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this page, Funny  - about feet, head.. and more.  (after)
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shoe shop display, India. (magazine).

It is rather a display on the sidewalk, as often in these countries, for a very poor population.
Original window, shoes bunches hanging all the height of the window. Cairo, Egypt.
Le Caire, Egypte. hibis

All sort of "espadrilles", both all sized and colours (that's true, I bought two pairs of them) : Saint Jean de Luz (France). hibis

Sabots at your size (Brittany).. hibis
The cobbler's tool. Look at the cobbler at work (poster from a store).
The tool is articulated by its end hook that fixes it at the same time to the workbench, thus allowing flexibility and working power through leverage.
There is also a specific tool that hollows out the foot space.

And what legs!   The Japanese manufacturer Honda unveiled in November 2008 a walking assistant robot. It has two very thin legs articulated with shoes, all supporting a saddle. It seems to be a natural walk. " Science e Avenir, December 2008 ".
Being relieved of our weight is a major invention since the bicycle, which will require the same hardness of the crotch. The "pedibulette" (hibis name), has surely a great future : disability, handling.. When an electric pédibulette ?
Here it is in 2015, the pedals in electric version "HAL", without saddle, produced by Cyberdyne (Japan).
"HAL" is in use at Tokio Airport for maintenance staff, and makes it easy to carry heavy loads . Received a first worldwide certification in February 2013, then a CE certificate of conformity. As a result, the competition is agitated, for everything related to exoskeletons (external skeleton, exo being the opposite of endo, internal, as medical endoscopy).
Robotised, sensors detect human movements and proportionally actuate the electric motors concerned. Cross stairs. Expected in hospitals.

Learn more, see   " ciberdyne HAL " on the internet or "exoskeleton HAL".

Evzones (Greek elite army). The shift of the guard, a unique and incredible exhibition. Unfortunately, we didn't see them at that time. Evzones are working by the same two along their life. More than 1,87 m, physique and mental are best ones.
Clothes made by hand. Skirt with 400 pleats remembering the 400 years ottoman's occupation. their wooden clogs could injure the ennemies. TV 5 "échappées belles"

Extravagant, cet assemblage de colombes de papier, mais délicat et poétique. Hispanique. Des élégantes se promènent tranquillement dans la grand' rue de St Jean de Luz.
Sur une coiffure à double chignon, deux bougies roses se dressent fièrement : Bon anniversaire !  hibis
It was very hot here this day, and the straw hat was essential. One can hardly make more ventilated; very ecologist. It's art, without any doubt.
Out of competition is this true straw hat, going to the the market (CLIC). No mockery for the poor man trying to earn some money.

A beautiful cap with visor lined. In Japan, the mask would distinguish a person with a cold; would it be here for pollution (exhausts)?

The whole is very neat, the perfect outfit; the class! Traditional Vietnamese dress slit high, but with pants !! Doc. TV
Is SHE going to inspect some hives, or is it a new fashion ? 
Not at all, its the new protective hat from the sun like in the Sahara desert. At the sea side then ? no, at the French Alps mountains.
It's a little over-equipped, unless sh is forced dans les Alpes. hibis
In the past, a tissue was stuck in the hat or, failing that, protruding from the shirt collar.

Nature inspires many creators without copyright to pay. Here is the talent of some pretty seashells and seaweed. left hand, first prize : a feather of brown seaweed stands like a torch. In a puddle of rock discovered at low tide (Quiberon)..
Chinese hat (limpets), from the French, "chapeau chinois" .. High fashion show at the limpets. Many animals are so well dressed, less out of coquetry than to hide themselves. hibis

An artist then composed beautiful paintings with some delicate algae.. hibis

Strange gazes.. Looks somehow hallucinated.. No wonder, here is the story: this Indian star is wearing contact lenses a bit special : tiny diamonds are set in a golden circle. It isn't for anybody, and the woman is really beautiful.. About this disputable luxury, the high cost of these lenses, created by a talented ophthalmologist, is used to treat the poors'sight, what is ultimately, Brown eyes and Blue eyes.
at first glance, nothing can be done.. Except that all eyes would have a backgroud blue, more or less masked by another shade.
So just laser destroy those pigments and that's it, the eyes turn blue. There would be some serious disadvantages, including the loss of natural protection impossible to restore.

  people and ornaments..

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