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this page,  funny : Vehicles 3 -  GPS, boats, tractors,  machines and more.
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GPS Guide. " "Take a wide turn," "tighten to the right." The GPS voice sometimes has curious expressions and no less curious decisions. A GPS, although of good brand, sometimes made us leave a main road without any justification, or "highlighting" all the lanes of an interchange ! and the well known "turn back as soon as you can".

- In November 2007, an English truck driver, faithfully following his GPS indications, took the recommended small mountain road until a particularly vicious sharp turn  forces him to stop, without being able to move. He rested there three days before we could come and get him out.
- In Wiltshire, England, due to works, the GPS system diverts drivers to a shortcut that is mostly flooded. Despite the presence of information signs, drivers generally do continue on their way. We don't know if any of them tried the crossing.

 It is to be feared that their future developments will become more commercial and advertising. Who knows if a detour will not be imposed to pass by such a place that has paid, just as Google favours those who have bought links, constantly bringing you back to them.
I have heard that GPS, connected to Internet I guess, could transmit all informations about the routes, places visited, habits, driving etc (case in Germany, for an additional traffic in real time coupled, all travel information being resold !)

Is is easier changing the data on the computers on board the satellites, and it is believed that the Americans have already distorted the measurements of their satellites in some areas in order to mislead the enemy.

Since the Concorde, intercontinental aircraft have been equipped with autonomous inertial navigation. This was the answer I received from a Captain over the Pacific (2000's). This aircraft did not have a GPS. Continental flights normally follow VOR beacons, but GPS can now be part of the equipment.

A smartphone GPS receiver is able to follow a small part of the road itself without the need for satellites - because it has a gyroscopic system (*) that we will call "rudimentary" (it is relative..), i.e. electronic components, plus mechanical "inertial" elements , each of them being composed of two high frequency vibrating micro-masses (system based on the Foucault pendulum). There are three similar ones, respectively assigned a direction (a plane), either said, as in air navigation, "yaw, pitch and roll". (either divert to the right or left, down or up, or switch to the right or left. The whole thing only takes a few cubic millimetres. It's already unbelievable.
Here is the unthinkable. To be useful, inertial assemblies must not be influenced by the movements of the parts that support them ! (as if they were floating in the middle of a box) A challenge.. as soon as the vehicle changes its trajectory, climbs, descends or inclines, the values are measured in relation to the inertial elements, as well as the duration. Mathematical calculations deduce the trajectory.

(*) Gyroscope: the router is one of them because its average axis (it oscillates) remains faithful to its initial starting position, even if the plate on which it is rotated is tilted (the principle described above). Bicycle wheels are also gyroscopes that provide vertical stability to the bike and maintain steering when the handlebars are released!  the smaller the mass and the smaller the size, the higher the rotational (or vibration) speed must be for the gyro effect to be usable.

GPS and relativity theory (Einstein). see
"space-time and satellites".

Floating baskets (Asia).
Rowing on these frail crafts requires some skill to avoid spinning ! we first have to be able to enter in and stay in without capsizing. Yet, they succeed easily or so. Not really made for racing, they also serve to transport all kinds of goods.
A boat operates to approach us; what going on ?
It only wants to accost us because it is a connection.. in sea. Norway (fjord).hibis
These long and narrow boat of Asia is typical, with their powerful engines of car or truck prolonged with a very long propeller shaft. The skill of the sailor-drivers is worthwhile too. Bangkok.    hibis

A very strange vehicle that was a shuttle between the shore and an island nearby, driving in a shallow water by low tide (was in an Agatha Christie movie).
The most surprising is I saw right after the same shuttle in a modern construction moving in France (2012 "Thalassa" TV)
Venetian gondola. This boat is unlike the others for  the Venetian gondola is curved. Curved not because the ends are rising, but because by looking over, it is slightly curved, as a banana lying flat. But why a - slightly - curved boat ? it is because the gondolier, who drives the boat with a long paddle, stands on one side of the boat and do deflecting the trajectory. Twisted in opposite directions, the boat corrects the deviance. On the canals of Venice, vigorous kicks on the walls also help to correct the path. hibis

The world's largest container carrier (2010), takes 7500 12-metre long containers, half in the hold, half on deck, which opens and folds its elytra plates). Sailing at nearly 50 kilometres/hour, it is powered by a 12-cylinder, three-stage, 12-cylinder engine of 93,000 horsepower , manufactured in Denmark. It's hard to imagine the size of the pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, or the propeller, 8 to 10 meters in diameter or the rudder, as heavy as a wide-body airliner.

The sport name tractor.
The gray tractor (photos 2 and 4) is a Lamborghini (a famous Italian brand of high-powered cars, bought by the Germans). This is the finest of all of them there. In fact, M. Lamborghini has originally manufactured tractors and not sport cars. Ingenuious and voluntar, he had the original idea of a car he presented to Mr. Ferrari ; but is proposal was rejected, and Mr. Lamborghini built his own car, the famous very low angle shaped yellow car, which became the most powerful on the market.
And may be it is the same story for Porsche (see after the pictures).

The small Brehat island tractors. hibis
All the day long, they liven up each departure and arrival of boats..

This one has a refrigerated container./bordo>

Small narrow tractors, cruising the streets at the rhythm of tides.

Here we are at the dock. Building materials are on their way.
To load and carry everything, and there is one as a taxi and a small urban train, with a single trailer.

On these small northern Britain islands, they do not live like elsewhere. There would be only two cars, police and firefighter. The other private cars are on the mainland !

- A tractor verbalized in Paris. A record with a Porsche ? (January 2011). Yes, but driving an old Porsche tractor. In short, a farmer with its "collector" old Porsche tractor has been fined for illegal parking in Paris! Therefore, his tractor is not really ready to go to Paris in a reasonable time. The owner faces a blind administration and the story got up to the TV channel.
- A tractor flashed to 120 km/h.
Radar and the constabulary haven't not humor, because another tractor has been flashed on highway ! always the problem of plate diversion, and the same blind administration ..
- A tractor driving at night without lights on the highway.
This time, the police was right, because a tractor was running in the dark on the highway, lights off! Two Swiss German having an eager desire for vacation, did not find anything better - to go unnoticed - that pass through France on a stolen tractor to go to .. Spain! and they had yet traveled for 630 km. Unfortunately, they were seen around Montelimar. Maybe was it the full moon. "Le Courrier International", February, March 2010.

At the beginning of the wild speeds in cars, it was thought that there was a risk of dying from cold after forty an hour; that is why fur, cap and fur gloves were required. Let's add the essential closed glasses. Real airmen.

Like a tram without the rails.  This impressive bus, with its trailor, runs the center of a large German city. What about three. of course It wasn't totally deployed, and a second trailor is following, its end being spoted by another orange colour, afer the violin one. (click !). Two trailors too - (the first part has yet turn left), and a special design.

Michelin and the automotive history of the past..   ..former Michelin texts.
The chauffeurs (heaters).
What new and delicate responsibility for a driver, sometimes wealthy owner of his car, but most often simple driver employee. Then called chauffeur (heater), for at the beginning they had to heat the engine.
He is in charge of the "dirty work" such as routine maintenance, lubrication, storage, dismantling the punctured inner tube, creeping under the "gearbox" or looking for a spare can.
As the driver of the past, but having swapped the whip to drive, he is responsible for his car in all circumstances. His "goatskin" and his glasses do not always protect him, nor from altercations with fans of the horse neither again the risks of mechanical or speed.
Against burns
- Drivers are being exposed to burns and it is good to have in his chest a small vial of picric acid saturated with cold compresses that are soaked with in case of an accident. This remedy, which calms the pain instantly, stain your hands : yellow saffron.

- Eyedrops of the driver.
Infusion of coca leaves.. 450 gr, cherry laurel water.. 25 gr, biborate Soda.. 15 gr. Get it slightly warm and thoroughly wash the eyes with a big wad of cotton wool soaked with and that as long the eye irritation persists.

It is also Michelin who invented the Micheline, which then had the form and name of railcar, later the "autorail" (auto=car on the rail).

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