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this page, Toilets - humour and mood,    unforgetable  moments.



The fundamental right to be able to satisfy a natural function is not written in any text.
Until the 18th century, cities and countryside did not care much about the presence and smell of widespread excrement here and there, where there was a pressing need.... The miasm and daffodil (according to historian Alain Corbin) coexisted without animosity...
In France, there were toilet barrels, then pissotières (vespasian), for men only. Even today, when women assume most of the shopping, their particular physiological needs are rarely recognized and satisfied, particularly in terms of the number of toilets.


No, not in the bush ! there is what you need at the petrol station..

Grocery shop in Canada. A colorfull big sign. "washroom"

An exhibition of toilets

Toilets we can forget and we qualify sometimes with a horrible grimace. Yes, but only about some of them. For the whole, it's a choice of some incredible spots, surprising, technical, ecological, strange, along with all related sanitary things.

English talk to them with humour.
have a nice visit.

Although they are of great interest to us,, there are spots we don't talk in good company. Restaurants of good repute look after them from now on with delicacy

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Doubtless you hated being in the dark, groping to find the switch, gesticulating to trigger the detector; maybe you waded in dubious waters, read inscriptions that are no less so, or droping down on the seat trying to close the door.. What follows will remind you of some experience, while broadening the range of possibilities..

   historical, ecological, High Tech..

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