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this page:The food 1 - tradition, chemical, industrial..
  water, milk, beverages.

  bottom French

Good appetite, but..
In Tokio, a restaurant "fast food" makes pay its customers for each minute spent in the room, that is to say 35 yens a mn ! for this price, one can eat all that one wants. (2003).

It is not said if one can carry the left over at home..
Members of a sect ?? Japanese being restored at the counter of a small bar, behind individual curtains. Shoot cautiously in an underground area in the subway. Japan. It was a long time ago, but it still exists. What a life.. Quick food in Japan (seen on TV): Mechanical progress is essential. After the immense Chinese revolving plates which make it possible to choose the dishes that pass in front of you, Japanese have organized space around a central kitchen by installing a small travelling carpet which distributes the dishes. One pays according to the size and the number of taken dishes. Rapid restoration but not too cheap.

Note: in this same short story, a young couple with a child, lives in a 25 square meters flat, apparently well equipped and modern, with a (small) Japanese bath.
One of his/her friends is seeking a job with working time and little vacation. Until there, it worked without them ! Just to speak od way of life.

year 2010, can't remember - In Taiwan, the last restaurant in fashion "Martun", (toilets in Chinese), proposes to its customers taking their meal sitting on toilet bowls. Could they then wash their hands in the flushing..

Not very funny. After the well known "Big Mac", here comes "the half pound quadruple bypass burger", dished out at the Heart attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona, by waitresses dressed in sexy nurse costume, with stethoscope around their neck.. All served with guaranteed fries made from pure bacon.
Voices rise to pressuring the boss to drop its sexy nurse motif, but there is no word against the monstruous quadruple burger!. They sometimes asked themselves why they are so fat and enormeous compared to european people.

The food is said the most fatty ever and the boss offer free meals for a year to those who could find more fatty ! There's someone who cares for his guests.

Very old.
- The lobster caught off Newfoundland has been pardoned by a restaurant boss. It weighed about ten pounds and was 140 years old and the boss didn't have the courage to kill it and finally released it at sea. According to Marianne, January 2009
- A 410 years old clam found by chance has not fallen into such good hands. His age is certified by the number of streaks of his shell, as many shells, similar to the circles (layers) of trees. The scientist has "regretted" that the animal did not survive their investigation .. The F.. thought to benefit from exposing his secret of longevity. Serial jillers, these people respect nothing. A restaurant boss is more intelligent and sensitive they are. Too young.
In France, the term lamb refers to animals less than 1 year old. Veal span life est short too. In New Caledonia (1970s), veal meat was red i.e. normally with more years than in France (*).
(*) this is due to the myoglobin content, which is lower for a young animal, but may also depend on its diet or inactivity.

"La grande bouffe" (great eating). The great eating is a movie where people ended up dying of gargantuan meals.

Here is the portion of a "barbecued ribs" in a classic American grill restaurant (steakhouse). The journalist has stalled before reaching the half, but others were licking their plates. She could win because the other half in America, offers a "doggy bag" or a "mobile container" in order to bring back what you do not eat. So Katie had his dinner ready. According to "Today in French, October 2007.
This is not a horror film , it is the "almost" reality .
The photographer is always trying to reinforce an effect and there, a very wide angle lens (*) was used, which can be verified by comparison: the size of the plate appears almost twice that of the shoulders, or nearly 80 cm! And the fingers are in proportion. Still, it's overflowing the plate !
(*) alike that of smart phones, so they can catch someone very close.
The - very small - food..
In India (elsewhere is another), people eat "cazla". What the cazla ? food for fish. Now an institute (green) offers foot baths with cleaner fish (cleaning normally others fish). A way to partially solve the hunger in the world ?

An institute ecological offers footbaths with cleaning fish, a known species that usually cleans other fish. We can see in it a new hope to partially solve the end in the world.. because these Indians could eat "farmed" fish.

Fresh vegetables ? Superbly ignored by industrial cuisine or caterers. Tedious to prepare, generating losses, they are reserved at home, the real one, the only place where we "make home". The dogma "five vegetables and fruits a day" is not an empty phrase. No one knows who is advocating or what it means, when there would be standardization. According to the founder of solidarity grocery stores, it is 5 portions of 80 grams each, or 400 grams of vegetables and fruit per day (and per person of course).

In New Caledonia, on islands where Anglican clergymen and French Marist brothers "were fighting" for the supremacy of their country, all of them agreed to teach a hitherto unpublished commandments :
you won't eat your neighbor nor the missionaries !

Cautious invocation for those who teached the God statements. Source, "L'appel du Pacifique" (The Call of the Pacific) by Denise-Aurore Pentecost.
In this country, but not only, natives would use to eat with great pleasure . Bancoule roasted worms.
Reported in a movie by Paul Emile Victor, here is the curious cook imagined by a people of forest, at that time. Some hollowed out bamboo are maintained through on the ground. The bamboo are filled with water, then a fire is lit underneath. Then long rolled sheets containing the food which are put inside and the water is gently boiling until done. drawing by hibis.
Why do the bamboos not take fire ? See "Physics"", paragraph "inertia", "funny". 

Conservation, validity. The English have the following statement on their perishable food products: "Best before" followed by a non-fatal date, where in France there is an expiry date, as if the food in question would rot overnight. Many people believe in it, professionals are subjected to it, which organizes a huge waste and over-consumption. Only charities are currently benefiting, in part, which is very positive. (charity organization)
However, should we organize the mess to help the needy a little, it is a debate.

THE REALITY. In the past, but sometimes wrongly, we judged by appearance, smell and taste. Or we thought it was just a small amount to see, if we were still up the next day. This happened to me because I don't believe in the expiry date, like the English, thinking that the product should be rather better fresh. I don't eat if there is mould, or bad stains on the fruit, I read that, according to a scientist, a whole network of bad filaments was already spreading throughout the fruit. In addition to the treatments that penetrate (systemic) and are not much better, without us talking about it!

According to QUE CHOISIR magazine of April 2019, strange practices are in place, such as giving a much later expiry date for a product that will be shipped to our distant islands, up to ten times, the same product as the one sold in our territory.
A journalist said she did not take into account the date of a yogurt and exceeded several weeks. It even talks about two months. This happens to me often, although I prefer freshness, and I approve, even for some medications. Distrust for foods with meat, so-called "processed" foods...).

Transformed products
There were already bone and tendon scrapings, or whatever it was that couldn't be eaten, and that we would call it "minerai" in French (ore). Here are the products called transformed and ultra-processed. The notion of ultra-transformed food is a recent one. This represents 80% of the current supermarket offer, including in the dietary, organic or "vegetarian" sections (most vegetable steaks are). These foods represent more than a third of the foods consumed by the French. According to the researchers, they are the leading cause of early death in large cities (Internet, "Nutrition").

The product "transformed" is typically industrial. This can range from the addition of sugar, salt, preservatives, colour, taste, presentation, or fractionated into several components, so chemical and/or mechanical treatments likely to give it a different appearance, another taste or even make it, with other elements, another product. Without going into detail, I seem to have heard that there could be flour dough without flour, but with palm oil and various hyperworked ingredients that end up having the texture.

Fresh as on the first day !
Good news or future disaster? an American university has found a product that kills the bacteria responsible for the degradation of ham, maybe also eggs and who knows what else (information Sept 2011).

The color makes the taste!
The colour of a product greatly influences our appreciation of the taste it has, to the point that people find the taste of strawberry to pear coloured in strawberry!  So we colour just about everything, and it's sometimes surprising. Thus dairy products are coloured by cabbage, grape marc, a certain variety of Turkish carrots, and even the scale insects of Peruvian cacti.

In-vitro meat..(update 2019) The old German dream (after the war, they had the project, with proteins).
Definition of meat: skeletal muscles of mammalian and bird species (..) suitable for human consumption.
In vitro meat would fit this definition, which leaves me as stunned as the home made in a restaurant.
For the moment confidential for coming from laboratories, it could very quickly be industrialized because the profits are equal to the investments. And they're working on it !!

The principle is to renew the muscle masses as nature does since we renew ourselves from everywhere all the time. Muscle fibres, blood vessels, connective tissue etc., everything would be reproduced. But not everything is assembled naturally: there are artificial processes, including chemical supplements, because the reality is that blood has never circulated in it, that there is no fat. As my butcher repeats, it's the good fat that makes the good lean.
Nothing will stop this progress, which tends to eliminate animal suffering and CO2!! no more fields, no more cows, no more jobs, no more profits, all the benefits, combined with good vegetables grown on floors in the next factory, we see that it will be perfect.

Ah, one detail, nothing lives in nature without food. it we will need food.
All our synthetic productions and their chemistry are now strongly suspected of being carcinogenic, various genetic disorders, etc. And this process will not be lacking of it.
Apart from that, moving away from nature by copying it is the absolute financial credo.

The Romans built the longest water supplies (the Pont du Gard shows all the interest they had in it). Cretans, Egyptians, Incas etc... also. On earth, except in desert areas; There is hardly any tribe or a village that is not located on the edge of a watercourse, or near a spring. Water has been deified or revered in almost all religions and beliefs.
Water is both blessed and cursed when its waves destroy and drown (the theme of the flood, God's supreme punishment for making man disappear, is found in almost all religions, including Polynesian). It is a social bond (Roman, African...). A spring is associated with stone and shade, the three founding elements of nature.

France is the country of "baguette", bifteck (beefsteak) and fries, cheese and wine. We French bother for the bread and specially the baguette; in France, it is common to encounter whether somebody with a bread or somebody seeking after, nearly all the day. The bread upsets French tourists in foreign countries, more than any else. English deliver the milk at the doorstep, French the bread at the window..

put it here on the hook of the shutter.

Cheese time, sheer pleasure.
Personal souvenir, the web did not exist at that time.). We really had fun, a little for the smell, a lot for the idea.. hibis

Laiterie (latteria) automatique. Brilliant idea to sell fresh milk at the farm, the automatic latteria comes from the Italian genius. Empty bottles are even available! a dream that comes true ? An accomplishment that should experience a meteoric rise if what we know is not binding for both the owner and his cows, and customers who will have to move. However, all can be part of an environment offering other benefits, including tourism. What it is about ? the cows go themselves to be milked, as they wish, with a badge of recognition that customizes milking. The machine then determines the milk that is available directly to its distributor.
Cows in the city going to be milked would give a little spice, since, the countryside is now settling in the cities.
hibis : I saw a simplified one installed in the basque country, where cows certainly don't come! the farmer had to bring his cans. It didn't work because it doesn't work anymore.

THE MILK. It may be poorly digested by adults as "enzymes" and other bacteria that facilitate its transformation decreases after weaning. In fact, milk is a food temporarily produced by the mother to her baby. We shouldn't therefore no longer drink milk after ! The cheese, produced from the processing of milk by micro organisms can not be compared with.

WHOLE MILK. Despite its red quality cap, I would say that it is rather fully defatted !  In the past, cow's milk was thick, and produced one of those creams that no one has seen in a long time. With by-products; whole milk still allows the manufacturer to make his butter, if you will, because the cow's real milk, sold as it is, does not pay. Not even butter. The money is yoghurts, creams and pots of all kinds! which should also not contain a lot of milk fat, given the overwhelming choice.
An organic producer, who sells better milk, but still does not leave the cow's udder, has found the name "raw milk". But who would have thought?


Milk processing.
Pasteurized milk is heated at high temperature to destroy bacteria, which also destroys other beneficial products. Less brutal formulas were used, including milk heated to a lower temperature and micro-filtered milk, which filters so fine that bacteria do not pass, and therefore not much else either, so that the cure may be worse than the disease.

Why is the milk white? Well, so that we don't have to answer it anymore, our smart guys are going to make us transparent milk! or all the colours? It is best to have the cows themselves produce it directly in the long term. We do create anti-allergic cats...

THE CASEIN.   who would have thought it? to make buttons, jewellery or billiard balls ! also as a paint thickener. The invention, which dates back to the end of the 19th century, was dethroned by bakelite, then polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
How many litres of milk per day for one cow?
Excluded desert nomads, from 10/15 to 80/100. 15 in the mountains for cheese, 40/60 in reasonable European industrial dairies, 80/100 for unreasonable American and European monsters.

The most expensive milk in the world. A country in the Gulf sells us milk from desert cows. Everything is automated in the German way, barriers push them to the buttocks to get milked or rested. (TV Arte 28 08 2004). We desalinate excessive water for grass, baths and showers, it takes 2500 litres of water to produce one litre of milk, plus oil desalination of sea water, electricity. A cow produces 70 litres of milk/day. Aldous Huxley hadn't imagined so many;
A cow would produce 100,000 litres of milk over its short life, which would not exceed 4 years! 

THE BUTTER. extra light at 10/15¨% contains only 10 to 15% fat, i.e. 25 to 30 grams of fat or lipids of which we know nothing; butter perhaps, probable vegetable fat. To get to the 250 grams of the tray you think you're eating, we add emulsifiers - foaming water - to it. gelling agents to keep it together and colorants since the water has no color. Also preservatives that will prevent the product from degrading.
- What will win your decision is the medical reference on the label, including the miraculous Omega 3s. The approval of the Pasteur Institute, which is also looking for money, will place the product above all suspicion (reduces cholesterol). It's up to you to decide if you want to eat... water, at that price.

To much eat..  affect.
If you have a few curves, stop before you break a record. However, you still have a good margin, judge it: after a small diet judged essential, Mexican Manuel Uribe, world record holder, lost... 230 kilos, from 570 kg to a small 340.

A 400 kg American was taken out of his diaper through the window with the worst difficulties, using a crane. A chance that they didn't have to tear down the wall.

Noting that 40% of his police officers were a bit stout, the mayor of the city of Aguascalientes (warm waters), offered them a bonus of 100 pesos (7 €) per kilo lost.

Beer: In Anglo-Saxon countries, the rule is that alcoholic beverages are no longer served after a certain time, which is announced as follows: "last orders ... last orders !". It is actually a signal that triggers an avalanche of commands, in conformity with the law. In Australia, I have seen large tables which were, before the fateful hour, truly covered with bottles of beers.
In Germany, in a standing establishment, some beers are served after having some carefully rolled several times the bottles, horizontally. Allow a good 15 minutes before you see yours arrive.
Wine in the world. Wine consumption is growing everywhere; for many people, it is a discovery. This is partly one of the effects of globalized competition, because there is a growing market. California, Chile, Australia, India, China and even in Tuamotu (!) .
In these countries, frost and hail are generally not a concern.

In India, it is so hot that everything is shifted in the seasons and rhythmic on the benefactor but devastating monsoon.
The grapes are harvested in February/March, and are picked under the sunlights from 3 am to 9 am from morning.

much about the food ? see also  The food (funny, or not)

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