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  Site Pages for, French Oceany, New Caledonia, Polynesia (part)


hibiscus .. orchids, for those who could have been fooled by my site name

Océanie française FRENCH OCEANIA

Origin of people, culture, Europeans conquests.

agrandissement Geology and history of men opposed New Caledonia and Polynesia. Meanwile, there are some similarity.

Discovery, landscapes, urbanisation..

New Caledonia, Large Land and Islands, discovery, general presentation


History and stories,    presence of the past, stories d known facts

Kanak Languages, ethnies,     museum, island formation

Flowers of stamps     

Birds of stamps     

NC East Coast    "humid" coast, close mountains, Kanak tribes

NC West Coast     "dry" coast, larges breeding areas. passes, islets.


The peninsula and the lagoon     an attractive coast cut-out

downtown     streets, coconut palace, market..

The market      vegetables and fruit, fish, crabs, curios

towards beaches    several bays

next    Anse Vata, singularity, trade, point of view

Northern area    Dumbea, Tjibaou Centre..


Koghi Mounts,     wild nature, endemic species

the Great South     savage beauty, marine hot source

Pine island    tribal paradise island

Ouvea     tribal enchant island

French Polynesia, numerous small Islands discovery, expanse, unity

Society islands.


Papeete downtown     trailers (in the evening) ,

Island round trip,     baths in Vaima, botanical park..

Market, flowers..     classic, but Polynesian style, clothing accessories, souvenirs..

Shells, collars     very nice collection of Christiane


Tetiaroa     private atoll (estate of Marlon Brando), bird island.,

Bora Bora (Pora Pora)     plane, boat, discovery

Round drive,     catamaran sailing

Vaitape,     backward, island overflight

Local life:

clic on the body (weather), on the dead (song) Find out Maeva's talents
(click, on her body weather) and her head (song). mp2, 210 ko)

Dance the "pilou pilou" of New Caledonia.
(music "au", 190 ko)

The Paradise..

The tropical islands evoke white sand beaches, coconuts, sun, coral reefs with their multicoloured fishes. The peaceful life and the tanned skins form part of the dream too. The tiredness, the time it will make, the housing quality or relationships will undoubtedly alter this vision, but without being able to spoil the pleasure of the relaxed way of life, of the beauty of many landscapes, nor of the pleasant average temperature.

May be you do not imagine the problems of these remote countries. Hibiscustour recalls some of them for you.

Practical Information     plane, health, caution, clothing, car, water-electricity, curios, prices..- economy

Hints, experiments     plane (things), car rental, beach, sun-rain, islands, little useful stuff

Risks and dangers    illness (mosquitoes, fishes), general security, Southern lands, the sea, the reef (passes), dangerous species

Other sites    tourism Information, Press, Customs, Medical, Weather
People and feasts (New Caledonia)

People and feast (Polynesia)

Tribes (New Caledonia)     knowledge and understanding

Clans, King (Polynesia)     knowledge and understanding

Words    useful local vocabulary

That's the life (New Caledonia)    in live, experienced, press

That's the life (Polynesia)    in live, experienced, press

Economy,    policy

Curios    souvenirs

Tiki village    dances

  LAGOONS and REEFS.  barrier reef formation, marine expense, composition

The Lagoon
Beetween deep water and coast, it is a large basin of shallow water restrained by a coral limestone barrier that form the edges.
Process : slow sinking into the water, madrepores surviving, relief erosion, exchange with the ocean.

Lagoon life 1    tropical fish..

Lagoon life 2     next..

Lagoon life 3    potentially dangeros.. coquillages, requins)

Reef and passes    danger, expériences vécues..

Shells    initiation

Shells 2    shells and art

Sharks their particularities

Surprising oceanic life    (nautilus, fish, fishing, dugouts, sea snakes, reefs and passes.
The coral

Grouped in continuous compact colonies or isolated in "patates" (potatoes), they form the reefs barrier and fringing. Both can exist

.. Open your eyes.. At the edge of the shore, in less than one meter of water deep, a little society has been founded : one branch of coral, two blue fishes and a starfish. Sometimes a sea urchin with its long needles. (hibis picture, in water up the hips).

Coral 1    diversity, madrépores, characteristics

Coral 2    varieties, frailty, reproduction.

Coral 3    dead coral, juwelry and arts, various usages

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