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hibis, the reality, nothing else.

hibis   Curiosity.
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this page, fountains, campaniles..

While passing through its village, slow down and look around.

Fountain said "moussue" (mossy), whose form is often due to limestone concretions.  hibis

A "mossy" of great charm.


This one has long, rather unusual tubes. Simple usage convenience, or to avoid limescale and moss ?  hibis
A modest one, middle of a square.  hibis

More sophisticated, with his golden angel, we are in a very tourist small seaside town (Var coast).
foot detal.
Finally this one, at the foot of a retaining wall, that brings freshness under the shades, very appreciated at a table of the brewery. We took a local specialty there. In front, at the end of a sunny terrace, the marina is not far, and unfortunately pleasure boats cover the sea. A CLICK to plunge you in the well-being.

The campanile

Unlike chuch bells, its has a unique bell, intended to alert the population of a village. He is independent of the church and set apart.

hibis This one is quoted on a well-known French tour guide (tire manufacturer).
This campanile is more secret, on a rock, close to the motorway, behind the mountain of The Maures.. You will have to climb up to the old village, named "old.." (cane..)


..An authentic village , self-protected, without trade, tourists, not even a café or a shop, but with his place of the micocouliers. (*) (*) name of southernmost origin; tree of the moderate and tropical countries (max 25 m high). Very hard wood used for hay forks, canes and handles of tools. hibis.


A small ver touristic town in the Vaucluse, at the foot of the Luberon, with a name that is inspired by Alphonse Daudet for his Provençal tale, often heard at Christmas, "The Cucugnan's Curé "he had liked it.   The"CU"
Cucugnant would mean nipple ?

Ariège tower walls.

These bell-tower walls exist also in Britanny (right), in Provence, but not also significant.

South France tower bells
Brittany bell tower, massive and curious, with "its watchtower" (stone balcony all around) Bell tower near Sables d'Olonne (marsh), with the same possibility of observation, but under cover (stone balcony all around)

   houses, frontages.. Basque country, Brittany.

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