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hibis, the reality, nothing else.

hibis   Curiosity.
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this page, Urban arts and furniture - garbage cans, negligence

From the best to the worst.
Dedicated to the improvement of our environment, one can regrets that the first effect of the selective sorting is degrading it visually.

Glasses, papers, paperboards, hollow items, clothing, shoes, cells ... where will it go ? because it is easy to multiply them : plastics, ferrous metals or not etc. Of course, each category can be declined in several subcategories, like here in Germany (maroon, green and white glass).  hibis
Solutions are sometimes required to get these beloved containers and various dustbins more bearable. One finds everything, as these buried containers which set up their steles without grace, kind of monuments heralding a no glorious future.
Hundarrabia (Funtarrabia) (Spain basque country). An alignment of buried containers. The receptacles are posed on steel plates covering the pits; an unpleasant setting. hibis

Here, in Hundarrabia (Funtarrabia) harbour, they had a nice thought : slot for button cells and slot for the others ones.. hibis

Luxuous ? glass.. .

We are in Biarritz, in front of a .. first class resort.

..and papers.

but they are not special ones, all of them are the same everywhere in the city.

Delicateness, armorials bearings of the Hondarrabia (Funtarrabia) harbour are affixed on the faces (see above).. hibis Giant sized. nearby sout Brittany.. hibis  On its concrete base with variable burial in the sand, the opening mechanism is an enigma: we try first to lift the cover with the handle, which is logical. But no, it is specified that it is necessary to press on it with the foot , strong enough to manage to tilt the lid which weighs half a ton !   A sporty solution when everything is half dug up (photo) !!. For security reasons, it has been replaced by a mere transparent bag  hibis.

France that brags, is distinguished by its rare negligence, or its bad taste. see the comparison, "qualité française, qualité allemande" only in French, to be translated.

Electrical connection in a rather rich neighborhood. Is this "the temporary that lasts a long time", a well known humoristic french expression..
Gas meter in a main shopping street.
The above decor of the store match with the space of the gas meter.

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