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The cliffs of CRAIE

When one evokes the chalk cliffs of the country of Caux, with dazzling whiteness, one immediately sees a mass of pure limestone.

Following one of these paths which leads close to Etretat cliff, or simply looking at the massive blocks placed at the edge of the road, we can observe that it is not so. This limestone, which dates back to the Cretaceous period (*), contains enormous quantities of flint, sometimes in large blocks, so much so that in places there seems to be more flint than limestone ! Flint, wherever it comes from, can bear the imprint of the living environment it was in. My findings on the banks of the Loire , 1 coral, in small black blocks: One see the indivudual anfractuiosities with a magnifying glass - 2 gorgon - 3 sea urchin - 4 mussels - 5 small St Jacques - above, limestone with small shells.

(*) The secondary era basically covers two periods: the Jurassic , with the formation of the mountains from -180 million years to -135 million years , then the Cretaceous in which incredible layers of limestone from marine microorganisms, from -135 to -70 million years ago.

The cliffs of Etretat testify to the incredible accumulation of limestone and flint, the latter being long used to build entirely churches and houses of the country of Caux. I saw a block of flint on the ground, nearly two meters long and half thick. I have one of 30 cm, which I considered as giant ..

Here is a small sample of flint walls, beautifully arranged, with black pieces (there are different colors). Abandoned for long, there is a revival, as shows this brand new bar wall (first photo). hibis

Even churches are built entirely of flint. Click for the whole frontage.

Clic pour toute la façade.

Un beau travail et une grande variété de compositions, plaisantes et esthétiques. 
1838. Cut in paving stones or simply broken, it is always flint, only flint mixed with bricks.

It is no longer the Normandy we love, these rich excesses "in Normandy way".

The too rich houses of Houlgate - Deauville and others.. hibis

The excessive search for the parade has led to complications and overloads, at the limit of monstrosity. Although breathtaking when looking at details, this one has a certain elegance. We do not understand very well the metal strcucture in the corner ((observation post, addition of a passage between the two building blocks ?

Chimney of the left block. We perceive the concern for the decor on all parts of the construction, guided by the ambition to surpass in wealth the home of the neighbor. hibis

Patterns in the stones of the facades, inclusions of ceramics, cornices, moldings, frames.. hibis
A l'égal de la hauteur du toit de la case surmontée de sa flèche faîtière (voir "Nouvelle Calédonie", tribus), la hauteur du toit et sa surélévation par des décors symboliques marquent l'importance du propriétaire. On peut y trouver des tuiles ouvragées ou savamment disposées, ou comme en Chine, des "chiouens", ou quelque chose qui sonne phonétiquement comme cela. Ce sont en général des animaux, au nombre minimum de trois dont l'un est évidemment un petit dragon. Bizarrement, ils sont placés sur une arête reliant deux pans du toit, plutôt vers le bas pour commencer, en non au faîte. Plus on est riche et plus on en met, en remontant donc vers le sommet de l'arête. hibis
Bold combinations of bricks, statuettes, ceramics of all kinds everywhere. The slopes of the roofs have been spared, but at the top, it is still unraveling: chimney, but also made with ceramics perched everywhere, all different. hibis


According to an old owner, they would be filled with grease and threaded on an iron axis to avoid any breakage due to expansion or other stress.


Feudal residence.. Fortified castles would have been imagined by William the Conqueror; here is one, certainly more recent, at the edge of the beach, flanked by a curious modern wing.
In this country, even the churches have undergone a feudal influence..

This construction is the more complicated ever seen. Imposing, it is, but not be too much easy for moving from one room to another.

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