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this page,   Funny - Toilets, natural and rural..  

  bottom French

THIS WALL surely knew glorious days..

CLICK on the red plate, on the wall : it reads, "small square of making wee against the wall".
But it is over now. The plate has been moved to an incongruous place, and will disappear. Nobody will live again these unique moments. hibis
 Ecological, the "cabin at the bottom of the garden.".  

This behind the door, although really pretty (time reconstruction not usable)  hibis
Another toilet hut, mountain kind, in the Valais (Switzerland), at the place of a refuge for walkers. hibis Corinne

Hut of the Valais (continued): the panorama, bucolic and peaceful undertakes not to hurry up.. The happiness is not far..
hibis de Corinne

Alas, the hut turns the back at the scenery. The slope, vertiginous, is not indeed intended for the observation but for the priority flow. Inside, we hang on - or we pray - thinking that the fragile construction could also tilt down. Fortunately, there are many cables of propping up, with their hooks in the ground, but all things considered, they worry more that they reassure. Swiss humor ? There are more conventional toilets in the refuge..
hibis de Corinne
Afterward, I believe this one was even worse. The sign worried by itself: targeted towards the sky, as a pray if not a curse. We couldn't suspected that "the thing" was very close, just "below". The place was terrible. To begin, a narrow sloping passage along the wall, which let us think we would have better to rope up before. Under the boards 300 meters of vacuum The endless noise of the fall froze our blood. I didn't take photos. Keeping the balance was vital. hibis

Perry Taylor is a cartoonist based in West France, who was inspired by Sempé, he says, to depict the lives of the French with great connivance. Very talented, it has been reproduced in the newspaper "Connexion" which is aimed at English expats in France. It's worth checking out his site by typing "Perry Taylor".

The scene shows a line in the ladies' room while the men's are empty because they are in the bushes, as well as a dog and a little boy..

Historical wall decorations.
hibis Corinne
Bucolic. A fresco that covers all the cabins. What a plant? looking at the bells and a newspaper item, it would be heather, in a very deep close-up. A plant whose perennial variety in winter was grazed by animals, replacing the lost grass. hibis Germany, North Sea: The toilets are on the first floor. Within a few hours, the tide will rise and  the toilets will be in the sea !   They could then be useful to sailors and boaters, but it's only imagination, any docking can be dangerous !

It's the local cherry celebration. Not too much cherries, and a lot of junk-store, as always; but we finally had some local cherries. The toilet area is very unusual (it's rare), but there's a strange atmosphere; people looking at each other, not totally reassured by the originality. hibis
The fact is there are funny, dashing, joyful toilets. Doors are cautiously opened, slowly in case they must be slammed shut..
Surprised, all is brand new and clean ! However, they don't rush in.
And now, what to do seems she to wonder.. turn to the right, ma'am, that's it !

Let us see, would look like a washbasin, wouldn't it, she is saying herself.. back to the previous picture : pumping with one foot is the solution ! (The END)

Artists on an islet of the Loire ; Swivel sign. It's a work of art (pure humour, there was no toilet !) the sign read "FREE to do what you want, OCCUPIED do not disturb !"
Japanese toilets on the fishing site. And a touristic place dedicated to this strange fish.
Japanese go and look for fishes everywhere, at sea with the longest nets ever created, in the marine mud for these strange amphibian fishes, supposed to be ancestors of the ground animals. TV FR3.
We enter its mouth under its two spherical eyes, dorsal and caudal fins in the summit and a front lower fin. Here is this periophtalmus fish. mutsugoro 1 (site emblem), mutsugoro 2  (swollen jowls, folded fins) mutsugoro 3 (all fins unfolded for its beautiful). This animal unfolds and folds its fins with a sharp blow, like a fan.

  rather specials..

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