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this page, former dwellings/shelters fortified cities


France old Basque dwelling, made of piled up pieces of wood, with a rounded roof like an "igloo".


The bories of Provence (France, APT area). In a country area which was much m ore harsh than one believe nowadays, they are stones huts, without any cement or mud. They can be traced back to the Bronze Age, and it is about 3000 years of continuity, the newest haning been built in the XVIIIth century. The thickness of the walls (>up to three metres), keep a constant temperature all the year long. Luberon region, Provence.


Often isolated in fields as shelters, they were also true dwellings or even villages with narrow alleys and "city walls", sheep-pens, stone bread ovens, wine vats, or threshing areas. Some tiny of them, decorating an entry, are simple reconstitution.  the ways leading to the bories : an unusual stacking.  hibis

Norway. Reconstitution of dwelling in Norway, where the covers were covered with ground and vegetation, having an insulation and protection role. hibis

A tree grows there too !  hibis

A small perfect house in a backyard amid two beautiful big sized houses  (North sea resort village).   hibis

It seems that our architects are rediscovering the benefits of green roofs as people far more simple and wise had imagined so long ago; they doesn't think only to our frozen or overheated terraces,  but also at the facades and balconies od large buildings and towers.

Imposing Norwegian two floors farm house. hibis





The most prestigious site for the Castles said "Cathares" : Monségur.

Left, the maroon plate read : "area of the castrium Cathare", because the Cathares were living outside the castle which did not belong to them. But they have been staying and resisting there for 40 years.

Castles known as "Cathares" were in reality occupied by Lords which had not any link with them. The Cathares, pursued by Catholic armies, were accepted and helped by local populations<, which were suffering too from these wars and resulting invasions. Most of the Cathares ended burned to death, refusing to subdue.


As a hull of boat. The vast space covered by this superb frame in vault makes dream. It sheltered members of guard and perhaps some others.  Castle of Sully sur Loire. hibis


 Ariège.Old toll bridge, "the Devil bridge".



Ariège (France) : insufficient maintenance or classified shutters?



Fortified cities. France does not suffer from a lack of fortified castles, cities and villages, inside the country or on edge of sea. More or less complete enclosures remain sometimes, and several doors still limit their access.

France, Sarlat.


Old and beautiful walls of Sarlat, the city of gooses and confit.hibis  hibis

< hibis

Fortifications of Aigues Mortes, formerly by the sea. Back sight, where she was to be very close.. hibis

  architectural technics, materials,  Art works.

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