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this page,  funny : Vehicles 2 - traffic, stationing, parking lot, cleaning..

Numbers on the roofs of taxis. Los Angeles ? not at all, Mexico ! hibis

A socket-outlet for electric car ?  Surely not, at that time. It is very cold there and there are (or had) terminals to heat the engine, and there is certainly less rustic since then for the engine.

Remotely controlled fuel heaters were then integrated for the passenger compartment (including Volvo, Sweden).

- In Canada, in Russia-Siberia, the battery is brought up inside the apartment.
And in the worst case scenario, of polar expedition equipment, we never stop the engines because they would not start.

Egypt, Cairo.. It is very hot and especially very dry and cars are covered to protect them. Perhaps mainly against the dust (a real plague), and a very aggressive sand wind. hibis

  Unthinkable car washing. (HH, Germany) Semi automatic, with hand finish.. (HH, Allemagne). hibis
After choosing the service and payment, we drive to receive a first spray-cleaning manual front and rear (photo 1 and 2)
- we drive in what seems to be a maze of vertical pendulum rollers, because there are two circuits side by side (3 and 4).
The rollers, suspended from above, swing as the cars pass by. It's splashing everywhere, employees are waving to stop or continue at the following jets (hello, humidity for the staff) (5 and 6).

There are several stops and finishes, then a last gantry (rinsing, drying). On the first floor, retractable hoses of powerful vacuum cleaners are suspended from the ceiling (photo 8) There is even a manual carpet tape) and paid wipes dispensers, if deemed necessary.

basic program accomplished here, 5 euros 2011 (no, no typing errors, no salary information either). Finishing supplements are provided, including interior cleaning. hibis

In New York, Manhattan, a parking lot can't be hired for less than 50,000 dollars, even outside. If well located, the price will rocket to 225.000 dollars ($), plus maintenance. That is to say, $ 56.250 per tyre !!

Unthinkable automatic parking (Germany) :
They are also known for their automatic car parking, which I have experienced... in Tours, where the car is drived on a platform space. Discs come and tighten the front wheels on their external middle, and it goes into a free alcove, the whole being automatic, in stages...). There are some open airplanes; you can see the floors of the metal frame and the movement of the cars (on a square, Germany). Big off-roaders should be wary, it was not intended for these American-style monsters.

More recent is the Chinese car park. (tele 2017) which uses an industrial model of semi-autonomous carts, car carriers. The cars were thus placed in an available location. The owner puts the vehicle on the platform while driving. It is technically very simple, and it is theoretically possible to lower the ceiling level, which increases the number of levels. However, as many remote-controlled platforms are required as cars to be placed. No floors are planned but a system with an elevator would be possible, the easiest way being to take the driver up to the floor considered to place his car on the trolley.

more spectacular are the automated platforms of a German port for unloading ships container. The trolleys comply with anti-collision rules, and go as far as trucks, trains etc. for further transport.

A chain and a lock. In this sunny côte d'Azur, that we used to say of "cocagne" (*), both the chain and the lock immobilize quite everything, because everything disappears here more than anywhere else. Relatively safe and cheap equipment.
(*) cocagne : blessed country, where you have everything you need to be happy hibis

Here, a post is used as an anchor. Other cars can also be attached to the chain.

Parking slot, , I saw a chain passing around the steering wheel and pedals (padlocked).
And a strange case, a chain locked to the outside handle of a surfer's car ! see "Ideas Perso" (car, bike), top of page (three sites)
Troglodyte Garage.
A little short no doubt, but strong and fresh in summer. Provence, Luberon

Apartment parking.
Insecurity is increasing in some parts of Berlin, including Kreuzberg, and cars are burning like in France.

Hence this classified ad: "Residence of very high standing extreme comfort. Surveillance and protection by high walls. Comfortable parking for beautiful car with direct access (same floor !). "Der Spiegel".

And bang, in the window !

Due simingly to the aging population, it wouldn't be so rare for a car to smash a store windows and get into, the driver confusing his controls (automatic gear). hibis Sophie
Here, a car well protected inside a nice store (Hambourg).
This happens commonly in this pleasant shopping street, where cars park at an angle (diagonally), facing the sidewalk along the shops windows.

A bit of a puzzler ; Find the missing words that match the sign, but quickly to find the right direction in time !  hibis

A strange speed limit at 48 km/h ? Click !   A sniper ? hibis

Click ! It worth a Guiness record. And there are people amid the pile. (le Monde", june 2007). photos from Benamour, site abenamour.free.fr

Cucuron (Luberon, France)

The eye is in the plane tree and looks at the motorist.. (modified Bible..)

A village not cucu at all (*).
(*) cucu. it refers at the back low part of a person, le cul (ass). to say is a bit stupid.
Floating road.
In the Canada, there is a northern route that is open to trucks only in winter, and for good reason, since it takes a frozen river. But beneath the ice, the water, which is still is still liquid and undergo the great weight of the trucks, is pushed towards the banks as under the effect of the bow of a boat.

This effect becomes very annoying, even dangerous when the waves under the ice face the slope of the curve in his elbow, and get back, causing agitation of the water that can break the ice. Given the risk, drivers, all experienced, are listening to the ice and take the necessary precautions. However, it was considered useful to study the phenomenon, which resulted in a realignment of the curves of the river so that the back wave under the ice scatter differently.

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