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It makes you want..
Military recruitment in the Colonial Troops.
A flowery language, very convincing :
"Young people who hesitate choosing a situation, go to the colonies. With long voyages enjoyments, with the attraction of the new countries you will get nearly the certainty to find over there an advantageous situation and a well being unknown in our countries of Europe. Here is a a means to travelling free and studying on the spot, as you want and without expenses, the possibilities of a career.." etc.

a smoky tune ;
La Cucaracha", an unforgettable dancing song :
La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar, porque no tiene, porque le falta, mariruana que fumar ! la cucaracha, la.. etc.

Here is the reading : "the cockroach don't may walk anymore for he has not, for it need it, mariruana to smoke.. "

Fréjus.  It's the feria !! (postal card) But look where the people is standing ! !
Once, I knew a situation, in the arenas of Nimes ; I was sitting on the stone, at the top, ad there were behind me young people, of wich girls standing upright, back on the external wall of the arena !

Arles arena : elles ont été transformées en place forte à la fin de l'empire romain. Elles contenaient 200 maisons et une église. (jusqu'en 1825).
The "bullfight", song of Gilbert Bécaud :

"The inflated arena, by a delirious crowd, filled with colours and rasp envy of blood..
..which is the most alone, the man or the bull ?

Origins of bullfighting
According to a novel by Christian Jacques, Egyptologist historian, Ramses II pushes one of his sons to face a bull.
It could be as far back as minoan period, because the bull venerated (minotaure, half man, half bull).
A man, on the right hand, seems to make a somersault while another grasp the beast by its horns (Crete, 1500 BC).

Funambulist.   A roofing man has replaced some slates and then cleans the bas of a steep roof, standing upright nearly at the edge of the gutter. You can see the dirt at the edge, to his left, he is going to sweep with a brush ! hibis


Then he removes his scale and get away at a good pace.


Underneath, people are queuing at the bakery, without really understanding what is happening up there, despite some dust falling down .. because nthey had to step back, like me.

Some people, however, have raised their head, vaguely worriedQuelques personnes ont cependant levé la tête, vaguement inquiètes ..hibis noticed by Colette

the fatal time
postal card

The sundials of Provence are appreciated both for the variety and the quality of their graphics, and by the saying which complements them. One now tries to rehabilitate these works of art become useless after the arrival, at home, of clocks and watches.

That of left-hand side read (1896) : "mortal, do you know what I am useful for ? to mark the hours that you lose".

And that of right-hand side (1823) advises "recall of your last hour and you will never sin".

Not so sympathetic, these sundials..

 TV  broadcast february 2004 This man is covered with.. 300,000 bees, click to see his air.. of bees when he get skaking his head to answer the interview.
They do not prick if we keep quiet and still ; this bee-keeper make us a demonstration. Do not shiver, they could prick you ! attacks in swarms can occur when they feel threatened ; observe and get away from nests. It is said that one should not run after having been pricked because the venom would be spread more quickly in the body (venon snake also).
In the event of puncture, wash the area if possible with soapy water (advice from a doctor). Wasps don't have dart.

Initiatic : In New Guinea, one practices the jump o the GOL (with the liana).

This is the inspiration of the rubber band jump but without rubber band, or so few.. ..

A high wooden tower is built and "the young people" must plunge from its top, the feet bounded to a long liana.. who will stop them brutally.. the cranium reaching the ground at a few centimetres (documents). Some fibers must break to slow down the fall before the arrival to the ground, otherwise they could be disarticulated. Have been accidents.
"The land so ploured by the chest of men will give birth to the new roots". The Legende, less machist, attributes the invention of this jump to a young woman, pursued by the assiduities of a lover, and who, to escape, resorted to this ploy.
She tied the ankles to the lianas and jumped into the void. The man, seeing she was saved, wanted to do the same, without tying up, and killed himself. It is in remembrance of this feminine ruse that the men have created the jump of the GOL. According to the Clesio", writer.

In Africa (Kenya, I think) "young people" must jump on the ox back placed side to side and cross the group without slipping nor losing balance. It is not so easy appears it, on these moving spines, to gain its statute of man..

CHASING THE COWS !! They have found which among the animals have a terrific methane production. COWS ! either, our beefsteaks, milk, butter, rows of yogurts and creams..
  They would be responsible for 70% of animal emissions, but according to other visions, the figure remains low compared to to all other sources of methane emissions. No one is thinking of reducing the rampant consumption of the so-called "beef", which is mainly a cow, first producing dairy yielding products and all their additives.

(*)those who breastfeed, and hose who produce milk. Beef exists, castrated male, but for the best.
Cows exhale mainly methane by belching and not by farting. Photo :Picture: animal experiment on the background of reduction of CO2. Captation of the methane produced by a cow.. it comes in pink !
Here in the Manitoba University (Canada), we use the best way; an opening with lid was practised on the first stomach of the cow. They are not the only ones using such a method.
The cow would not suffer from it and lives so since 3 or 4 years, happy to be delved into around ?
So, it becomes very practical to observe directly what happen, pushing the arm up to the elbow or more to make takings. They are able to modify her food, as well as measuring the effects. When they will produce less methane, they are satisfied.
They also tried to capture the methane in front of her mouth while she grazes with a tube, as for the blue tank, but this time connected to a ball that she drags on the ground and in which we vacuumed (to suck when it burps). In Germany, it was preferred to equip an entire barn to collect methane in a natural situation. Cows can burp at their leisure without obstacle, ducts located in the air capture the emitted gases. Poor industrialised animals, who are accused and overwhelmed so unfairly.

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