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This page, Bora Bora 3 - Vaitape, catamaran, back.
Rainy day.

Yes, it rains in the Tropics, otherwise there wouldn't be this vegetation !!

Profit in to listen to the local radio and if you can record both very beautiful songs and not beautiful voices, but also publicity and weather (if video camera or another recorder). Here, one still sings old French songs (266 kb) and one gives the weather : the colours of the weather (140 kb), the temperatures at the end of October (50 kb).
Rain. What changes all here, it is the ambient temperature, which remains rather fair. The Tee-shirt is kept on. There is not great a deal to make: no stores, but a small museum of the navy, marae and stones engraved (but with the rain..)

Fortunately, it was better after midday.

A four wheel drive vehicle passes with its tourists, not discouraged, for the visit of the mountain (by good weather, that must be a superb excursion)

There is also the hélico, which plunge on the motus as in the film " Apocalypse now ": debatable? tourists are delighted.


The small village of Vaitape is quite modest ; some stores of which curios for tourists, of course.

The square of Vaitape. There is a small market and good bananas on the stalls.

There are restaurants with Vaitapé (I hesitate for plural). Without making any publicity, you will find the little marvel (right-hand side photo) which should not exceed the three tables in terrace. Interior is a little larger with bar and room: very neat and owner female " colours high ". But it was in late 1999..

Another establishment, the Bounty, much larger (open only the evening I believe) is at the edge of the road, pointe Matira. But there are also the hotels, sometimes with Tahitian dances.

A small corner of poetry

: the dish of the day is called "the desire of the day". It is true that the weather here gives here "the colour of weather" (couleur du temps, in French).

On the TAAROA board, a former " Fleury Michon" race boat.
Right in the middle of the lagoon lay a sand bank on which we drop anchor to take a small bath. We go outside the lagoon by the single channel (pass) Teavanui and we will make a small burst of speed "in open sea"
 One can see the mountain under all its faces. It is a crater of volcano ploughed up and invaded by the sea.
Two tops for the ex volcano of Bora Bora: Otemanu, 727m and Pahia 661.

Do not wait too much to go there, it is lowering ! see "Polynesia"

Goodbye Sylvie et Pascal, have wind..

that's the end, one sets out again, flying over the "Society" islands.

Good-bye the lagoon of Bora Bora..

composed with a picture of "the Tahiti Hotel"

Translation :
bye bye.. nana.. (we'd like to)

Common lagoon between Tahaa and Raiatea

Moorea : Bay of Opunohu

Moorea : bay of Pao Pao

Advice : one sat oneself on the left side towards Bora and on the right side at the return (if there is not too much Japanese to whom the guide explains everything during half an hour)
Back to Papete Faa'a airport.


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