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this page,  funny : Vehicles 1 - cars, cycles, planes,
  with altitude, animals, troubles.

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Surprise while coming back from the beach ; what is this new caravan sport model behind my car? with four - very - independent wheels ? (as seen, no shifting, hibis does not cheat).

USA (exhibition): a mini coated with coins.
Superb work !
Incredible but true: a healing paint.
New car paints research could remove small scratches in an hour and larger scratches in a week. Not updated.

2014 Research is active on the principle of self repair which seems unthinkable to us. In addition to the fine scratches on the paints, we hope to succeed on the materials. As nothing can grow back, we include micro capsules of self-hardening resins that burst when there is a break..
It's pure love. Nothing seeming exceptional in this model and several of them were most beautiful, but I came back twice.hibis

- Elephant registration. Among other non-conventional vehicles, elephants in India wander peacefully on the road. In Mumbai (India, formerly Bombay), there is a serious problem of illegal elephants from the jungles of Assam and Bihar. In addition, they are poorly trained. One of them was killed by a drunk driver, so the authorities, in response to the public's concern, legislated: since then, legal elephants have now been given a license plate in the form of an implant placed not at the back, but in front of it, between the ears.

- Registration of carrier pigeons. Carrier pigeons are registered according to the same principle as cars.

- Driver's license. In South Africa, the driving licence is based on the rules of the English licence; drivers are therefore invited to apply the handbrake silently at each stop and look in all mirrors every seven seconds. We also have to inspect every street, every intersection.
Eye examination is also mandatory.

The success rate is only 40%. But this does not prevent the number of accidents from increasing, currently five times the US rate, which is already higher than that of many other developed countries. The difficulty in obtaining the permit generates an increase in false documents, obtained for an amount ranging from $150 to $450.
In France, many candidates fail to obtain a licence because they do not look in their rearview mirror often enough. Since no specific rule is set, it is subject to the arbitrariness of the examiner. And there are more and more people driving without a licence.

Hambourg  hibis

Despite its apparent modernity, this bicycle-taxi is well pedals powered and not an electric vehicle.. Hamburg (Germany).
And here's a real single-seat bike, but still bulky.

 and he had to take a little detour

.. because our cyclist has a nearly two meters tube across the bike !

Surprise! after having walked for hours on a difficult and rocky path to reach a "refuge", we discover this bike, 2500 meters near the summit.  hibis

A biker gang group rides in packs the streets of Richmond Hill, N.Y. with 5,000 watts stereo systems powered by car batteries. Each taking turns playing his sound system equipped with Two 38-centimeter bass woofers and four midrange speakers. We don't even have to roll down the windows ! These young people come from Guyana and Trinidad.

Rickchaw ; a mix between modern technique and tradition. a hint of romantism. (magazine)

Astonishing : near a barn, nearly amid sheap. (click). hibis


TV report by 2012. Pedal Maya, revolutionary workshop.
Born from a brilliant mechanic in Guatemala, Caesar Molina, the bicy machina activated first a water pump, then a corn-unsheller, three times as fast as with the hand. Here, the water pulled up by the chain run inside a pipe (in green).
About fifteen models was created.

It became grinder for flour, mixer, washing machine, fruit mixer (soap, shampoo..)
It freed lot of people time, children also benefited from: they attend more the school. One of these small steps for the humanity without diploma, that are worth many others !

Grains fall vertically whereas cores go back up, beeing ejected to the right !! pure genius.

Since 16 years, 800 "bicy machina" were produced, but also exported, among which in Salvador, in Mexico, in Tanzania (by internet).

Bicycles of Amsterdam.
In Holland, it is impossible to ignore that the bicycle is, with their royalty, their little Queen. Let us remember several meters thick stacks of them, questioning ourselves on the real possibility of being able to recover our property.

- Perched on his high black bike, a tall Dutchman, otherwise friendly and helpful, can quickly become threatening. The whole thing is already impressive, but with the addition of the shiny rain at nightfall, with a cape and a large black umbrella held high in one hand, the being becomes phantasmagorical, from a sequence of horror movies. But enough real to have almost hit us on a street corner. Sure of his fact, he gratified us with some well-smooth words, in Dutch, of course. He was probably not happy, the Dutchman. Neither do we.

The Dutch are not bothered by gigantism, since their windmills pumped water back into the sea, like the Shadoks (humorous late 60' TV series).
Gigantic for the northern dike, and the southern gates, they now think of floating houses.

In France, when we talk about bicycle parking , we can't imagine such a surface, only a part of it can be seen here. Bicycles would be needed to drop off or to get his back !

Egyptian subway. If, one day visiting Egypt, you are tempted to take the Cairo metro - which cost to Franch Company a fortune because of the water - remember that the first two cars are exclusively reserved for women.

The same distinction exists for the tramway in Portugal, with a different justification ? protecting them from the hands of men ! A problem that is known all over the Middle East, as in France, and probably elswhere, seing a bir around, may be less insistent or frequent, because female submission is not institutionalized there.

Travel guide book ? . In Brazil, road maps pinpoint dangerous places, where the risk of attacks is high, leading motorists to form convoys. With 35,000 people killed by gunshots each year (36,000 in 2004), the country would be the world champion of violence. Poverty is a reason, but not only, although 90% of violence and murders occur on the periphery, i.e. between poor people in the favelas, in which we do not enter without the authorization of the local kingpin.

Une très belle griffe sur l'asphalte..
The motorway in a wheelchair. Thinking about taking a shortcut, an 81-year-old German woman found herself on the motorway in her wheelchair. the old lady, who was travelling at 6 km/h on a section where the minimum speed is 60 km/h, was escorted by the police to the most convenient exit close by. She was trying to get to the scimitar, but she almost got there sooner than expected! "Marianne", 11 07.
Proof that things are not what they used to be and that everything has become very complicated. With villages and small towns country roads, it was more humane.
Speed way Stunt.  In Germany, on the A2 Autobahn, criminals robbed a truck thrown at full speed speed, without stopping it ! a car first blocked the truck from the left by standing on its side, then another car stuck to the rear while two men, exiting through the sunroof, managed to force the rear doors of the truck, then passing equipment electronic value in their own vehicle. Did the truck driver realize what was happening? At least, he didn't brake. "Marianne", 07 2008;

On the highway from Chittorgarh to Ajmer (North India), camels are crowding "a little" what we would call at home, the emergency band.
hibis André M.
This herd of buffaloes crosses it without any problem, but it is planned. We see here the completely legal passage.
hibis André M.
The fixing of the rails on the ties seems rather approximate, which doesn't bother the rats much.
Trains pass between homes without disrupting local life.
hibis André M.

- A broke down because of a weasel. Our dear vehicles are now of interest to martens, weasels and other rodents, which cause them unlikely damage. Is it an adaptation of animals that come to repossess? My surprise was great to learn that in Hamburg, marten gnaw at pipes of the water radiators to suck the precious liquid; is it to be shot with glycol (an alcohol)? This liquid is also anti-corrosive (including oxidation of metal), and antioxidants are in vogue to stay young? Who knows... I later learned that in France, weasels were interested in brake hoses, known to be strong, to take the same samples. The liquid, an oil, undoubtedly represents a sought-after energy food base. We do not know if they can digest and survive well by ingesting these few recommandable products.

- A car drowned in rain because of a rodent. A hilarious, if not comical : a person who owned a "Mini"; top of the range, with folding leather roof, had left this vehicle in an outdoor car park for a long time, the top carefully closed. A clever little rodent, having discovered this delicacy, then began to nibble quietly on the roof, puncturing the beautiful soft top with many holes. Alas, heavy rains came, so that when the driver wanted to enter her rolling jewel again, a stream of water burst out of it through the door. Unrecoverable, the sophisticated Mini came to the scrap yard. hibis , Norbert (Hamburg)

- Rats have long nibbled lead from buried telephone cables to consume the paper they are only interested in (insulation around old copper conductors).

- La picker tit : Since 1920, in England, the blue tit has become "picker" from milk bottle. She learned to absorb the cream that rises to the surface. It seems that this technique has spread elsewhere, to other titmice.

Only death is eternal

Get sent in the air one more time, the last one.
New ! a company would consider sending funeral urns into space. First of all, because there is still room, whereas here on earth, without personal fortune, there can be nothing more satisfying. However, tranquility is not guaranteed, as there is more risk of encountering various debris than underground, but fewer worms. As for perpetuity, it is better not to think about it, any more than on this earth, where perpetuity ends in certain congested cemeteries, as soon as a grave is no longer maintained or visited, traditions disappearing. Only death is eternal.

1500 euros 2013, with or without the ceremony, but without the trip to the launch site. Ah, if we could see from up there afterwards, to pass the time, the breathtaking outlook of the stars, in the middle of a sky as black as ink, when we can no longer see anything from the Earth. Bliss.

Altitude, pressurization, heat.

Our large airliners are pressurized because the air pressure drops as we are rising.
At 6000 meters, the pilot of an aircraft not equipped falls asleep, and may lose consciousness because the atmospheric pressure is 50% lower than that of sea level
. At 10,000 meters, it is only 25%. The bunkers may not be pressurized and you have to think about it (the one with animals is).

From 2000 meters in the mountains, the breath becomes short due to lack of oxygen, and the engines lose their power. Those who have visited the Machu Picchu in Peru remember their weakness (legs "cut off" and shortness of breath). We "do" now the Himalayas without oxygen, but with consistent training and great risks.

The pressurization of an aircraft is not total and the pressure remains lower than the initial ground pressure. As a result, a pen with Liquid ink cartridge may leak, and a balloon may inflate and deflate on descent.

In the car, during the long descent from a pass, the ears struggle to balance the differences in pressure inside and outside the body, which is done slowly through the Eustachian tube channel that opens into the nose. We have blocked and even painful ears. It is recommended to block your nose by blowing into it with your mouth closed, which is what divers do. However, there is a risk of serous reflux that will cause inflammation of the inner ear, which happened to me while I was diving with a cold. It is also recommended to chew and swallow If you can do it, I suggest you yawn instead (not really recommended, diving is safe in a plane). a little humour

Heating is just as imperative in commercial aircraft, as it is minus fifty degrees at 10,000 meters. Such a temperature difference is not without consequences for the equipment (expansion constraints), and sometimes fatal accidents have resulted in the blocking of controls on descent, torn fuselage parts... Unfortunate illegal immigrants huddled in the landing gear compartment must have been unaware of it.
We cite the case of unlucky paratroopers who were caught in an updraft and dragged to high altitudes, without recourse, frozen and unable to breathe.
A pressurized train.
The train that links to Lhasa, the claimed capital of Tibet invaded by China ("Match of the World", October-Nov 2006), is the only pressurized train in the world. It climbs to 5000 meters on a distance of more than a thousand kilometers. Less typical than its Andean competitor in Peru, "who makes zigzag round trips on the side of the mountain, climbing one blow forward, one blow backward, because he can't take any turns" (author's note), it is a jewel of technology because he has masks to Oxygen in case of discomfort: 293 tunnels and viaducts, one of which is 12 kilometres long. As it can be very cold and very hot, the piles of the viaducts are of the "thermosiphon" type: they bring the cold from the ground up to the rails to limit temperature variations.

AVIATORS stories, Not really funny..

A star type plane engine, known at the beginning of the First World War (14-18). Light and without too many vibrations, this engine was to be lubricated with castor oil, leaking by all the joints. The pilot was copiously sprinkled by, swallowed some, ending up with colics, this oil being laxative !
Note. The great majority of planes were then been driven by heavy traditional engines of car with cylinders one behind the other (on line), cooled by water. With this first model "star", the 6 cylinders turned with the propeller !
The glorious pilot were not always installed in cosy conditions; much suffered and yet suffers, because in small private aircraft, one cannot move; even less to relieve itself, if not on oneself.

Let us think of the of Lindbergh's exploit which crossed over the Atlantic without - too much - sleeping, and flying nearly the surface of the sea, saving so the gasoline (effect of air cushion). Worse, he didn't see anything but a tank in front of him, peering by a small periscope. How come he didn't lose itself! ?

Glorious pilots were not always installed in cosy conditions; much suffered and yet suffers, because in small private aircraft, one cannot move; even less to relieve itself, if not on oneself.

Let us think of the of Lindbergh's exploit which crossed over the Atlantic without - too much - sleeping, and flying nearly the surface of the sea, saving so the gasoline (effect of air cushion). Worse, he didn't see anything but a tank in front of him, peering by a small periscope. How come he didn't lose itself! ? it was about time he arrived.

At the beginning of war 14/18, many pilots died, in full winter, from cold by minus 30° Celcius at only 2000 meters high. Planes had neither petrol gauge nor accelerator (throttle).  One had thus to stop and restart the engine to reduce speed while landing.

During the second world war (39/45), the planes were neither pressurized, nor heated. At the best, the crew carried oxygen masks and heating combinations. At the least incident, the risk to die was great. An aviator flying a fortress reports that he thus saw dying a young machine gunner seated inside a glass bulb, and who had caused an electric short-circuit while urinating in his heating combination.

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