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this page,   Great art, very kitsch.
kitsch : (German word that mean, junk, rubbish) ; here, alike in French, "old fashion, bad taste, extravagant".

  bottom French

Well matched couples, though not in the same direction..  hibis

Divinity Arthemis, with 32 breasts. Ephese.


Geisha of shells. A masterpiece at the océarium of Le Croisic (France).


 Divinity to snakes. 1500 ad JC. Crete. hibis

A daring, candlestick, ancient Egypt style : Sphinx with a fish tail put on a blue turtle. (almost) Egyptian.. hibis

What a candlestick ! A snake on a human foot put on a frog. (Ariège museum, France). hibis

Free your Imagination ; this bird, which resembles a hen, appears well ridiculous, with its trimmings of shells.

the Sixties ?  A little more : Mexico museum, Maya Period !!   hibis

American phantasm on Egypt. A marvellous object presented on a lightning background. A bit to much ?

The Year of the Cow? It's possible here, in the Massif Central (France !).   hibis
African modern art, for these shovels and spades pretty great. Property Limit, Germany, North Sea. hibis

Here, an actual African mask which is not without resemblance.

Art moderne

Reliquary Guardian Statue (ancestor bones), Gabon. 60 by 44cm

Cindarella's Coach (from newspapers)
Another masterpiece of jewellery for sweets ?

Sea salt ? They are so cute and evocative, these little lighthouses "salt and pepper" .. hibis
Holy bottles
they are tilting a bit.. tempting and promising..

A few hours later, and a final joy. hibis

Here is an object that could have been very kitsch if its use did not destine him to the traditional worship of the dead. The Mexicans celebrate their deaths with great feasts and processions and the skull is omnipresent. By affection the disappeared, we picnic even in cemeteries..  photo ex-magazine "Bon voyage"

  Uninhibited clock: I'm having fun..  hibis
Porcelain Museum, Limoges (France).

A human sized character made of dishes, vases, coffee pots.. (hat, arms, wrists, legs..


Small ?  an electric motor powered and running, it is common. When it passes in the eye of a needle , it is already less (record of a Russian there is already a long time)

Gold and diamonds .. for a contact lens. Yes, and of course, it is usable despite its 5 grams gold circle with incrustation of 18 tiny diamonds. India, work done and sold to the benefit of the needy. Luxury in this case, we love it. "the Figaro"
 : Small ? he paints with a head fly's hair !
His best is an invisible sculpture , a business man ordered : he crushed a grain of sand, took a micro particule left with what he sculpted a white bear !
Sculptures of William Wigan can cost up to $140,000. A price so high for a so tiny size never reached for a piece in terms of art. Le Courrier  International dec. 2009.

Dyslexic (difficulty of language and nothing else), he took refuge in his art by first dressing ants with hats and shoes....

In the eye of a needle.. Amstrong saluting after the American flag is planted on the moon.

"His arm fell incessantly he said.. the only pulsations of blood provided effects of a hammer drill".

Cutting or carving into "fragments of something", a plastic label, a grain, a match, he says he can go down to 7 microns for details, with the help of a microscope magnifying 800 times,

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