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This pageTahiti Nui
hibis, the life and the reality. Hotels, restaurants, transports are not, excepted one experienced case.

Tahiti and its peninsula, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti ITI, are the two parts of Tahiti in Polynesian (Nui=large, Iti=small)
     Click to enlarge the picture ! here is the French translation : plage=beach; trou=hole; souffleur=blower  cascades=waterfalls, pointe=hedland, jardin=garden, musée=museum, sable blanc= white sand.
North and west of the "Nui" island are residential plots.
It is worth climbing the heights. True emotions; and also appreciated frehness. A few natives cultivate some fruits in remote and secret spots. They that the first occupants used to live there. The proliferation of tourist trails and quads is also a real problem.
Sight of Papeete (pronounce Pa-pai-ai-tai) Whis this "tropical green", choose the season. In late November, time "half", but it was hot and with the hot air, the rain did not bother too much, because we dry quickly !

The fare of the tourist information is located on the quay, on the level of the market. Its roof points out it easily.

Moorea, with its beautiful Rotui mount is 17 km far  (8 mn flight, 35 mn ferry from Papeete).

Frangipanier flowers on a meagre shrub, in the tiny garden of our bungalow in Bora Bora. Tiaré flowers, on the right  hand  bush.


The monoi

The tiaré, a beautiful bush with large glazed leaves.
Black pearls. They are mainly grown in the Tuamotu or-Gambier islands (250 pearls marine farms). The La sécrétion of the oyster give the colour.

Black sand beach (volcanic basalt). There is also a white sand beach.

The surfing is well known, with an enormous waves with "thick lips", when the swell is strong at TEAHUPOO (peninsula of "Tahiti iti". People come there from Hawaii).

See the Christiane's private necklaces recollection,  page Tahiti 3

We know the so typical beautiful printed Tahitian matérials, but this one, in black, red, white or else plain colour, are put on for weddings or special occasions. (Christiane's private recollection

A good ice cream outside the " Retro ". With coconut flavour, of course.

This morning, on saturday,  an orchestra was playing and a young woman dancing. (About history, the french singer Joe Dassin deceased there).

The mountain is very present, which partly explains the single circular road which, under the name of Pomaré, passes alas in front of the Retro. !!

At 2241 metres top the Aroai mount, followed by the Diadème (1321 m) and the Marau mount(1493m). The Inside the island offer charming promenades in wild valleys of light and shade, cathedral ferns, cascades and archeological sites. Going there on quad and 4 wheels drive.

The market
The market deserves more than a single visit ; one also find there some local not expensive food to go and eat while walking.
On the first floor, fabrics, handcraft industry, curios and false black pearls. Also catering service (sympathetic).

another work (click)


Mosaic ground in a pedestrian area (Joe Dassin square). .And a sympathetic corner of the pedestrian area, for drinking a good local beer (right hand picture).

vue complète au clic

For the Polynesians, Tahiti means also baths in the rivers; a merry fresh water splashing, in the shade, such as they were ideally represented sometimes in films or on stills. It is a reality which could touristically be exploited.
See in Tahiti 2.  As for drinks, the beautifull shape on the  Hinano bottle beer won't escape to your attention. Everything is imagination there.


Color, flowers and songs : here, The weather (140 KB) gives " the color of time for our friends of the islands under the wind .. but in french.

July feast  celebration of the 1789 French revolution, on the 14 july. One day in France, the whole month here !  among the Polynesian exhibitions and contests (dugout races, danses ..) there is the throwing of javelin up to a coconut fixed on a 7,5 meters piles.

Typical rytmed songs

One sings (peacefully) in tahitian (130ko) but also in French, old french songs (266 KB) "who will be, will be " ("in the cradle of an old castle, a promise comes to arrive, a princess.").The advertising is also " colors of the country ".

The evening, roulottes are installed on the quay, near the steamers of cruising; one eats there of all but the Chinese have the top with their spectacular cooking of which famous and abundant chao mein.

A blowpipe flame spouts out from time to time in the night.

Tahiti 2 (tour of Island, Vaima bath, botanic parc)

Tahiti 1 (Papeete) market, (food, fish, souvenirs, flowers) - necklaces, bracelets

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