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22 07 2001

achievement for pages "more perso" (future "ideas perso") and this update sheet.

story of the Chinese : Chu en li was going to the market on his bicycle when he met some Tahitians...
20 08 2001 release of 80 % English version of hibis

English version of hibis at 96 %

English version of hibis at 100 % More perso (future "ideas perso) included, significant updates in Physics and do-it-yourself

4 11 01 Small modifications of presentation. Small complement of economy New Caledonia.
23 11 01

information on both insects and fishes illnesses ; see risks and dangers

elements on species creation (see lagoon)

10 02 02 the 5 elements of the tribal Kanak life see tribes
18 02 02 personnal notes on the climate see "information"
18 02 02 Kanak langages (map) see "words" (beginning)
24 04 02 Sharks (revolving gums).
24 09 02

Polynesian fishing ; see Polynesia

08 10 02 Sharks : senses, dogfish reproduction
25 11 02 prices update (New Caledonia)
10 02 03

Oceania et Polynesia ; some more on Polynesian society, population, life, tatoos, economy.

15 02 03 Extraordinary fishes (but not only fishes...)

risks and dangers ; more on the reef and passe (true story)

8 04 03 information : rising and setting hours of the sun in New Caledonia.
14 04 03 Typhoons; description (in live)
19 04 03 Complement and small reorganisation in "Polynesia" and "Information"
29 04 03 Noumea South Orphelinat/ Citrons bay: webcam>
 3 10 03 update for links in "Other sites" (weather )
another picture in  "Nouméa beaches"
new picture in "shells" and "corals"
14 11 03 Tahiti, both necklace and robe of exception.
10 02 04 The sea-snakes katuali is not the Lochness monster/ 
20 02 04 important update with new pictures and explanations for both the corals (one page more) and the lagoon,

10 12 2004

information about surf board  (see advice and Pine Island/ île des pins) ;  photo pirogue for tourists (Pine Island)
10 12 2004 photo of a true bougna in " words". (bas of hibis page - down)

19 12 2004

Update on the corals in danger ; the lagoon : see the islets and corals in Polynesia or New Caledonia
15 01 2005 re-organisation, modification of pages bas and links, specially to the email.
Last news on the corals (sea heating) and photos of dead outcrop of  corals (page 2)
6 03 2005 Ouvéa (commodities), the blue hole
New Caledonia Loyauté islands ; coral ground
15 03 2005 New Caledonia, people (ethnic and festival)
25 08 2005 fondoc b : communication of the whales, bélougas, dolphins.Sonar.Marine pollution
fondoc b  Starfish devourer of corals and sugar canes
24 10 2005 The coral red from Mediterranean, picking up, handraft, prices
20 05 2006 make up and update of Nouméa beaches.
15 07 2006 a bit more on New Caledonia, Nouméa, Population ...
Fluorescent Corals, shells.
Polynesia, pearls and colours.  The setting of the Vaimma river could developped.
20 10 2005 Red coral of mediterranean sea, gathering, work, prices
Dolphins from Amazonia : vibrations that paralyse  (see fondoc)
20 05 2006 Refurbishing and update for Nouméa Plage.
15 07 2007 Refurbishing and informations for Nouméa, Population, Tribes.
Fluorescent corals, red coral in live (short video), shells.
Polynesia, colour of pearls. Tahiti, baths in the Vaima river..
19 08 06 renewal for both Nouméa and New Caledonia pages ; update about the aquarium, the drive-in, aerial shot, vintage stamps (histoiry, nickel, birds, flowers) etc.. The Dumbéa.
14 10 06 Tahiti 31b  a new page dedicated to the recollection of Christiane's polynésian necklace.

25 01 07

Ile des Pins (Pines island), complementary.

10 04 07

Best aknowledge of the hibis pages, clarification and unification for both the top and bottom of pages. Better acces from anywhere to my e-mail.
20  04  07 Nouméa, photos 2007 Moselle bay, Magenta- Mont Dore. New Caledonia, West coast  Flower "belle de nuit", to see after 11 pm..
  Ile des Pins, more photos (calendar)
  Bora Bora, enlargment for some photos and their link.
  Risks and dangers complementary information for the bad ants.
  Polynesia, "sociéty" :  the great feast ; the dead, birth and placenta
9 03 2008 Iles des Pins, more pictures and making some both better and larger
  Nouméa and Nouvelle Calédonie , more pictures and making some both better and larger
14 02 09 Ouvea  Pleiades, the blue hole. supplement
15 07 09 Coral education : a branch of dead coral  both with and without its limestone skeleton
  Lagoon life ; anemones in Brittany, in the pools left at low tide; without diving. Closed and open
23 07 09 > Ile des Pinsaerial photo on corals
18 11 2009 shells 2 new page for a few wonders
  life of the lagoon, some news
7 01 2010 sharks, big mouth, the morphological explanation
  Corals coral bamboo
7 08 2010 New Caledonia  Kanak songs
31 03 2012 Ouvea ; Kanaks bathing, the beach  +  supplément for the blue hole
Nouméa beach,  islet Canard, restaurant beach
20 01 2018 Complete reorganization of the "hibiscustour" site, with restructuring and basic reprogramming in CSS3 style. Iles et lagons is part of a group of three sites, under the generic name of hibiscustour. It is the last part of this important "rejuvenation". On 25 07 2017, a first draft had been transferred in order to better distinguish and present the three sites, one of them being already revised "CSS3". This work was greatly complicated by the need for a huge clean-up - not completed - due to the "automatic" site composition software (*). The modifications also concern the updating of texts, visibility/readability, (titles and subjects, spacing, limitation of excess colours and highlighting, direct display of some photos to remove a "click", introduction of pop-up, text or images, at the "hover" of elements. I will continue as long as I can (I am 84 years old), Introduction of three such reactive menus for each page banner and its group of belonging (clarification of the navigation on all three sites. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
20 01 2018 Complement on the design of the site (continuation text above, same date) Indeed, even the best of them, American, does not allow to make something really clean. Each retouch makes the mess worse because they just add, without deleting. Worse, they indulge in catastrophic automatic "adjustments" and replacements that can't be prevented, piling up "miles" of repetitive lines that complicate any modification. After many setbacks, I used TopStyle 5.0, advised on the net by a designer I thank. So I relay here the information. Of course you have to start programming, but Top Style is incredibly well done and complete, originally intended as a complement to an American auto-dialing software, which may have bought it back because it no longer exists! This version 5.0 still available is free and without any advertising compensation.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
02 2019 Supplement on the Saint Louis tribe. Ethnics; clarification and updating of figures.
02 2019 ONLY IN FRENCH !! (Google or Deepl translation) Nouméa, installation. Example of expenses of a young couple without great income, but arrived with a contract of employment.
2020 hibiscustour in English has also now another version under the https://hibiscustour.fr/indexb.htm and I am finalizing it.
2020 -/- texte


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