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Practical Information (both for New Caledonia, and Polynesia) Plane, customs, health, clothes, tourism, car, water, electricity, souvenirs, prices..   

hints-experienced   Plane, (suitcases clothes..), car NCaledonia (hire), beach, sun-rain, islands, small useful stuff.
Risks and dangers illness (mosquitoes, fish) - security : southern lands (N.Caledonia), the sea, reef and passes), dangerous species .

Economy politic (New Caledonia) news, economy, government, topics, the Nickel, politics.

Economy politic (Polynesia) newsé, economy, government, topicss, politics.

Some words, New Caledonia (mainly) and Polynesia : local vocabulary explainations, additionnal information .

    General other sites. New Caledonia and Polynesia : Tourist Informatin, Press, travel health, customs, weather, tides, Polynesian language.. English-French phrases book and much more..

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