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27/29 07 01
achievement for the page "recipe for "do-it-yourself" (partial) achievement for the page "daily science", amusing, agravating. (in progress)

Story of Chinese : Li Chu from went away to the market riding his bicycle when it met a group of tahitiens.
..story of the boat which drop the anchor.
14/10/01 the coin made of aluminium that keep floating on the water

work on daily physic : static electricity : the odd scotch tape

energy : reaction engines ; atomic reaction ; Mass and inertia : the bottle in balance on a coin. TRICK !! Let us start with the empty bottle, usually of sparkling champagne..; the cosmonaut who swivels and the cat which always falls down on its feet.

Centrifugal force : satellites, gyroscope, pendular train ; Force ; direction, composition of the forces :the hypermarket caddy, the plane in the wind, the boat in the stream ; the wheelbarrow. Forces balance FUNNY : lean on the wall putting your right side against it (shoulder, hip, leg and foot) try to raise your external leg.

refrigerator and bicycle pump. Champagne !

liquids, dampener, not dampener ;liquid of rinsing (dish washing machine).AGGRAVATING , the midge in the glass it is this phenomenon which irritates you when you want to catch a midge in your glass..

10 02 2002
Mass and energy : montruous éléphant and Jupiter rocket (see physic1b (mass and energia)
Architecture : special effects in Vancouver , and new buildings ; see also architecture (Provence, "les Boris")

Toilets ; something new !!
Funny things" old fashion"

15 02 02
Toilets  : first prizewinner ?

funny ? not really, but very serious, see wine (page 2, bas)

07 04 02

Funny ; new pages

Architecture, arts and adornments ;

Physics : units ; forces : hammock
A life of toilets, Toilets 2 (end of the page) and 3 (end of the page)

Funny ; (end of page) : explanation
Architecture: houses Basques

11 05 03

Architecture 3 ; Middle East and Asia, the new worlds.
09 10 03 new pictures in funny, architecture, Do It Yourself (and photos), decoration and toilets.

14 11 03

funny (bottles),  funny (signs, information, linen), funny (people and animals,  architecture (doors - Fontarabie) architecture ( Houses in Fontarabie), architecture (medieval city),  architecture (city adornments), architecture (balconies).

18 12 03

funny,  the best from the Enquirer

10 02 2004

funny   have its toes shortened !

10 02 04

architecture Appropriation of the sea
>   Physics : the glue of the Post-it note

14 02 04

Obnis : a new pill  (health, go to the bottom of the page)

8 04 04

a new page : variations of the climate, ice periods, levels of the seas ; prehistoric man and wall art,  Aztec sacrifices
  the three main the three main religions, the crusade


 architecture (coulours) and religious architecture

12 05 04

supplementary information on the French Gothic cathedrals (cultural  TV Brodcast)

10 06 04

The Normandy, architecture houses,  next  and church (bas).

28 06 04

Obnis : unidentified objects , see a useful tool

27 06 04

funny (trees, board)
  architecture (doors, shutters) and architecture(Provence - houses)
  toilets (middle page, rooms for dogs)

24 07 to 30 08 04

the living world the world and the life. You sure won't feel exactly the same after reading this facts totally true. Reflexions and astonishing examples on our living world ; liquids, gas, mineral, végetal, animal, rays and so strange things.
1 10 04 the living world the world and the life (second section, society evolving, humanity evolving
1 10 04 Physics, elementary knowledge of atoms and new theory
  Pattex, glue "ultra power" : not for anything but very useful, most often for unexpected usage.
  Architecture, religious, Evangelist megachurches

15 01 2005

re-organisation, modification of pages bas and links, specially to the email.

6 03 05

Religions studying differences for the three main religions.
More on the world and the life
25 08 05 Electricity  Lighting - Electrical current understanding - electric power  -   measures -   electric dangers  -  (in progress) nature of the electrical current  -  static electricity - 
16 10 05 Architecture and funny, pictures from India

15 07 06

Physics, curbs. Hectic curbs (tennis ball, golf ..)

10 10 06

Physics ; slopes, angles and trigonometry. Sea tides and electrical alternating current.


Architecture, a blockhaus as house.


Funny (vehicules) : chained car ;  funny (people) : paints and adornments on bodies in Kenya

12 01 2007

Architecture ; hindouiste religion.  Architecture contrasts. Slum of Soweto, South Africa
  Funny (camel),  Physics
  Physics, "liquids, superficial tension" : amusing, the pin that floats and point like a compass !

10 04 07

Best identification for the hibiscustour pages, clarification for both the top and bottom pages. Best acces to my e-mail.
  Funny  and following,  and OBNIS.

14 05 08

The wine, corkscrews, broken, depressed corks.
  Drôle tribal cooking using a bamboo
   The wine : uncork a depressed or spoiled cork.
  Some other funny/strange things everywhere in the "Funny things" section, funny 7, 31, 9 ..

13 06 08

The wine  Are Wine's Pleasures All in Your Head ?  Culture's objects of ridicule.
28 08 08 Do It Yourself  Garden : it will no longer be eaten by slugs and snails ; without any pesticides.
  OBNIS, after the kitchen and bamboo, bamboo here and rockets.
  Architecture 11 towers of northern Britain.
  Architecture, sleeping in a tree, yes, but .. there must sway. Clay bricks and straw for the house pleasant, economical and cheap.
  OBNIS a molecule or coral ? the madness of CO2, or projects bloom to waste.
Funny   feet, hands and legs.
Funny stories of hotels and rooms.  Funny  bar gulls -
  Funny; Small tractors for an island with a Lamborghini !
Funny, after the fifth taste, a well known Bay alters the perception of acidity and bitterness, very smooth.
Only in French  Series des tribunes () Stands, rehabilitation, additions over the readings and annoyances ..
Physics  atmospheric pressure and depression, the distributor of toothpaste
09 02 2009 Funny 7   small animals very old
12 02 09 Funny 7  alcoholism, a miracle cure?
 17 07 09 Personi 2 club anti droppings .. dog.
20 07 09 Funny 3  and Tribune 11; insults: Recreational and pollution.
  Funny 1 direct access to the beach, welcoming store Conditioning
  Physics 11; radiation: overview on electromagnetic waves, a variety of mysterious effects and uses.
18 11 2009 Physics 41 Physics 4 and two new pages long promised on magnetism, electromagnetism, generators, motors, Emech, small engines everywhere processors. Explanations, diagrams, examples of the computer.

25 11 2009

Funy/feet and head new, new .. from head to toe.
  Funny/city  Bib Ben is really big ;  not si commom, the Europe longer City word

18 12 2011

Funny/feet and head  human carne for the fish farms.
  Funny/perplexity the smartest public dispenseurs .. and  a horo counter for one night
  Funny/perplexity old american dream, the James Bond's car that flies;  odd military enflatable objects
  Funny/food  a  milk dispenser very special
  Funny/great art  art with spades

28 12 2011

Organisation of the site into three parts islands and lagoons - Dayly idées-solutions Curiosity, amazing things, this part

10 01 2012

GPS and relativity  (physics)
  Funny  toilets

 3 04 2012

Looking somehow strange (

4 04 2012

Passion flower, a double interest (funny 95 UFO )

22 02 2013

Container-cow and peephole-cow, some new experiments about the methane   not funny

8 04 2013

Stunning temporary toilets, flower scenery toilets

01 2019

Refurbishing sites with new drop down menu at the top, new style cap... Organisation of the sites with separate access for the three sites in English
2019/2020 Restructuring and rewriting in CSS3 style of the three English sites.

23 08 2020

page "religions with multiple Gods" renamed "Buddhism and religions xith..". Some new texts about Buddhism.

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