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this page: Funny - toilets for dogs and humans, minimal..  

  bottom French

For dogs.. The saga of toutounettes.

Vats of sand .
The first attempts toregulate the production of droppings consisted in placing simple vats of sand. This one (seen in 2004), is sophisticated. A shovel, attached by prudence, makes it possible to collect the droppings which one must throw in the "dustbin strictly reserved to dogs droppings" (as read the yellow tape, in french).

Les "caninets". The French invention type.dedicated to municipalities. The doggie is supposed to do its job on the rubberized belt, soft on the legs, which is then cleaned according to the principle of the treadmill.
It is the most expensive attempt, but no dog has ever put its paws on it. Thus, the "toutounet" ended up like all the other "fiasconet" or "fiascolib", whose real cost of subsidies, nor of losses, is never known to anyone, for what is always "a great success", with an interview on TV.

Faced with the failure of all these systems, it was decided to call on the courage of the doggy handlers, some of whom have the heads of Gévaudan monsters or Baskerville dogs. (I'm talking about the dogs, of course..).

Never had man's imagination been so fertile: automatic collection sticks, shovel bags, turnaround bags, who knows what else. A success, however, the turning bag: a brilliant idea accepted, provided that there are bags available.

Owners, who are much more demanding on their dogs than they are on themselves, are reluctant to put their hands on them, preferring others to put their feet on them .. ..But we still hope so.    A key word in France, is "la gratuité" (free)! it is the Sesame of the "toutounets". Here is the last attempt at low cost : a dispenser of sachets, which must be thrown in the garbage (below), once the small gift has been collected.

It works quite well and we now see some owners taking out their bags and "picking up".
However, there cannot be dispensers or droppings bins on every street corner.

It is therefore essential that owners carry spare bags and keep the excrement until they can dispose of it.
free without good will, is not enough.

Under the palm trees, the service is complete : bag dispenser, large descriptive panel, garbage can with the effigy of the canines.

Does she explain to her dog how to go and throw her own excreta? Ideally, it should also pick it up.
This prohibition sign reminds me the one I photographed for men, "no urinating"!

Dogs still have an advantage over us, the freedom to relieve themselves anywhere, and for free.
Somewhere in Brittany or France was born the "C.A.C.A.," (Club Anti Crottes Abusives = "Anti abusives droppings syndicate") which, with its posters of "search for multiple repeat offenders for abusive droppings", tries to raise exasperation.

For humans.. The saga of humaninets
In this open struggle, there are no enforcement agents, but roaring motorcycles created in Paris under the Chirac presidency. One of them recalls the Roman chariot, behind which the employee, leaving Ben Hur modern, leads his carriage standing at the rear. Unnecessary laws? we pay for their non-application.

The Caninets experiment was not totally useless... since it subsequently produced the caninets for humans, humaninets, usage being paying, which is quite disturbing for a natural need that we should be able to satisfy.. naturally..
here a rare "luxury" version like 2001, Odyssey of space, curiously with "squat toilets" (said à la turque in France, i.e. Turkish style).
  Futurist. You might think they're also Turkish style (squat), but no. The seat, a simple large tube that rises electrically when the time comes, seems to be really dedicated to acrobats; so they carefully sealed two good bars in the wall to hang on.   Access was free, an advantage to highlight. (*).
Another one quite similar, with a bowl, perhaps even more discouraging. Dull mood would have been warmer with red or orange or yellow colors, rather than greenish ones.
(*) Let us praise and welcome the initiative of the municipality of Hendaye which pinpoint the free toilets on its tourist map. Also indicated on the maps of Bourboule and Mont Dore. humor? Normal, they are cities of water..

A contrario, let us denounce the toilets of the worst category, the dirtiest, yes,  but also the most cramped ;  Petty and humiliating, you can't go in there without dropping on the seat to close the door, nor dressing ourselve properly, half folded.
The Turks say them "à la grecque" and the Greeks probably something else I don't remember.. but simply squat in English;
In any case, while this version of the "toilets" may be discouraging, it represents the best in terms of hygiene and organic efficiency, the position being recommended. the "hole" aspect horrifies the English, and the general aspect of many French people too. Comfort can really suffer, and you need support bars, or something like that. Modernize them, Japanese style?

In Japan, what are really the public toilets that seem to be "squat style", although modernized and clean. We enter with traditional sandals.. made available. Great is our perplexity in front of what can remind us of a low bidet; very low; Is the demonstrator in the right position? srely not. A pretty girl (very) lightly dressed was there in the other direction, sqatting. They seem to be only mixed urinals, male and female, which is very judicious, the desire to urinate being the most frequent and women generally not having a urinal.
So much so that an inventor imagined a kind of funnel that allows women to urinate standing up !
The "full" toilets, automatic or not, public or private, seem to be with a bowl and a normal seat.
For the other Japanese toilets, with seat, see in these same pages.

Simple. hibis
 Caught : In terms of sinks, this is the smallest I could find, except for those that are integrated on the porcelain tank of a toilet with a flap. A lateral lever operated by the hip (in white) opens the water. A little stuck in a corner, there is very little space to open the toilet door.
Welcome. "the cabin at the bottom of the garden", without its nail for newsprint.

Loire Atlantique. Located behind the beach, this one is rented for the summer. Very appreciated in this area of beaches. Mainly used for construction sites.
A urinal on the left and a seat on the right, plus a wash-hand basin. Given the equipment, he should be German. Natural high lighting and ventilation

    Royal, archaic, design...

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