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  • theme summary
    • Oceania - continent, possessions (lands and seas), peoples origin.
    • Islands and lagoons  New Caledonia - countries finding out, landscapes, urbanization..       Polynesia (part)
    • local life - peoples, culture, feast days - various facts, reported facts - tribes..
      - file "évents" (New Caledonia, the context)
    • practical life - information, risks and dangers
      - it happened, economy, government, politics - local wordss (vocabulary, complements..)
    • Lagoon - geological formation, marine area, passes, dangers..
      - lagoon life (corals, fish and else..)
    • Surprising oceanic life - Fantastic if not strange capabiities.
  •  global summary
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  New Caledonia, that's the life..

A bougna "hotel made".

The true bougna (of which the tradition tends to wanish itself, is prepared in a heated stone oven.

One now finds " bougna-pot " and " bougna microwaves " which can make illusion and give a small idea of what can be a true bougna of tribe ".

The kanaks were gathered in tribes after the taking possession of New Caledonia: grounds were allocated to them; each tribe is directed by a usual Chief. There are small Chiefs and Big Chiefs.

  Kanak means " man "

Tradition kanak: sometimes in the islands, to perpetrate the tradition but also to maintain the knowledge to make which is lost, the small Chief demand to build a traditional hut beside the house "breeze block and sheet metal"..

White "tribalisés".. This occurs in Lifou, Loyauté islands where the the teachers ("Whites") of the local public school belong to the tribe in which they were admitted mandatory !! and they take part in the palaver, the island being exclusive property of the tribes.


Ceremony for the appointment of a new Chief of tribe (November 1999).

At its feet, small traditional gifts: drinks, fabrics, small banknotes and I do not know too much about)

A tribe in the city..

Squats of Nouméa called moderately " zones of spontaneous habitat " ; there are a tenth including one on a private property.


The Japanese bath

Japanese have a drain in the middle of the bath room so that they have a shower before entering the water, which is nearly spilling over (it is the habit, there). The problem is that there is no drain in the bath room at the hotel and they don't care !! they have a shower outside the bath tube and heu..

This press item is well confirmed by the hotel owner, but it is necessary to add to it the history below, quite as incredible, entrusted by the owner of the our hotel: it is not rare that at midnight, she is obliged to intervene because Japanese lets run the hot water of his bath-tub with large floods; and why?? so that water keeps the same temperature, because the plug is left open at the same time!! (except the noise, hello consumption).

Small nap

At the " pontoon " Japanese, this is well known, relax everywhere, on the least occasion : in the steps at the time of a spectacle, squatted while waiting for a subway train (seen in Tokyo).
The proof (early 2003) ; on the Shinkensen (Nipponese very high speed train), at 270 km/h and 800 passengers on board, the driver slept, even after the automatic stop and the irruption of the head of train in its cabin ! it is not sleep that ?


Honeymoon at the Meridian hotel (Anse Vata) : There, rich) Japanese in search of originality marry.

THE LOCAL PRESS "Fine criticisms " in New Caledonia, " Nice mockeries " in Polynesia. Caledonians have a particular relation with the "French metropolitans", which one still notes in the local press. see "Fines criticism" in french, but here is the translation : "I don't understand, I booked a room overlooking the lagoon and there are only stones and trash, shout the metroplolitan (French) ; but Sir, it is the low tide. The man finally calm down. final word of the press : there are some who dont know travelling" (no comment !!)

A shoot in a running car.

"It keep hanging outside the door of the car..". "back mirrors attack" : several back mirrors of parked vehicle have been toned on Sunday at about 5 am. A drunk guy ..It seems to be an emotional problem with this part.

The mirror of our " CLIO " was properly removed the night, in front of our hotel. Beautiful work without breakage, but not refunded.

Always drink problems: A nurse assaulted
In Yaté, during our stay, a woman was assaulted in a phone box ! (she called the cops which came to remove she from the boor, completely drunk.

A drunk man who knock at the police door !!

Right hand. Bier cans on the Ouen Toro, Anse Vata (Nouméa).

Unemployment, drink and drug are the plea as everywhere.

Beverage, drug.

Preferably, be aware of what could occur on a place you do not know very well, because glazed leaflets most often cover up the reality ; If you enquire well and be cautious, mainly at night and the week-end, there is no reason to dramatise too much,  and have some niece days in these countries.

THE FRENCH PRESS July 2000 - " Fig ": The three provinces signed an agreement on the distribution of the shares in the capital of the mining group Eramet-SLN (Company nickel) that the state their gave. " it is a historical stage in the process of decolonisation and of emancipation of New Caledonia ", a freedom fighter declared adding : we have given nothing ".

Delivery service  ; the " disk pack " originates in the meal for the minors.


It is usually sold to anyone and the Caledonian are not deprived any. Delivered to residence, it must cost around 50/60 French francs.

What's on today ?

Emissions on the "tele" of " TOM " are fresh and natural.


 One benefit from the French review of metropolis, "on live" or almost : one is accustomed to see the morning at breakfast, the almost direct "20 hours" of the day before in Paris !!

Truth kava is not bottled. It is a sort of herbal tea "in fashion" prepared with plants and appreciated for its relaxing virtues. (Vanuatu origin).

Some say that it is better drinking it of a blow (because of the taste); several " cups of them " would be more effective to feel the effects. 

there are several spots, but I know a squat at bas of allotment Veyret (road Anse Vata) where you can find it, in the evening : If you are fond of it..

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