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this page: toilets - royal, archaic, smart 
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<"> Marie-Antoinette's cat flap.
This is a rather curious toilet door. There's a little door at the bottom, like a cat flap that would open to the ground.

This door is royal, and behind it Marie-Antoinette came to settle down. To settle down on his pierced chair. To discover its use, click on the small door. We are here placed on the service side, if you will, because the Queen's apartments are on the other side. We open up the small door and.. back..       Drawings hibis (except the portrait !)

The royal couple, as we know, ends very badly, despite some timid reforms than periodic famines and nobility's opposition made them pass unnoticed. And then, the revolution was in the air. 1792 was fast approaching.

In 1786 came "the affair of the Queen's necklace", which further reinforced the Queen's unpopularity: there was a cardinal who was not very appreciated by the Queen; however, he would have liked to be reconciled with her.

There was also an intriguing story that the Queen wanted to buy an expensive necklace. So she used the cardinal to get to for his own purposes. But the affair made a lot of noise and the furious Queen imprisoned the unfortunate cardinal. This clumsiness irritated an already unpleasant nobility. Not at fault, the cardinal was released, but the damage was done..

Here we see the door from the back to the apartments. If you want to see the Queen in her chair.. clic !

True omfort.
Lined up like these stiff soldiers exhumed nearby the Chinese Emperor Shi Huangdi tomb (*), they deserve a price. The first ?

It's generous, with a lot of space. not like these ridiculous half-basins stuck against a wall and so tight that it is necessary to protect ourselves from the neighbors.

Canada. hibis
(*) Shi Huangdi.(continued)
à Shi Huangdi;

Benefiting from the weakening of the feudal states permanently in war, the Western Kingdom of Qin rose in importance. Considered cruel, uncultivated, only interested in money and obeying in any moral rule, the Qin Kingdom called upon the legist Wei Shang Lang at the IV century AD. Its work led to the first unified empire of China whose king Cheng took the name of Shi Huangdi (first emperor). At its death (210 front JC), it made bury these thousands of soldiers of terra cotta natural size, to 2 km of the tomb (7000 soldiers had taken part in the tomb construction).

Mayas country, Yucatan.
A limited comfort as we can see with this man in position, but may be was it better achieved at the time ? At the middle age period, sure they didn't make better in the castles.. I saw once a hole on the external wall like this described there after.
The oldest privy we know of in London is in Sutton House (Homerton High street). It was built in 1535 for King Henry VIII secretary. It was a loo without a floor, attached to the side of the house, from where all waste matter would be gathered safely into a lime pit below (Vocable, 07 2004).
Water loo ! The English have touching feelings for their toilets : according to the Guardian, the inhabitants of Robin hoods Bay are in turmoil and fighting to keep a toilet of 300 years old, discovered in a shed overlooking the sea. Would it be the first toilet worthy of the name ever discovered ? the shed is currently prohibited from demolition. (Today in French)

Ephèse, Turkish coast.

This site of Grèce antique is certainly what there is the best among what we must generally call Greek ruins, ruins of which today’s inhabitants seem to have inherited part of the earthquakes, part of the French during the passage of the fourth crusade..
A team of Austrian archaeologists has reconstructed part of the main street and of the façades, including the wonderful" large library that. This street then ended at the port which is now very far away. There are even sculpted steps in the ground to guide sailors towards the prostitutes’s place.

We are confused by the modernity of these public places: there is a circulation of water in the gutter and as we can see, a great conviviality; yes, what you see actually extends all around a nice square space and they had to have a good time there!!     hibis

Much closer but less glamorous (...), you will find a reconstruction at Vaison la Romaine (France).

With a view, sometimes breathtaking..
An eccentric architect installed a cabin of loo in the middle of a square on which was held an urban exhibition; from this cabin with black panes, the user could continue to observe the crowd around him without fortunately being seen, thanks to the panes with silvering. Darkness falling down, better not to switch on the lights inside ! no experimentation alas describes the effect felt once sitting on the seat.
The English offer us other versions of this principle; The best river view from the Savoy hotel, over the most impressive railway track system from Smiths of Smithfield (Vocable, 07 2004).

There, be careful while slipping up your trousers. Unless you wish to commit suicide.

Dreamy toilets. "A little piece of paradise...", sang Brassens. This Tahitian "little corner", its owner told me, is located on a motu near Moorea." A very pleasant hut on stilts, which overlooks the waters of the lagoon. Very nice work in the middle of the mangroves, with braided panels. At the back we can see the white bowl seat, and more strangely, a blue letterbox, perhaps intended for paper, for those who would be discarded by the natural foliage (...). Two good branches of driftwood guide access to the door, here open, which is topped by a traditional shell decoration.   Modest, luxurious and inaccessible to the average person. Perfectly ventilated and with an unforgettable view.
Above the emerald waves of a South Pacific lagoon, to hell with ecology, especially since the attendance is almost confidential.
The running water, and salt water, is underneath. Is there a bucket, that we would plunge into the wave - almost - pure?
hibis, Georges (April 2008)


Brittany, a beautiful building in the heart of nature. At the far corner, a blue arrow guides you to the entrance. hibis

 In our country,   the scripts are often at their image, that is to say very small. Là, in the west Canadian, we are rather proud to report them. Everything is very welcoming. hibis

Luxury : is it a **** hotel? no, public toilets in a park in western Canada; a little "too much", engravings up to the ceiling, you can't not see the walls in the grand common area; a basket (left) contains the towels; hibis Un deuxième lavabo avant les WC. hibis

Washbasin of volcano lava. Outstanding wash-hand basins, worked in a not very usual matter, the lava of Auvergne volcanos (France). This lava, which gives beautiful fine plates, soft with the touch, is with enamelled color.. fire. Is this an innovation ? not at all, Michelin (yes, the french national company) was the instigator in France for the marking of the roads and their numbering. Of which matter were made the plots ? of enamelled lava ! hibis Altitude 2050 meters (Savoie).
Clean and friendly although a little bit on the elbows. Altitude 2050 meters (Savoie). Clean and friendly although a little tight at the elbows. Unusual, there is a fire extinguisher !  Probably for a possible flashback. Don't laugh, a surgeon once set a patient's fart on fire. .. You never know.. hibis Germain.
User-friendly.. This is not the work of an original, but the continuation of a tradition in Russia ! (Scotchi Olympic Games). Reportage.


A luxuous design. Saint Malo. Crêperie
Bowl, ring and lid are rectabgular. Even the flushing button is not common.


Surprising and a little bit striking even; the place is not really friendly (wood almost black everywhere). hibis

Right hand, urinals look almost nice (if you can say so !)... but it's signed Starck. Basque museum , Bayonne.

Here is a very comparable model, but with a nice surprise if you decide to click on the picture. Beautiful people are waiting for you and even more, "we look and measure"! Germany, of course.
Circumstances are sometimes curious.

This time, the passenger of the TGV La Rochelle-Paris went out in spite of himself in Surgères, and on a stretcher, with the bowl of the toilet around his arm...
This passenger had unfortunately dropped his smartphone in the toilet hole and then tried to recover it properly. But he had to extend his arm, far away, then a little further away, so he couldn't get out of the way.   The fire brigade cut the bowl, but we don't know if he was holding his cell phone at his fingertips!   "Marianne", November 2008.

Another one ? here's "Russian pee".
In competition for the title of the most unfortunate pisser would perhaps be this Russian who, having urinated at minus thirty-five degrees against a bus shelter, had to wait until the window was cut open before he could thaw.

    standards, hygiene, moralists....

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