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New Caledonia.   Pages site for,
Country finding out, landscapes, urbanization...

A large island and some rather small

MAIN LAND (Grande Terre)

Finding out, Land sharing. North and South, Ouest coast and East cost, lagoon, islands and islets

old facts and questions, past still present; known stories of past

Kanak languages , museume.. Island formtion

Flowers of stamps..)       birds of stamps..

NC East coast - said "in the wind" and wet - mountains vivinity, kanak tribes..

NC West coast - said "down wind" and dry - vast breeding expanses - passes, islets


Pines island            Ouvea

NOUMEA - visit

Downtown small walk around, streets, market, coconut square..

The market vegetables and fruits, fish, crabs, curios

towards beaches Marina, ocearium,

Anse Vata beach Anse Vata, singularity, shops, viewpoint.

Nord area Dumbea, Tjibaou centre..


Koghi Mounts , wild nature
endemic species

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