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This page   General Information sites,   health, news, offical tourism information

1/ New Caledonia - - - (Polyneésia, following)


Nouvelle Calédonie.travel/nc tourist information, trip, questions answers, descriptions, housing..

Tourist Office Province Sud I have erases the link that was wrong

Maison de la Nouvelle Calédonie (New Caledonia House) Number to check: Paris : Tel (33) 01 47 03 14 74Tél. 01 47 03 63 23 (ou 33 et 1 47 ...) et 01 42 73 69 80 (ou 33 et 1 42)

Noumea town hall information, maps, satellite picture of Noumea

Aerial shots..
webcams. 2017 : some of them with good quality, at Noumea (of wich beaches), outbacks (brousse), islands. Also some from drones, but of bad quality and not interestings. To be followed in time.

Weather forecast and climate

tides timetables of New Caledonia


DAVAR, Department of Veterinary topics, Food..

Imports, Exports, biosecurity - travelers, boaters .. plants, animals, quarantine.<

Gouvernment of New Caledonia
government composition, public establishment, government actions, News..


Caledonian news

ENDEMIA, nature, its endemic species

Biodiversity Marine and terrestrial ecosystemse

   Polynesia, Tahiti

Tahiti and îslands Tourist Information,
Paris : Tél. 01 53 43 53 95 (or 33 et 1 53 ...) Internet search (to check)

Tahiti and îslands Tourist Information searching for "https://tahititourisme.pf/fr-pf/"
downloadable brochure of 220 pages
A book on the screen, "flipping" the pages. All the islands of Polynesia, information, hotels, accommodation etc.           an impressive job

Polynesian language
farevanaa, On line dictionary : (along with a forum)

All news about Tahiti and the Pacific

"la Dépêche"

Polynesian telephone directory
- but in French !
search for "annuaireopt.pf"

weather forecast

Digest from the site reported after (natural environment): Unique phenomenon in the world, in Tahiti and in the Society Islands, the tide does not exceed 20 cm !
Others archipelagos have a normal tide, from one to two meters (close to those of New Caledonia.

naturel environment climate geology.. BUT only in French !! general, interessting. If the link doesn't work, come back to the Government and search : "institutions", "The country", "geography, "climate".

Gouvernment Institutions, politics, custom..

Diving : https://underwaterworld.free.fr/ : interesting shots and some sharks.


Translating a foreign language.

google (select "language" right hand of the search box) - foreign words - encyclopedia britannicaBabylon (not free)

(ex google : copy first the french words, select "language" right hand of the search box, paste the words in the new translation box and then select "french- english").

(please, ask me)

For your search


The most used currently.

The word "google" is an astronomical digit whose value is 1 followed with 100 zéros ! The brownser Google (California), deal 1,6 billion web pages in less than one second ; it is not a directory, so "and" , "or" do not exist for it.

There are numerous others brownsors but Google is also interesting for its hability to tranlate long texts.

QUANT is a new would be challenger..

- Information - Hints, experienced - Risks and dangers - Other sites (health, press, customs, sites information..)

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