hibis, nothing
but reality

hibis   Curiosity.
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That's FUNNY, (or not)

town. monumental, curiosities, events, placards, shops

nature. trees, stones..



about feets.

feet, heads also and more..

their adornments

next adornments

their animals


great Art very kitsch

original shops

    next  shops

food1, tastes and colors.   What really are our food chemistry, colorants, additives, chemical flavours. Water and air.
next, Food 2

The wine regardless oenological process.

cars, bicycles, and more..

parking, traffic private parking slots, others.
- GPS - various gears
boats and more..

not really funny, frightful ; , dangereux

6 euros la nuit ?

- next perplexité


customs, beliefs,

langages, digits, colors..

OBNI Objects unidentified, do you think being able to recognize them ?  Answers.


beloved toilets

A collection of toilets (rooms) inplausible, surprising, technic, ecologic, stranges, age-old, ancient..

unforgettable moments !      ecological, high-tech, historic.

naturals and pastoral.      royals, archaic, design.
rather special..

for dogs.. and humans - minimalistic.

    regulations, hygiene, moralistic.



Jurassic, Cretaceous age - cave/stone age man. science and scams.

Abrahmic religions,

Christian, Muslim (Islamic), Judaic (Jewish).

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