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"Nouméa" name stems from the area of Numea which was occupied, two hundred years ago, by the tribe of the Gamba directed by the powerful Chief Kuindo who extended his authority frumpy to Prony and even Yaté.

New Caledonia, former English possession, was discovered by the north where the installation started. Given to France in exchange of a help to the Mediterranean, Tardy de Montravel was sent to seek a better place than Balade (approached by Cook) and discovered the bay of Nouméa, better protected, but terribly dry and nearly without trees. It was named at fisrt "Port of France".

Facing Nouméa, the pass (passe) of Boulari cut the reef (récif) ; nearby the reef, the Amédée headlight (phare) on its islet.

Noumea is built on a peninsula surrounded by small islands,  sometimes located close to the shore, like the "Ilot Maître and "Ilot Canard". Facing Nouméa, the lagoon is UNESCO classifieded. Particularly, reefs of Annibal, Nbéré, Aboré, Kué are preserved. Get information on fishing, shells..

Aerial view from the top of the Ouen Toro, the small "Ilot Maître" " and "Ile aux Canard".

Splendour of fluorescent corals at the aquarium of Nouméa, of world renown.
Noumea and its surroundings "le Grand Nouméa" (the great Noumea), constitute a cosmopolite agglomeration of some 160/180.000 inhabitants (2014-16). The territory's capital itself gather 65 % of the islands population on 9% of the surface.

The city has grown in taking over 400,000 square meters on the sea, with the Nickel ore dusts. Recently, the harbour was another time filled, burying boats under restaurant, Marina and location boots.

The very nice "place des cocotiers" (coconut tree square)
It is sumptuous and modern city : relief of the peninsula (hills), interest and installations of the coasts, nature (much trees planted), equipment and trade (of which averages and large malls). One finds there nearly all we need. Detached houses are of colonial style, with a beautiful evolution ; pastels tone sheet iron roofs add a particular ambiance.
Nouméa escape partially from the trade winds and the strong rains. It is a peninsula with rugged outline and with the relief agreeably embossed with "mounts". Difficult to find a flat ground there ; the main roads are not lined up with large buildings but serve districts which frequently oblige to plunge or to climb stiff so much are the slopes direct: to start again at a stop when your vehicle has the cap in the air is not always easy. The surroundings are also valuable, the lagoon and its small islands ofcourse ( the most beautiful reef, is opposite the city), the Koghi mounts and the rain forest, the Mount Dore and its residences and especially the wild Great South, so strange, in direction to Prony or Yaté.

Nouméa. follow both on the photo and the map (right hand) First, the semi circular Baie des Citrons (bottom left); then comme the Baie de l'Orphelinat, and at right hand, the beginning of Noumea downtown.

Background, the mountain; not very far away.
FR3 TV- Thalassa (early 2009).
Noumea. : between centre town and beaches (reverse direction from left), the bay of the Orphelinat (orphanage), then the marina of Port Plaisance and the beginning of Baie des Citrons (citrons=lemons).

Beaches, in white colour, at the bottom of the map. Marché= market ; centre ville=downtown.

panoramic views:
140ko) west and north (industrial, commercial and residential) 
(180 ko) east and south (residential and touristic)

By car or on foot, don't miss going from the "Baie des Citrons" to the "Anse Vata" with a stop at the "Rocher à la voile" (the Rock at the sail).  One ends always at the Ouen Toro top. A true happiness.

One also goes there to wait for the sunset expecting to the green ray. May be tonight.


Right hand, the Anse Vata beach and its hapiness "promenade" : it is the heart of the tourist activities; opposite side, restoration, many curios, agencies, small train.
Please, see Nouméa beaches.

Sight on the centre of Noumea, "the "place des Cocotiers" (coconuts square) and the market aera.

(constructions surely mushroomed since

The market : under the blue roofs, inspired from the ex-hotel "Château Royal" (ex Club Med) you will find vegetables, fruits, fish ..., but also the " curios". Very attended by the local population and the tourists.

Have a coconut scraped on the spot for your "Poisson à la Tahitienne" (Tahitian fish, marinated with green lemon and coco milk).

Wink on the last one"demi-lunes"(half-moons) left by American who occupied here the second base of the Pacific.

 Nouméa downtown

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