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this page,  houses, frontages, France, abroad

France (Le Puy en Velay)


Frontages in "Le Puy en Velay",  town of departure of the first crusades.

France (Alsace)


India, Jaipur

Unthinkable. The totality of the immense stone frontage lets pass air and light by kinds of confined cut out in the mass. click to better see. Nowadays rather degraded, one can't easily imagine what they could be at the time of the maharadjas.
hibis Andre M.

England ; Victorian Style, nearby London, Advantage : one can see around, legt and right.


Pub. (*)

A certain way of life. Special atmosphere, with music on week-ends ; People standing everywhere, even on stairs. hibis

(*) Public house

Norway ; typical wooden house with its sloping roof the snow.


Germany Bavaria.



Old wealthy and comfortable house.



The full on the frontage.


Germany Bavaria.

Heavily adorned colorful frontages, rigour of the symetrical beautiful patterns and mosaic. A bit "cold".  

A marvel of care and finishing difficult to imagine. varnished bleue tiles. Located in a village where the beach accès is paying. An immense beach when the sea  is retreating so far away on the flat sand bottom than we can't see it at all !

 Spain, Hondarribia.

 A little severe esthetics, but really original and of good quality. Inspire from the past I think, because I sighted some similar ones.


Purity and elegance of the Moorish style with its   tiles, directly coming from the south of Spain, which was strongly influenced by the arabic invasion of the mediteranean.  hibis

L'hacienda. Synonyme de luxe, l'hacienda n'était pas seulement une belle demeure avec dépendances au milieu d'un vaste et magnifique parc. L'hacienda avait sa propre église, sa propre piste de danse, son hôpital, son épicerie, son école, comme un petit village. (lien hacienda: image

Les haciendas sont s rachetées par les grands groupes financiers pour en faire des hôtels de grand luxe.

Northern Germany, composition.
Northern Germany, complexity.
Northern Germany. Blochauss style. Would have been in fashion.

   ancient dwellings/shelters, fortified towns

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