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Canada, Vancouver

Poetic this vapour clock ? When she rings, she whistles and fumes !
London Celebrity.
"Big Ben" deserves its name. At almost 100 meters high, these two men doing maintenance works give the scale. Better not get a knock by the needle. Magazine..
Does it Rain in the telephone boot ? The illusion is perfect. This Japanese umbrella protects down to feet. A little cumbersome ?

hibis "ideas" : A mosquitos net ?
Don't laughn. In Poya (New Caledonia), they were once very frightening, I was said by locals that people were walking at night inside kinds of latticed cages !

Two beautiful plants.

And a performance. Is she going to pass, or not ; yes ! once the gate opened, which was not obvious, while bending down a little. hibis

Singing in the rain.. Enjoy the good weather. uh.. we'll wait a little bit under the umbrella.

Germany, Lübeck.
Yes, it is sinking a bit left hand, like the Pise tower.. hibis

The Enquirer (nineties) ; we feel less lonely with a pet and this one is very quiet.

Here are a team of small Chinese, very serious, and attentive. Ah, they are Japanese ? click;


 "Quand la Chine s'éveillera. "
Here they are later, these small Japanese. Ah, they are Chinese ? well, they all seem profoundly asleep. Anyway, japanese fall also asleep anywhere, even waiting for the subway, crouched. As I saw them in Tokyo. Photo Le Figaro. A joke about the Alain Peyrefitte's book “When China will wake up”, a premonition which he alas couldn't check.

An old building, where everything seems normal. If not the firefighter access, not really generous, A passage on the right should not be usable. hibis

Summer rentals.
Southern Brittany.

Beautiful house facing the sea.. with direct access to the beach.. hibis

 totally secure once the scale is raised !

Difficult access. It looks like there is a small problem of sand over there. South Atlantic coast, France. hibis

Plate on the ground indicating the direction of a meridian. hibis

Bordeaux (France). "from Monday to Wednesday". For one hour fifteen minutes. But for What ? (has been removed) hibis
Well, here are we waiting.
hibis Corinne (île Maurice).
Southern Bretagne.

The humor is at the corner of the street..
And the avenging mouse is waiting for the cat, ax ready to fall !

Turning street Provence, Luberon hibis

the sign read : "defense to trot in the city". it's about horses, of course. hibis

Not so common, this name.
In the Wales, Island of Anglesey (Irish Sea), is written the longest name of the village of Europe. I think that it contains well at least 18 syllables. Impossible to be pronounced for a not Welsh, but after numerous listenings, I found it finishes by three go gôo gôo ! TV5.

"Quick street". A street that goes down badly and that necessarily push down, that's the explanation !

They are numerous like that, with or without steps.
Explanation given: there were no letter box in the past and the apertures would have damaged the doors, most often glazed. So much for the convenience, and the spine of the postman.. hibis
So much the worse for the convenience, and the kidneys of the postman.
Tubing for chimney without conduit, or ventilation ? it looks like a gutter upside down !


Unsuspected basements.
There were low mailboxes (above), here are accommodations in the basement ! (Les Sables d'Olonne, France).

I learned that once, due to the cost of renting, owners took refuge in the basement to rent their own apartments. Here, is a hotel with a very small wondows basement. It's all humor, because I do not think the hotel rents the basement under the window !! hibis

   the nature and the natural, trees, stones..

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