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hibis   Curiosity.
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    •  architecture, arts and technics
      frontages and houses - fountains, campaniles, sundials, wall paintngs.. - bildings, towers, other housing -
      ancient constructions, art objects- religious edifices and religions
      technics and materials, evolving - arts works, huge sizes
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      city and nature, street signs, plates and placards, shops, trade, humans, animals, foods, vehicules, arts, things, habits and faith.
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      first things. numbers, percentages, slopes, angles - forces and composition - energy, mass, speed - liquids - pressure, temperature..    -    Life just visible or too tiny, complex and créative world - birth.. - atoms - univers - to wonder ?    -    electricity batteries, lightings, electric current, (electro)magnetism, gigantism - électrostatic - dangers..  data technology..
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this page, Provence - Charm doors, specials..

Door ring bond on the door (twisting the button). A relic still there in 2009. hibis
Bordeaux. "Great bath-showers" ; a certain epoch. reappear here and there in the 2000s, for new needy people."..

At the moleskin time: saddlery : sommiers, mattresses, cars furnitures..




decorating holes. Only to let passing through some fresh air . Luberon.

On this artist door, click on the areas lined with red. Don't miss the eyes of the cat (lower area).
hibis sent by Corinne

France hibis

This left hand door : a horse shoe around the cat hole (bottom, left) and a pigeon (alive) in its cauldron (top left hand of the door).

bleufc With humour,  car parking problems : bleufc    "And me, how can I do to go outside ??"

bleufcblue.. Brittany, indeed. hibis


A small wall, wave roll shaped ; to whom ? a surfing man, sure. (Basque country).

modest, but sympathetic..


see right hand

"Cats, mail, dogs" 
"servant access" , "ad excepted" (click !) 
in French : chats, courrier, chiens - entrée de service sauf pub.

This shutter, embedded in the wall is closed. Is it for a "pass through walls" cat ?


incredible work for this palace door..
click for tje whole photo.
And there, even elephants won't pass.
This door with long nails is made to temper the ardor of the elephants. Why would elephants push the door ? This happened during the invasion of the country by the Mongols !
hibis photo André M.

    knockers, locks, adornments..

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