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hibis   Curiosity.
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Dayly physics 1  
basis, phenomenoms. units, numbers, percentages and slopes, trigonometry (principle) - curbs.
Dayly physics 1.1
mass and multiple effects, forces, medium force, reaction, speed, acceleration, energy, power.
Dayly physcs 2.1-
heat and cold, pressure, liquids (tension, surface, flow, optic..), glues.
Dayly physics 3
electromagnetric waves (radio, light..), effets, sight, hearing - space-time (reality).

The world and the Life 1  
manifestations of the life - tiny and microscopic rule the life ; cells, microbes, proteins..

The world and the Life 2  
liquid gaseous world, mineral world, vegetal world, animal world - radiating world - univers.

The world and the Life 3
univers - humanity and society - innate and a acquired (learned), behaviour..

general electricity ,
batteries, lighting, generator, direct and alternating current, tester, static electricity ..  

phenomenon observation, lines of force, terrestrial magnetism, magnetic mases, induction (permeability), magnetism and beliefs, applications  

coils and magnets, storage memories (PC hard disk, transformer, gigantism (CERN), dam generators

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