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This page,   Curios (souvenirs)
Don't panic ! 1.000 CFP worth 8.38 euros. Start to divide by hundred ! and it is a bit lower by 15%

Markesan Tiki.

Various things.Mainly hand craft items from New Caledonia, mixed with Polynesian one.

Everything at the Chinese as well in any curios of the Downtown and beaches.

Sculptures, top huts arrows can be inspired from reality, as those above. True or not, buy what you like.

The "tapa" was the former "material" before the cotton.

Bamboos engraved ; One can find any but not too much. there are some at the museum.

This one is a small copy for tourists from my collection, donated by a Caledonian friend, Patricia. It is enough likeness to the real, albeit very small.

War axe but mostly symbolic ornament pageantry, it marks the rank of the Chief or other important character. It is also known as the "rain stick" because during ceremonies, the Chief was symbolically hitting the sun to make the rain falling.

Stone axe Kanak "souvenir", with its dogfish hair and shellfish hangings

For useful axes, a solid wooden handing was made on the tree itself ! one slit apart a suitable branch to put the stone inside, tightly tied. While growing, the wood then fitted itself on the stone. With, of course, some time ahead.

The true stone axe stone ornamental axe.

"La pierre savon (soap stone" comes from the north of Caledonia. Very curious and pleasant sculptures not too much overburdened.

The mere coconut engraved or not, can help you to put biscuits, olives, cacahuètes.. at the operative time or an ice cream cocos flavour, of course !


The Tahitian caps always greatly appreciated, adorned or not with shells and else. Can be useful too.

Polynesian necklaces, always the same.


But for this one, that will be a little bundle far away from the most expensive purchase (from 10 000 à 100 000 CFP for ONE pearl, ie 56 to 560 $ (in 2008). Compared to a single 5000 euros Philippines gold pearl, it's cheap isn't ?

For this shark jaw, that will more expensive. Can assure a bit of a stir in the cabin of the plane.

A small click for a great shock : do you know it ??

Shells : some persons believe it is artificial. One can understand them because they are so beautiful and glossy.

Fashion stuff. One find also this little supple and nearly alive animals they are relatively heavy. Lots of monsters but this lizard is sympathetic.

The paréo (pareu)
A range from classic patterns (flowers, leaves, shells) to modern ones, they are also so pleasant.
In Tahiti, there is also the tifaifai (matérial patches cover for beds)
bag of paréo

Tortoise (now protec ted)
On right-hand side, the splendid work on local stones and giant shells
objects made of giant shell are white.

Stone too. Rather expensive and heavy like stones !

Observe also the fabrics more closely as usual. Although they are true touristic pieces, they can offer atistic details reflecting quite well the soul of the country", that you could enjoy later, back home. One may prefer those who can be reflect the beach, but it is a more common use. Those decorative matérials can be thrown over a trunk, a chair, coating a chair or be placed on the wall as a painting (one can possibly cut it out around a unique pattern, or be used as curtain (children bedroom. Click to " The fabric of country  to see the whole thing.

Pieces of the one, above has been offered by a Caledonian friend, Patricia, along with another, highly stylized with a very big sun, the sea, sailing, island and coconut ..Think different.

and also.. decorate photo frames paints, calendars, table sets , postal cards , posters plants, fishes, minerals, shells, birds, stones, scenery, local artistic creations..


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