, which has preserved special species of life. Le Figaro magazine April 2004.
The baobab has few leaves - to limit evaporation - and a huge spongy trunk that serves as a water reservoir.
Stuck tight. This tree seems determined not to give an inch of room to the rock. Alpilles (France) hibis

This one has been in pain but why ? Probably what was hampering it has now disappeared. Unless it has been cut several times.


The nature is really surprising and goes against our claims. Don't we qualify a man a vegetable when he as lost his ability to move and react ? (in Frenh, "un légume")
strong>vegetables are complex chemical factories. A mere green leave produce chemical from the sun that we'll never reach.

They have the ability to protect certain animal species as ants if they are useful and to fight others of them ; they can fight against disease by producing antibody like ourselves.

This tree which emerges from a rock shelter, déports much more than the previous. A true performance of acrobat.

More ! as it can be stable, he grasp the edge of the rock, like with the palm of a hand ! hibis

Plane trees outgrows.
Not very far from the Camargue, it seems to be sort of a bull head, without horns. You are going to look closely now at these old plane trees outgrowths, aren't you ? hibis

English would take on left, French on right, hesitant or short-sighted people would as well embrace the tree.

This could make dream at a way lined both sides with pines trees, under the shade, here, in the Midi. (click text)     hibis Corinne

The goats and the acacias.
In Africa, shepherds had a big problem with their goats which fell sick when they were placed inside a certain enclosure of thorn-bush. They ended up understanding that the acacias were informed as soon as a goat grazed one of them; the first one grazed emitted an odorous signal and all the other acacias modified their sap to make it toxic. (Weber, writer) see also "The World and the Life"
Orchises. To attract insects, plants allure them with their manner, or fool them ! a species of orchis has a picture of a bee on a leave.
Others emit pheromons (odors, perfumes) which attract the pollinating insects.
A flower wearied to see too many eggs laid on its leaves, has reproduced yellowish points on them to make believe that there are already too many eggs. Definitely !!

The acacias would even adapt the size of their needles according to the incurred risk, i.e. to be grazed. And even more quickly than one think. Sometimes the entire trunk like this tree is totally covered with giant spines.
However, in many cases, the risk has desappeared from a long time. Magazine.
   8,5 cm : a beautiful needle. But there is even better.
I saw some trees like that in a park of the westhern Canada. Impressing, but seemingly useless. Also in a small island of Grenadian (the Caribbean arc which prolongs the French West Indies).
I was searching a quiet corner, feet with tongs, when I realized that at the place I had chosen, my feet leaned on a carpet of needles like that I brought back (picture). I had a good luck and it was a narrow escape while setting out again with my tongs (clappers).   hibis

Seagulls. they bring life with their cries in the Brittany's harbourgs, while coating the roofs with their feces. Its a plea. Here are a row of them, at the top of a building with a bar-restaurant whose name is just ; "Le Goeland" (the seagull) hibis

This special local oak-gum wood, very hard but rare, was highly appreciated.hibis
Mexico.Cactus hedge ; on uses what one find. hibis

South of France. A precious property in the pebble, by the sea. Translation : "don't spoil the flowers" ! One can dream..


Unrolling new grass at Niagara falls. At that time, we didn't know yet this technique in France. It's also about the vast surface expanse. hibis

Plein la poire. (full in the pear=in the face) All is green here, the ground, the machine and the machinist: it looks like if mashed spinach covered all ; and you do not see the projections, it was incredible. (Island of Ré, France)). hibis


basalt is the main volcanic rock, which one finds also in Polynesia, au Costa Rica, Hawwai that give sometimes.. black sand beaches.
It appears also with the form of large crystals, like the strange roadway of the giants, in Ireland. There are some in the Massif Central (France), used to make low walls ! the section is here pentagonal (five faces). Nobody speaks about them, find them ! I have also seen this rocks in Brittany, cut, as reinforcements of the shore, along some beaches (not from Brittany but Massif Central).
This one alone seems to have six faces, has it really, I am not sure.
 Chocolate hills. From an forgotten source. They can't explain how such a shape could stem. Could look like "tumulus" for some important ancient corpse.  Dead corail rocks or rocks worked by the time ?

The most fantastic historic site of France, not to be missed 
Les Beaux de Provence

Seems to be the last architectural creation of a world celebrity architect.

Brittany north. Giant architectural rocks.

Massive and majestic. One might think of the new versatile auditorium of a well-known architect. In the shape of a double conch.  We can not look more natural. Architect, "nature" ;


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