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  • theme summary
    • Oceania - continent, possessions (lands and seas), peoples origin.
    • Islands and lagoons  New Caledonia - countries finding out, landscapes, urbanization..       Polynesia (part)
    • local life - peoples, culture, feast days - various facts, reported facts - tribes..
      - file "évents" (New Caledonia, the context)
    • practical life - information, risks and dangers
      - it happened, economy, government, politics - local wordss (vocabulary, complements..)
    • Lagoon - geological formation, marine area, passes, dangers..
      - lagoon life (corals, fish and else..)
    • Surprising oceanic life - Fantastic if not strange capabilities.
  •  global summary
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This page,   Noumea market square

Open everyday from 6 to 11 am, fish and crustaceans, vegetables and fruits, flowers and local handicrafts are laid out in profusion in the numerous open stalls, not to mention bands of Polynesian musicians..

One finds there .lobsters with odd colours, of which some, called porcelains wich can be of an impressive size.

Coconut crab.  ? His body has the shape of a big insect of about 40 cm and 3 kgs. He lives in galleries, leaving them at night to devour coconuts.
With his powerful tongs, he peels them and breaks their nuts! If necessary, he climbs easily to pick them up.

Look at the well-crafted monster; there is nothing like a typical crab, except for its imposing walnut claws.. coconut!
see also, "soft crab".

not to put between any hands..
Maioc : see Maioc culture Les yams ("ignames", in french)., of beautiful size, tarots and other tubers are largely represented.

To undoubtedly give oneself pleasure, the chouchoutes ? but id="don't know them !

Note the exorbitant prices (680, 250): they are in "Pacific Francs" (CFP, Xpf, PF), the "C" coming from "Colony could have passed with" Community ".. that does not change the fact that the France still holds the monetary system of its former colonies. The value of the "FP" in euro is a little less than one hundredth, or roughly 5.8 and 2.1 euros for the prices quoted. see "prices"

Not forget the bread fruit tree, URU, in Polynesinan, because in the bread fruit, all is good. Mike

Well done, It's good, all depends on the sauce; a little farinaceous.

Oranges with juice, are really good despite a bad presentation apt to upset Europe makers.

Bananas Happy are those who did not know these blackish things, and its "wild" taste !! or those of a garden that were growing so fast..

Green, striped, detached. see "prices" . As everywhere now, they are banal bananas. nothing to do with wild ones.

We know less about bananas to cook , big and reddish, but excellent once cooked ; not for the dessert. .

Are they newcomers ? I do not know anything did not notice them in the past. Here are pitayas, product of a plant with long leaves droopy and thick, reminiscent of a succulent plant. Origin, Asia. According to a TV show from France.

Rasping the coconut.
Training yourself in splitting off the coconut with the machete ?
you had better trust this man because the work demand an intensive endehaviour to get its ease:

one blow, two almost perfect parts.
Remain to scrape it inside ; there is a kind of small plank fitted with a dentate blade we keep seating on it ; therefore, this artisanal machine left hand will is wonderful, unless you would prefer both pulp and industrial juices, sold from now on out of sachets and limp; even local people succumb to this facility..

Make a glance to the "curios", there are for all tastes.
One ends by the tahitians and their instruments, of which a kind of banjo.

Affecting, these ancient songs preserved by the Tahitians, including "the French song of the gardian of Camargue", local version (right).

un bout de  musique

Listen to the tahitiens market..(very short, 225 ko)

  Curios (small gifts, souvenirs..)

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