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this page Funny - Toilets,  rather special 
  bottom French

Uncommon shower tap !

she is all streched on her tip toes, but she just reaches the tap.

Is she going to have a shower all dressed ? no, she left.
Somewhere in Mexico

  1  Here a modern and clean "bowl", with its tank and its beautiful blue rim, blue Maya undoubtedly since we are in Mexico.
After having a meal at a restaurant, we were lining up for the toilet.
One wondered why some people were standing while others were going about, appearing so busy : was there somebody ill ??

  2..one waits a little and then it is our turn ; all then becomes clear : somebody hand over a basin to us.. and we run now to go and seek water in the little green plastic bowl !

Here, on the right, the basin is full and once it is spilled, we will be able to give it to the next one !

Frightening story of shower. In a very charming mexican hotel, very pleasant, with a large "patio fleuri" and decorated doors was, in the very little shower room, a lamp bulb hanging from the ceiling at the tip of an electric wire. We did not risk our lifes, the shower jet being just in front of the bulb !! I could not take a shot due to the lack of room.
lease, close the lid ! This situation when I entered : No comment. hibis

In Sweden, a draft regulation has been tabled in the Sörmland region (central Sweden), to force men to urinate sitting.
Must we really go down there fo the toilets ? yes, it's under construction, but there is a stair, so you needn't climb down this ladder, against the wall :  
The view is taken from the top of the stairs. All the same, it's a shock. Cyprus    hibis

What is it ??
Ca ressemble à un bidet mural placé haut, mais c'est pour la bouche !!   (fontaine)    berk ..  hibis


Functional. It looks like a tiny little weird sink. Looking more closely, you can see that there is no tap; how is that possible ? in fact, there is one above to rinse the bowl. Unable to wash hands. I precise that it's on a boat. (Hamburg, Germany). Answer, read the letters backwards :
ssenkcis aes

Muzzled !
Was that faucet too talkative ?

Well coated with several layers of adhesive tape, what happened to it ? drops on his nose ?

Left hand side
Sleeping car. , folding basin and WC underneath on a French sleeping cars Company. But the room is so tight with a little bulky luggage that it is not really very comfortable !

Right hand side
Good brand wash basin for the toilet of the very picturesque famous train running through the Canada West to East, from Toronto to Vancouver. We were so tied and It was hectic to find our place !! the central corridor is very narrow, uncomfortable with all our things, and the ladders.
The berths
are laid out longitudinally and there are no cabins but only large curtains that hide the beds ! Comfortable, but belongings are at the end of the bed ! (there may be a location at the end of the car ?)

On day, the beds are folded back to make sitted places


In a limited space . train or plane? Airplane.   A person sued Air France because the airline wanted him to pay for two seats. It must be said that with her overweight, she covered them
It's a serious matter, because one day, companies will have to install toilets for the handicapped.

He is having a shower inside the plane toilets ?!
An oriental couldn't resist the need to have a shower How did he connect a hose?   I don't know, but the dripping water alerted the crew.

ANA (All Nippon Airways), Japan's second largest airline, announced a separate toilet for women on international flights (2010), at the back of the aircraft; one for each class (first, business and economy). An investigation revealed that toilets were the second highest priority when choosing a flight. Many women have complained about being embarrassed to take their time when men were waiting for the place. Another opinion, not admitted by the company, would be that men often leave the place in a deplorable state.

Dripping tap.
Valve opening controls are often more than confusing. This one has a certain merit: you do see it and you don't dirty anything. Even better, the rod moves in all directions and it flows well. However, he still has the drop on your nose, this tap. Tap nose of course... hibis

The French text read, "control of the wash-hand (tap) with the knee".
Where could be the lever to be pushed ? we look, we pull on the front plate that tosses.. to see the whole mechanism appear !
Finally, just push the front plate with tne knee. Neither obvious nor practical.   hibis

History of taps. Civilization Minoan Cretan (of famous king Minos and the legend of minotaure, semi man, semi bull), astonish by the controlled techniques at that time; not only the palate of knossos was gigantic (it remains alas little of things of this site on three floors, in spite of a certain restoration), with realistic and superb (but false) decorations like the famous dolphins, but most astonishing is that one would have identified the first taps of the world there. How, I did not have details, but one could stop a distribution of water, otherwise it seems that by a simple valve of gutter; if not, one would not speak about tap. A kind of valve perhaps.
(false)One of the greatest archaeological impostures inspired by fragments of mosaic where you can only see almost nothing, everything was imagined and executed during the Art Deco era !  see old arts (Crête)

Practical, these large rolls which come to us from the Scandinavian countries (in France, it was still sheets paper dispensers !). With the present case, if you are not awkward, you will obtain what you need. Because most of the time, the tip of paper is stuck on the roller and you makes it turn, forward, bacward, at high speed, scraping it with your nails; no way to get it, the tip, as does not have any. hibis the dispensersd of dry fabric are almost also disarming (although it is less critical). When you put the hands in the little of space which remains, you wonder whether or not you will you grip the fingers. This one is known as "automatic". I still did not understand why, but I had my piece of fabric at the end. As for electric hand dryers, they often placed too high when you're of average height, so the water flows straight into our sleeves. In addition, their multiple service interruptions force them to constantly look for a place to get their hands on the machine so that it will agree to restart. Fortunately, the ingenious Mr. Dyson is a fine friend with his ingenious hand dryer compressor with a powerful and fine flow, without electric heating.

   Toilets for dogs and humans..

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