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Private's ex Marlon Brando island. Non authorized access even by sea.  A high class hotel, "The Brando" has swept away formers Brando bungalows we could see before. The reef has been locally destroyed to built a wharf, for what is said to be the most ecological site of the world !

 A 40 Km boat journey from Papeete, on the week-end only. Set off early in the morning.

The plane for a 20 mn flight, it's over ! 

Memory.. memory.. What a shame..

This comprehensive one day excursions with Polynesian meal inside the restaurant faré, is over since the legacy ! runway and wharf are now prohibiten, but one can have a beach meal, passing the reef on a small boat. The birds ïsland can be visited. Sustainable ? I expect so..

Here appears the small marvel, but not from our plane !! (photo TV 5 "Thalassa")

The plane is landing on the motu Onetahi, at far end.

Arrival in the mist. The runway, hidden by coconuts, is facing the red arrow, where the sand is more larger. hibis>


After having entered the lagoon,. we give a left hand turn to go outside the lagoon.. because the runway is to be approached from outside, above the deep blue. hibis

Rather modest the runway, don't expect a control tower ! ..It sound like there could be a light shower.. hibis

The new exclusive runway, is longer.
At the bottom left hand of the runway, which ends right before the lagoon, a simple but sympathetic greeting..(it was ?)

Where my wife could she have been ?

Divers are going to be deceipted :  here, in shallow and hot water, there is nothing excepted these holoturies (big sausages) that are anywhere. Watch your step. Further, they are more scarse.

Said iron wood because of its hardness. Its latin name is casuarina stem from the casoa feather bird. 
Here is a beautifull one, at the edge of the lagoon.

Casuarina very fine leaves  like needles that hang and move gently under the trade wind, like supple hair.  

The tree is close to this spot, are sure you want to set out ? click to look at my toes before, and think it' yours.

Listen to this silence that only disturbs the lapping of water.

Lagoons have suffered from a too salty water at a time when lagoon emptied due to the low sea level. Life have disappeared.

Right hand, a pandanus is drawn up on its roots.

Allee leading to the bungalows, restaurant and edge of water. There were showers for after a small bath.

Close up to the coral sand of Tetiaroa, different depending of places, Left (and background of the page), my beloved one, nor  fine for composed of tiny specks of coral and shells, but very pleasant and not sticky. .

set off to the Tahuna Iti motu

On the way for the island with the birds (it is included in the price). Still enjoying time after the small bath.

  Counted species: white frigates, insane brown, terns and especially crested terns.

Screeching and squawking greet us when arriving. But they cool down a bit if we keep still.
But the weather threatens. Finely we will escape the rain and the weather will turn fine afterwards

The birds do not hide to lay and do not dissimulate their eggs ! no predator exists for them in the island, then live happy.

Here after. Two bony-looking frigates bickered a piece of land with outspread wings. They finally pass by crossing each other without a glance.

These birds only land for nesting and fly nearly permanently all the rest of the year, if not buoing on the sea for picking some fish trapped in boats nets. imagery

images hibis
According to a news video, children learn to fly at sea (sometimes for the weaker?).
A pair of frigates alternate, letting go down, then catching up their offspring . One of the two, situated higher, let drop the baby and the other, placed lower down catches it, then goes back to the height of the "quitter" who plunges to catch it up in time and so on, until success. We see the apprentice struggling at best at each fall.

Back towards our motu..

see you again..

   ...we'd like to, so much. 

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