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The lagoon
Between deep water and coast, it's a large basin of shallow water, restrained by a coral lime barrier.
Process : slow submersion of the whole island, growing up madrepores survival, exchange with the ocean.

Lagoon life 1   tropical fish..

    Lagoon life 2     next..     Lagoon life 3     potentially dangerous ; fish, shells, sharks..

Reef and passes   streams, lived experiences..

Shells 1  initiation      Shells 2  next, arts

Sharks    particularities

surprising oceanic life,     nautilus, species fantastic habilities, fishing and Polynesian dugouts, sea serpent..)
The corals

Grouped in continuous compact colonies or isolated blocks, the coral builders (madrepores) form the fringing reefs that will become barrier. Both coexist.

..Open your eyes.. At the edge of the beach, in a meter of water, a mini-society was founded: a branch of coral, two bright blue fish and a starfish, sometimes a sea urchin with long needles. In the water up to the hips. photo hibis .

Corals 1    varieties, characteristics, madrepores..

    Corals 2    true coral, reproduction, fragility    

Corals 3    dead coral, jewelry, cosmetic, surgery ..

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