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 New Caledonia 3 b flowers and stamps)


 A profusion  of tropical flowers is expected and nothing but decorations are found in gardens; hotels or restaurant; exhibitions or parcs. No spring carpets of small flowers in the fields, or on the slopes, at the edge of the treks and in the mountain. But I did not used to live in the bush in any setting and any season ; so my opinion is very partial. Flowers do not grow on the coaltar nor on the walls. The truth is Tropical flower are often discreet and we need approaching the trees and shrubs. And if well visible is, one generally should know where it is. Without any pal, no chance I could see what y have looked at.

Don't be afraid making yourself bite a finger or the nose by a carnivorous plant bus if one can sees much on the booklets, as above. The one I saw at the corner of the track, now disappeared, was shown to me while riding to Yaté !
While observing well, or better getting you advised or guided by somebody of the country, you will be able to also observe small orchises. Some of them (small white ones), showed up in the island of Pines, at the edge of the road, but I suppose that there does not need to go so far. One can also find some in France, or everywhere, in woods, at the edge of the ways ; small and not truly captivating, but the discovery itself is rewarding.









photo  Jean Marc, Nouméa

Epiphyllum or Phyllocactus, a cactus wich produce a A night flower wich open only from 10 pm to the early morning

photo Jean Marc, Nouméa

Our try (half a leave in the earth !)

Our result (two years later; the ribbon doesn't grow with !)

Lantana, with pretty colourful flowers. Envading plant.

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Stamps of birds

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