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A terrific Terminator ? yes, coming straight from the stars war, here are the very futurist and well protected "Korean riot squads". "Le Figaro", 07 2005.
 Le Figaro, 07 2005.
A new terrifying Terminator ? rather a golden armour.. The museum of Topkapi, Palate of the sultans (Istanbul), conceals incredible richnesses of the Ottoman empire. "Soliman the Magnificent" reigned, at the apogee of the empire 1453-1914 (*). "Splendid" for the heaviest rough emeralds of the world (not spectacular), Gold and invaluable stones with profusion, coffee spoon with an embedded pearl, throne entirely coated with pearls.. hibis

Admire the poignardencrusted with diamonds and emeralds. (Istambul)..   hibis
(*) (*) reference mark, 300 after JC : Cruel invaders and their kingdoms marked the retreat of the Romain empire towards the East (Constantinople), which becomes the Byzantine Empire until 1057. But in the year 622, the Arab offensive deprives it from North Africa, Spain (with the Visigoth), Syria and Egypt. The Arab empire is parcelled out (760-875): new invasions and reconquests follow one another, of which the crusades (holy war). The. Ottoman Empire, resulting from a Turkish tribe,, starts in 1453 (Constantinople invaded) and ends with the 1914 war, after having again invested the Mediterranean rim, "stalling" only in front of Vienna, invading all Europe of the south to Hungary, the south of Spain but not the Franc kingdom.
Heavy protection now affects babies . In the USA, a website offers a range of children's bulletproof clothing , helmet anti-riot, gas mask, as well as armored stroller . An advertising video shows its effectiveness with the help of machine gun fire. This country is really dangerous

Olé! viva Espana. Here is a well created very nicely worn. Haute couture? with no doubt because he has a big talent this Russian prisoner who made it out with candy papers! That would give you the desire of licking. Remain to know if the rate of dental decays strongly increased in the jail.
 Is it raining in the phone booth ?

The illusion is perfect but it's about a new variety of Japanese umbrella. The protection is total, no complaints. A little bulky once wet, lack a little air? This brilliant idea could be used in many other cases; for example against the risks of projection.

hibis "ideas": ambulatory mosquito. Do not laugh, in New Caledonia, at Poya, where they used to be so scary, you go out at night in square wire cages. quite like!


" Who will be the most adroit, the most handsome? Volcanic stones brought back from the mountains are crushed and the small powder, diluted with water, is applied with a single gesture. The realized works sometimes only last what the poses last C'est à qui sera le plus adroit, le plus beau. Des pierres volcaniques rapportées des montagnes sont broyées et la poudre menue, diluée à l'eau, est appliquée d'un seul geste. Les oeuvres réalisées ne durent parfois que ce que durent les poses". photo, "Horizons nomades".


"the drawing underline the skiness of the young boy's legs".
Ornament obtained by scarifications. "The small wound is covered with irritant grasses which make it inflate. other grasses facilitate the cicatrization. The men, them, carry scarifications on the arm which indicate the number of their victories".

photo  "Terres sauvages"

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