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      frontages and houses - fountains, campaniles, sundials, wall paintngs.. - bildings, towers, other housing -
      ancient constructions, art objects- religious edifices and religions
      technics and materials, evolving - arts works, huge sizes
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      city and nature, street signs, plates and placards, shops, trade, humans, animals, foods, vehicules, arts, things, habits and faith.
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      first things. numbers, percentages, slopes, angles - forces and composition - energy, mass, speed - liquids - pressure, temperature..    -    Life just visible or too tiny, complex and créative world - birth.. - atoms - univers - to wonder ?    -    electricity batteries, lightings, electric current, (electro)magnetism, gigantism - électrostatic - dangers..  data technology..
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this page,   People and ornaments 
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So British ..



2004 show at Le Lido cabaret (Paris)

The big plant has two legs !
Tuvalu. Pacific Ocean Big party in preparation ? no, they are picking up leaves, feet in the water, because this island is threatened by the rising waters. inhabitants are leaving little by little. (photo newspapper)
 "La Géographie". january 2008.


 Green, nothing else!   Both Americans and British seem to like greenery over all. It is a Chicago artist's work Cap, gloves and shoes !!

Journalist comment : He would have done better taking out the dogs before painting the car.
 the Enquirer (USA), nineties

Covered too, but with what, grass ??  please, see following pages.
2013. Comic ??
furriers were selling real fur for fake.

Animal fur being forbidden, they gave a synthetic appearance to authentic fur. Their trickery discovered, they claimed a lack of supply of synthetic fur..
What a nerve

The new fashion is daring..as usual... How to best ridiculing women in the context of human rights and the so-called - but unrealistic - sexual equality. Here is a small selection among many extravagances. , ,

Left hand, the great Inca, well covered for cool evening altitude party.

Right hand, the air sleeve, very good ventilation if you can take the direction of the wind for some fresh air.(magazine)

What could be done to be watched ?
To distinguish oneself from others is one of animal and therefore human concerns. To have something different, manners, acquaintances, objects etc, are the marks. Which can possibly be stolen ! Deprivation of any distinctive sign depresses. In the worst moments, we fight for a stone or a piece of wood that we "customize". Having a dog can never fail to chat; Less well known - but what do we know about the subterfuges of others? - a beautiful bandage can be effective! some people are therefore wrong!

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