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This page, Bora Bora 2 - Island round tour
20 km to ride around on a small road that follows mainly the edge of the lagoon.
Round trip board of a "fun car"

We rented the fun car in a hotel. Price of hiring : see "the prices"

There are also small cars with four true wheels that seems a little more serious.

French made, but with its three wheels, could be English too..). Rather rustic, with its bicycle steering wheel. Variable speed transmission and vibrations are on the menu ; three wheels + 2 stabilising ?, definitely French !
Here the "fun car" which get in joy all tourists : listen to it for it is going to be sold in France (with four wheels). Without licence nor reverse gear. A four wheels model is now used by cops in England (2005).

It is necessary to take dash in front of the only coast of the island, that leads to this superb sight. If the family of the "top" house are there, with their three or four children (I do not ensure the update ), take a photograph and send it to them.
Magic of the sweet motus

They form a string of tight lying islands, close to a main island, which is convenient for daily supplies; their vegetable cover is most pleasant and the whole bathes on the inside side in backgrounds of incredible colors.
The motus surround the oldest islands of Polynesia from a distance where they differ from the usual coral reefs, which are only partially found at low tide, offering no land space.
In this case, Bora Bora has a prominent place, which means that all usable motus are purchased, the state having not had, at my own time, the elegance to classify some of them as a state. Bora Bora's motus picture
At the rate of the pulse of the tides, their spacing allows a powerful but partial renewal of the lagoon water they contain.
A coral reef marks the site of the former coast of an island now partially sunk under water.

Suspended boats. When not in frequent use, the boat is kept out of the water using a system of cables and pulleys; avoids coating the hull with anti-fouling, against algae and shells, and this one can be asked with beautiful colors, even underneath. Another inventive Polynesian adaptation, notice on occasion a bar that allows you to conveniently steer the boat while standing. see voir "reef surfing" .

The life

With the smile: one, two, three, four with the small last baby in the arms of his father ! poor scooter.. fortunately the ground is is flat. Scooters carry everything, including gas bottles.

At the small school of Bora Bora, the kids must be very happy..

The truck ; we never could know nor at hours it was passing, neither from where it was coming. However people awaited it, at a bus stop. It is true that four small days are insufficient to deal with the Polynesians mystery.
A small grocery, opposite the motel of Bora Bora, close to the Matira point. Expensive, but one finds basic goods and bread, essential for French.


The simple life, such as one dreams it, could it exist under these skies? but him, to what does he dream ?
Click to the picture to see the crab

Crabs occupy all the shore, and we frequently roll on - how to avoid them - especially at nightfall. Because at season of the loves they cross the road by legions. One can see them leaving close to their hole in full day to nourish itself. Like the Polynesians, they are "at home", but can't do anything about this deadly road.

(*) I asked how one called the inhabitants of Bora: " I am from Vaitape " was the answer because the village is the reference in Polynesia, more than the island
Another small trade of a very particular kind.

Shell yourself against the favourite gibes of the natives which are inside, when it is open. (see "that's the life")

Here, in the court of a fare, behind a big hotel. Relaxed, the Polynesian appears sometimes a little negligent to us.


We have seen some graves, in gardens, in the edge of the road inside the fence, or even aside  the front door alley, close to the house.

Deaths lives among them. These presences are a big surprise for us, but it is not sad, seen like that. There another procedure about the placenta. See Tribes or The life. Children sit down onto and play there. All that appears very natural and -friendly. Of course, downtown, at the foot of the buildings, that does not seem be done any more to. All is lost.

Another tradition is that of burial or retention of the placenta (fridge pending ..). According to a listener, this practice has existed in the south of France.

  Bora Bora 3 -  catamaran ride, overflight on the archipelago).

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