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this page, architecture - Original, outstanding constructions..

Ultra-modern avant-garde art ?
Barcelona, Spain. Work of the Spanish catalan architect Gaudi (1852-1926), who also started the construction of La Sagrada Familia, this strange cathedral underway in Barcelona.
Everything is curved and vague, a little Alice in Wonderland too.
Gaudi undoubtedly dreamed of another humanity, more collective, less boring, more just maybe..
Its public area and colorful benches will delight tourists forever.
In France, "Le Corbusier" dreamed of social and nature. Inspired by the houses of the Arcachon basin, he produced a nine-storey 137m community building, the radiant city (Marseille), locally nicknamed la maison du fada (the mad's house), which included a nursery school, a free internal telephone service, and more was expected. The apartments, with two opposing windows and loggia (east-west lighting), are coveted by lovers of a certain lifestyle.
Art in spiral : this large snail is the complex of Disney hall, in Los Angeles (Vocable, jann 2004) ; a response to the audacity of Guggenheim private museums?

another view, in daylight from another angle, it's worth it (Carmelite headdress).


In the North-West of Spain, Rioja, area of the wines and gastronomical hotels. Hope the interior is simpler.

France, La Grande Motte. hibis
"La Grande Motte", a vacation city that has grown on the sands of the Mediterranean coast by the decision of the State in order to develop a deserted coast. hibis


Style Précolombien pour ces immeubles d'avant-garde (La Grande Motte).
The starting point was a dune called point zero". Project manager: architect Balladur.

L'immeuble-tour (clic!) the most impressive is the building-tower (click!) l'Aztec with its eagle head chimney. There is a copy in Dubai !

Biarritz, the whale (church medallion)

Biarritz ; As indiviual mansion, the more complicated !
Well, one can make complicated too in a modern style. (La Grande Motte) hibis
and what thinking about this Cultural center of Beaubourg ? (Paris). A popular art center initiated by President Pompidou. hibis

China, (Shanghai) Aerial highways sustened by reinforced and prestressed concrete beams.. (Press shots)
photos de Presse (revue GEO).

Shanghai ; buildings "in ray of hive". Are they at least facing south ? Iin front of the hugeness of the task, some 14 storage buildings were delivered... without elevator, and forgotten ventilations make that inhabitants have cut out or removed whole glass panels.

Buildings in Hong Kong. In a very dense housing, we can't get a right comprehensione, inhabitants of this building must feel some happiness : a tennis court lies on... the seventh floor. (Press shot)
In China, when there is room. Success for executives who can afford these beautiful homes. A monotonous thing. Question: when one is at home, is it the same as others?


   records, extravagance..

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