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  bottom French
art and decoration shop, Hamburg 
To dare, that's all. (Germany)

Perfect in a forest, and done to grip to the ground. A little inspired from the panzer ? (Germany)..
2009. Shoes with "toes". These shoes allow going nearly bare foot. An Italian designer has found fancy people among long distance runners ! he said this was not the target population, but he found some champions intersted in, because they prefer running barefoot for better efficiency.

"Mosque Car" or swollen feet ? (English Tourist, France).


Well warmed up, the small pets. hibis

hooks for shutters hibis

Originate from a man who did not accept that enemies took away their women. Can be very effective ! (Museum, Ariège). hibis One does not enter a mosque with his shoes and one must have the feet washed. For tourists, protections made for odds and ends are provided (anythingt can be found). hibis First of all, a précision, it actually is a shoe and not a skate up to date. Can't be more practical than if it was one. magazine.

Foot care (blisters) A tip, practiced by connoisseurs, including Nadal, tennis champion with fragile feet, certainly the mountaineers, hikers and trackers, is to put two pairs of socks, a first fine and well adjusted on the foot, and the other normal above. Thus, the friction will be less between foot and sock. Such sock are for sale in the mountains shops.

Let's see what happens in terms of socks; Nice foot isn't it, and we can admire this splendid heel !
Choice observed in a store in Germany.. hibis

but if your toes are so beautiful, don't hesitate showing them, hidding carefully both ankle and heel.

And that's the sock wich allows to expose ankle, heel and toes !!
Thus was born this simple awesome tube, without heel or tip:.

Finally, while sewing together these pieces we could get a good regular sock !!

Cute too. But this is not a piece of sock ! it is a "mitaine", for sensitive toes, dixit the pub.

To avoid slipping on the tiles . And drain the water ?

Leg treatment by inflating "impulsively". Since the Greek - or Roman - they already treated members, but by the heat. See right hand. Catalog pictures.
Rheumatism ? Here are a form to hand, double wall, which was filled with hot water. Comes in great for legs. Ancient site of Ephesus (Turkey Greco-Roman). Site antique d'Ephèse (Turquie gréco-romaine).

See all these little bits of foot makes me think of fish . Not because of a possible smell, but by the imagination of an ecological institute that offers foot baths cleaner fish. We would even line up - fish   of course.
These charming and devoted little animals are small, in case.. (we are never careful enough). It must be very nice, these defoliant tickling.
Hibiscus reflection: would this be a track to partially solve the end in the world?   In India - alas alas too - it's sometimes worse , people feed on "cazla". What is cazla? fish food . By advocating the return of the "Roman baths plus" (*) with fish cleaners in addition, one would create at the same time farms pisci-pédicoles, an alternative to the fish food project with seaweed.

(*)  In vast collective spaces, they were chatting, sitead on stone benches or standing up, legs in heated water up to calves.

Believe it, they would probably dont claim about tighting at the waist....


Amour, gloire et beauté, quand tu nous tient ! 

(Article de revue en anglais).
To shorten the toes?     why not ? Influenced by television series such as Sex and the City that revive the fashion of the stiletto heels, American TV viewers are in fact more and more numerous. reshape the toes. (The Independent, Vocable January 2004).
These   More and more women are having an operation to get the perfect feet that will adapt to the latest fashionable shoes. The advertisement persuades them that they will look like the pretty girls of the television series, that they will have their success and will be on television!
This surgery is not cheap; at the clinic of   Ms Levine's Institute, it takes $2,500 to shorten a toe.
.. maybe for a thumb does not exceed these beautiful shoes embellished with precious stones.

On a very long walkway overlooking the North Sea, salute the feat of this young woman who, seeming to ignore the risk, flew over. Or perfectly mastering it.

As idiot as his feet ! (tranlation). A French way to crtisize a person although our wellbeing is tightly widely depending of feet.
Chinese established a map delimiting areas of influence likely to cure certain illnesses. In medicine, symptoms which could manifest in the head or anywhere in our body can stem from our  feet because they belong to the nervous chain that one relax with yoga or kinesitherapy. Moreover, a good massage of feet can relieve and relax, and even take part in some sexuality approch. Feet are also sensitive to the vibrations of the ground. Their extraordinary capacity includes the blood circulation because a "node" of veins, located under the plant of the feet, works as a pump to relieve the heart and push up the blood in the body

All those which are condemned at a nearly immobility at their work suuffer from that and can got problems with their legs and the whole body. In the plane, mainly for long fly, or anywhere, it is recommended to exercise both feet and legs because of this effect, which reduces considerably the risk of phlebitis and to embolism pulmonaire.14 steps are enough to restart the pump, but it is necessary of course to continue much further to profit from its effects. Think at it. Couch potatoes, get up and start walking !

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