Three sites with different faces

 hibis     Curiosity..  

  Architecture, curiosity, astonishment, physic   ( + electricity, technologies)

 hibis     Ideas perso..

painting, bonding, fix oneself (of which electricity ), dismantle, reconstruct
( + English-French..)

 hibis        Islands and lagoons..

 New Caledonia and Polynesia. History, lanscapes, social life, people, tribes, Lagoons, lagoon life.

hibiscustour in French

Since it has been created, in 2001, "hibiscustour" tells what I saw, learned and understood in New Caledonia. During a stay of three and a half years, my job at the Post Office "Telecom" service allowed me to approach different ethnic and social people, "caldoches", "zoreilles" (metropolitan Frenchs), English, kanaks in tribes, or vietnameses.

Back later as a tourist (year 2000), equipped with a digital camcorder, the idea of creating a site quickly sprouted; I had something to say because there weren't to much on Internet offer. In 2001, "hibiscustour" was published.

Later, foraging through my archives, I added what looks like an album of curious or funny things, then a third part, dedicated to DIY, my other hobby, plus "all that's wrong and we care". Finally why not? a little practical daily science, including electricity, electromagnetism, data transmission and social topics (these two last only in French).

Unfortunately, my last contact from New Caledonia has gone. However, I still maintain this site that looks blisslessly an eternal reality, from wonderful to disastrous, far from the usual clichés so superficial. In this country of Kanaks, descendants of convicts, metropolitans, English, Wallisian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, even Japanese, nearly all of them speaking French, and all placed under the French authority, if not both with the tribal one. It will be eternal. Over a period of fifty years, on this day of December 2018, although many things have changed, the substance remains, and the news are echoing it. Past is omnipresent.
Despite the referendum, a part of Kanak keep digging the gap. It's their country, and if it is so endearing, thank also to them..

My goal ? the deep and very selfish pleasure of creating to be read; and this at the simplest level, to help and support.