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After the well known celebrity cagou , one speaks up about the Notou that can hear in the park “Rivière Salée" (Salted river)” (ouuu. ouuu) and which is a kind of pigeon. The crested parakeet of Ouvéa is also famous. Most widespread is perhaps the blackbird of Moluques, not represented here, but blackbirds are well known; a tree is covered with them it the evening, at the Anse Vata (Noumea). Sea birds especially occupy the quiet islands and small islands for their nest. Otherwise they are flying.

The white Stern traverses each year the equivalent of the round of the earth during its migration between the Arctic and the Antarctic (40.000 km back) and the reverse. The Frigate only lands to make its nest and the Petrel of the storms, with its 25 grams, laughs itself, up to 1000 km of the coasts, of the most violent storms. It plays with the swell, its legs hanging nearly on the water, in the search of food. Its name means “which goes on water”.
One can see chasing out Pétrels and Terns together, above the lagoon where they join for "fishing" (seen while going to the Pontoon, from Noumea). My memories make me say, perhaps wrongly, that there are few birds in general compared to what we know in Europe. Let us say that that chirps rather little and I remember islands astonishing quiet. This opinion, which dates far back, is not always shared and the things could evolve like everywhere..


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"endemia" NC.

See a red and gren one.  (Endemia)

merle des Moluques



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