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Official documents : carry photocopies of your passport, plane tickets and credit cards (it will bemore easy to replace them in the event of loss).

. Preserve the receipts of your purchases: they could be asked to you by the customs authorities the return. Money.

Carry various types of currencies : liquid, travel- cheques­voyages, credit cards.

  ; from a very personal point of view :

Distribute the luggage on several bags if possible and especially to take with oneself, in cabin a minimum of survival if... drugs, lenses contact, bottle alcohol and bandages, spare glasses, under-clothes replacement, a minimum unit trousers-skirt-shorts / bermuda shorts-sweat - Tee-shirt, sweat, rain coat or jacket (you have the latter with you normally) select clothing which you prefer. Razor, if possible even of comfortable shoes, photo-video, batteries and even films because the radiation " passengers " is less strong than for the bags.

(luggage lost and robbery would be more frequent when there is a transfer. A huge building in USA resells all objects lost, released by company which sometimes give up quickly the research).

Sales on the aircraft Alcohol is very expensive in Oceania, for some it is almost the double of the aircraft price (a good whisky Glenfid... par example costs 2900 CFP on the aircraft). If you remain a few times and if you like aperitifs, don't hesitate, better two bottles than one.

Stop : don't leave anything in the plane because the cabin is cleaned and everything taken out (press, goods..).
the rule is the rule! If you envisage a stop in Australia, in the Fiji or in any other country with Anglo-Saxon reference, inform well yourself about the regulations in these countries and respect them. (vaccinations, importation of plants, animal..).

At the time of our last passage (2000), it was announced that the plants could lead us in prison and that dogs were drawn up to detect them).

 LOCAL RADIO (especially in Polynesia, listen to the local radio and record very beautiful songs and not less beautiful voices, but also publicity and weather (if video camera or other.) Many photographs are taken but never the sounds and it is a pity.
COURTESY (New Caledonia especially): in the bush, along the roads of the East coast or tribes in general, it is of use to make a sign of the hand to greet those which pass.

New Caledonia The tribes are private properties and not municipalities : it is used to announce his arrival or better ask for the authorisation of penetrate. The Head is respected and small gifts can be exchanged.
SHELLS You will perhaps never have the possibility nor the time to seek shells in water, the more so as prohibitions are increasingly restrictive. Shops have some of them and they are not too expensive. Of course , nothing nothing is worth what one finds oneself: ! Seek the tiny empty shells you can find at the edge of all the beaches and which are often superb ( the Tahitians make collars with them ! and your children (or grand children will also be delighted by a pocket full with these small beautiful shells

HIRING A CAR The international companies of hiring apply generally highest tariffs. You will find (Tourist bureau, Internet) of the local hirers out who offer reasonable prices: if you want a determined model, choose a company which has a large vehicle fleet; reserve in advance if possible (touristic season) or at of your arrival.
Among the traps of the " broken prices ", look at especially the amount of the sum not reimbursed, because we generally does pay attention to it. Our superb CLIO very new with air conditioned and equipment was assured " all risks ", but with 5000 FF lost !! and certain accessories are not included: we paid 280 FF for rear view mirror properly removed the night in front of the hotel, in full light.

- Remember : if you go left, you go wrong (if you go right, you go .. right) !

- Main roads are sealed and in very goo repair (New Caledonia and Tahiti) but be careful if you do not know the way : on a side road, a beautiful pothole can damage your rim (and the suspension) right in the middle of a well tarred road. There are also gutters which can be treacherous, in turn (commercial zones etch.) Pay attention with the rear gear.

Weather is always great on leaflets and postcards.

UMBRELLA One can see some umbrellas now but much of people quite simply agree to wet itself because it is not generally cold and if you enter a restaurant completely soaked, it will not be serious for you for you will be dry a little time afterwards.
Some Tahitians are very happy and profit from it showering, they say.

It can rain a lot in Tropical countries. If you undoubtedly want sun, choose rather the deserts. Thus, if you have got time, do not precipitate the fist day to the museum, aquarium or exhibitions; wait for the possible days of rain (while informing you over the days of opening)

 WOOLLY It will be always useful an evening when you will be facing the soft trade winds (15 to 25 knots nevertheless, sometimes more (27 to 47 km/h). But you will also appreciate it under the mouths of air-conditioning of the room of restaurant !!

ISLANDS (specially for New Caledonia): a trip to the islands must be well organised. First of all, think of renting your car before the departure; in the "île des Pins" (Pines Island) for example, if you arrive in boat, you will have to walk up to the village and to sort things out yourself, that is not obvious. One lives at the kanak pace over there, in a country kanak. The rented car was a poem and the man which brings it to you come back on foot if you don't take him on board...

Outside Nouméa, in the bush and worst in islands, do not go and throw your surf board in the water without enquire. Things can evolve but I remind you that you are in Kanaky. For having proudly arrived with their surf sail board, some people got annoyed.
NAKED BREAST The Tahitians are very modest, even at dances show, but are not fastidious for the sex. On the most beautiful beach of Bora, there was a single and superb woman topless. (the beach was deserted) It is not the same for the kanaks and breasts are not shown apart on the two great beaches of Nouméa (Baie des Citrons (bay of Lemon) and Anse Vata). It is only justice: we prohibited them to live naked and they prohibit it now to us!!
Young kanaks and elder bath with their garments, even on the great quoted beaches; rare liberate girls kanak lay down in topless. In front of the Med Club, youngsters put their clothes on the barrier which limits the lawn (property hotel) and the beach, in front of the rooms of the tourists. There, in limit, one can find a little shade where mainly kanak and a few Europeans set up.

Beach manager. Cheer the kanaks and the Tahitians which are "at home" and defend themselves because there is no beach manager nowhere. Of course, certain hotels gain largely on the shore and the sea, with the bungalows on pile and ban a little the access (Polynesia especially), but generally, the beach or at least the sand is free everywhere. The Meridien hotel (Noumea) places however some deck chairs at the bas of the beach, outside their barrier (it is abuse, shocking!!). I specify that on this only area, the sand is without lawn nor trees. Some shadow trespass in rare spots. (make yourself a better idea visiting all the beaches with hibiscus tour (see Nouméa beaches and Tahititi (not favourable, black sand). Bora.. Moorea and all other islands are better in Polynesia
Thus, envisage taking on small pockets (freezing bag 18 * 25 cm or more) : they will be also very useful for you to protect your camera from water projections on a boat or from the sand at the beach (between two shots) Also useful to store the small stuff. Finally, you can be even cautious ; Glasses: a spare pair. Check the tightening of the screws of the branches, even for a brand new one! ; a cord for glasses (boat.). one battery spare for camera. Rubber bands: (the cord for glasses can be used to fix, to bound). An out-of-date credit card (folded to fix a chair, to stop a vibration, etc. it is stiff and very useful. A small pliers of model maker with short and round nozzles (25 mm) and a short and strong scissors (type model for trimming nails for toes.

Risks and dangers

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